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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 25]


I would be very happy to host the next CSC. I’ll start to work on a scenario right now.:grinning:


Looking at the other entries I’ve clearly gone for the wrong type of market completely. I’m looking forward to a maxbombe csc though


The Crowd Sourcing Competition 19:

Fruinia, 2035.

A Press release from Fruit City finally has been published yesterday.

After a month of scandal about the supposedly bid rigged call for tender for the next generation of self-driving cab of the city, a new call for tender will be launched. Spander officially withdrew its offer but still denies any connivance with the municipality.

Your company received the news, and quickly some of your managers suggested that it could be a good opportunity to make not only profit but also good publicity.

Specifications :
- The car should use the 2035 Buidront Omega-Tech EE electric engine (the engine is bad is gonna be redone soon, just wait a little).
Here is a dummy from which you can copy the engine, please do not alter the engine: Dummy car do not use please - Dummy car.car (37.1 KB)

Because this is the future technology (engine and tuning in general) may causes problems, so I decided to make this a design challenge only. Sorry for the inconvenience. You’re still free to make a electric-like engine if you want.

  • Don’t forget the car is supposed to be a self-driving electric car.
    The design should be modern, futuristic, fitting for 2035.
    Make sure the car has proper human-machine communication features, indicators, screen or any device allowing the people to know the state of the car or its availability. Just put futuristic yet plausible things on it, be creative!
Futuristic design examples


For more just type “self driving concept car” on Google image.

What will be mainly judged is the design, the price, the comfort, the number of seats/ their quality, the reliability and the drivability.
Fuel consumption should be disregarded as it is supposed to be an electric vehicle. The gearbox setting should be electric-like, see the Dummy car for reference.

Judging will be based on design, I’ still looking for way to make it fair.

Submission have to be sent to me via PM. (.car file)

Your model should be named:
Model Name: CSC19 - Your Username
Trim Name: 2035 [name of concept] Fruit City EV Cab

Here is the rejected Spander concept, for reference, but you’re free to use any other kind of relevant bodies:

Let's see that Spander...

Don’t forget to be as creative and innovative as possible! Be crazy with your design! In case you don’t know how to make futuristic car, I could give you some tips via PM.

Entries are open! Deadline the 19th of October at 21:00 (CUT+9).


I can’t wait to try and build something for this, its going to be so much fun. So many ideas already.


There’s not much info for guides on like, what price should we aim to be around, comfort levels etc? Could we have some info on that?

Also this engine is awful like so so so unusably bad.


I’m at lost for this engine problem… Should I ask someone better than me to do it? I’m gonna update the guideline today to make it more clear about the price and comfort level. And sorry for the inconvenience.


CSC is - and has been so far - primarily about design and nothing more. Engineering, cost and whatnot has been basically an afterthought at most.


Honestly you could just make this a purely design challenge. Would make it a lot less difficult to deal with the “fUTuRe” issues.


Changed the challenge, it’s now a design only challenge.


Haven’t seen any entries yet, not even on the discord so here’s this one.
Me and @Aruna put something together for the challenge, and honestly it looks like it would suit a 2035 driverless world pretty well. Taking in the view and… you know what, I’ll let the design do the talking.


2035 Spyro High Speed Fruit City EV CAB

Designed by Spyro High Speed, the Fruit City Cab is a low slung, yet spacious taxi, designed to be sleek and spacious.
With a Fares/In-Service Ticker intergrated onto the front windscreen. this Taxi is more than visible and flexible in any working environment, from Downtown, to the Luxury Hills.


I don’t think this has any relation to the purple dragon - but it looks cool, no question. And I like how it would fit right into a futuristic sci-fi movie such as Blade Runner 2049.


2035 Jupiter Eixon Fruit City EV Cab


2035 Fruit city Futura EV cab


Propeller Zepplin Taxi


2035 Razor Pelican Fruit City EV Cab
An Icon returns for a new era


Entries are now closed!


Dammit, I had something going and was about to finish it today.
Will throw it on Discord just for fun now I guess.


The prototypes presentation:

The big day has finally arrived! Today the Mayor and the municipal council of Fruit City takes a look at the different prototypes for the next generation of self-driven EV cab of the city. But let’s start without further ado.

The Zephorion Concept

from Sky-High and Aruna

:grinning:Mayor: “This is really a nice car! It’s modern, large, very premium looking!”
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Culture: “The design is quite classic; the shapes are the ones of an actual car.”
:thinking:Finance: “The side screens are definitely welcomed, the fact they’re tilted is kind of weird, though.”
:tired_face:Environment: “I don’t think it’s a problem. But what bothers me is the size of the car, it’s huge!”
:roll_eyes:Equality: “Well, I agree such large boat would be problematic in certain streets. It’s the only issue with me, because I like this car, actually.”
:persevere:Housing: “Huh, no way. It’s way too large. All this space at the rear and the front is lost, it doesn’t have any sense! I can’t picture this thing in the streets of Fruit City.”
:kissing:Security: “Useless? I don’t think so! It could be use as trunk, and makes the car safer in case of crash.”
:grin:Social and education: “I absolutely like this design; it looks like a futuristic car of an old movie from the 2000’s.”
:heart_eyes:Public services: “Certainly, those lights and hidden wheels and cool!”
International relations: I would have preferred a more innovative shape, to be honest…
:slightly_smiling_face:Sport and tourism: “Well, it’s not old looking for sure. I would take it for sure.”
:wink:Architecture: “Well, the shape is car-looking. I think it’s more inviting for people that way.”
:confused:Transport: “Maybe, but it’s not that practical as a taxi. A smaller body, or maybe a bigger cabin would’ve been better.”
The council is divided about this car, even though most of it like it.

The Spiro High Speed Concept

from Vri404

:grin:Mayor: “It looks like a cool futuristic racer! I like that big “TAXI” sign at the rear, can’t be more obvious!”
:disappointed_relieved:Culture: “Well, I’m not very fan of these headlights. And why all these antennas?”
:tired_face:Finance: “Argh, I can’t see the screen on the front window! What an idea to put it here!”
:unamused:Environment: “This car is so low! It’s very unpractical to be honest.”
:confused:Equality: “Yes, I agree. The practicality of this taxi isn’t great.”
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Housing: “Well at least it’s smaller than the previous one.”
:neutral_face:Security: “People will get hurt because this car is a hedgehog! Fast but spiky, I don’t like that.”
:sunglasses:Social and education: “To be honest, I like the shape of the car and the big wing at the rear.”
:laughing:Public services: “Yeah, it’s so cool! I would like to ride a cab like that!”
:sweat:International relations: “This screen on the wind shield is really hard to properly read…”
:grimacing:Sport and tourism: “So much antennas. Weird.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Architecture: “Nobody talked about the hidden wheel yet? I think it’s really nice.”
:weary:Transport: “The cabin is way too small for a cab! The shape isn’t practical at all.”
The council seems to agree that this car doesn’t look very practical.

The Razor Pelican Concept

from Rise_Comics

:open_mouth:Mayor: “Hmm, this is a really classic looking car we got here.”
:grinning:Culture: “The design is indeed very retro. It’s nice and clean, I like the use of LED in an old-fashioned shape at the front and the rear.”
:thinking:Finance: “A big screen on the front, a big screen on the rear! This is really convenient and practical, even though I would’ve liked side ones, these are actually good enough.”
:no_mouth:Environment: “This kind of shape is more American looking, don’t you think?”
:unamused:Equality: “I don’t know, but there is a lot of lost space at the front and the rear.”
:disappointed:Housing: “I totally agree, this is quite a big car, but these spaces don’t have that much purpose.”
:roll_eyes:Security: “Again, with a shape like that the car is safer!”
:heart_eyes:Social and education: “I love it, can we get this one?”
:kissing:Public services: “Yeah, it really looks cool! But it’s too clean, I think.”
:hushed:International relations : “Hum… I Don’t know. It’s not my style but I think tourists would really like this kind of shape, It could become some kind of attraction.”
:frowning_face:Sport and tourism: “It doesn’t look modern enough for me, to be honest.”
:wink:Architecture: “I agree with the fact it’s not all modern, but I think It’s a good thing. It’s a nice blend of old and new; it could go well in our old downtown.”
:confused:Transport: “I’m conflicted with this one, it’s not optimal in terms of practicality.”
The council is divided between those who like the retro shape of it and the ones who don’t.

The Propeller Zeppelin Concept

from Mikonp7

:thinking:Mayor: “Here is a more regular looking self-driving cab. Not bad.”
:grinning:Culture: “It may be regular looking; it doesn’t look bad for sure.”
:star_struck:Finance: “Screens! On the front, on the side and on the rear! YES! A feature all cab need!”
:slightly_smiling_face:Environment: “This shape is far better, more convenient and spacious inside. Disabled people would prefer this one, I think.”
:wink:Equality: “Well, this one looks to be the most practical so far.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Housing: “Yes.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Security: “Hmmm, I think I prefer the car-shaped ones.”
:unamused:Social and education: “Well, I agree.”
:yum:Public services: “I think I prefer this one to be honest, it looks more modern, and it as so much screens!”
:heart_eyes:International relations: “Yes, so much screen I love these screens so much. I love them.”
:grin:Sport and tourism: “I agree, this one is not only practical in term of shape, these screens make it really convenient.”
:hushed:Architecture: “I think the design lacks originality. Wait, look at those wheels! I take back what I said, I like this one.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Transport: “The design of this one is good looking enough and practical with that.”
The council mostly likes this vehicle, modern, elegant and practical.

The Futura Concept

from mart1n2005

:smile:Mayor: “Oh, the checker pattern of this one makes it look like it belongs in New Gasmea City.”
:neutral_face:Culture: “Hum, I don’t really like that front.”
:grinning:Finance: “On the other hand, this one also has a proper share of screens!”
:slightly_smiling_face:Environment: “Like the one before, this one as an absolutely practical shape. It doesn’t have that much windows, though…”
:thinking:Equality: “Well, it looks like a practical vehicle. Even though the design isn’t very striking.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Housing: “I think it really lacks some windows.”
:wink:Security: “Less windows less injuries in case of collision. It’s self-driven anyway, it doesn’t need a ton of windows.”
:hugs:Social and education: “I like it actually, because of the checker. It’s kind of retro.”
:unamused:Public services: “Meh, it’s looks like bland thing with a yellow paint.”
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:International relations: “It doesn’t look modern enough for me, I don’t recommend this one.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Sport and tourism: “I agree, this may be too simple.”
:neutral_face:Architecture: “It’s far from being ugly though, but I feel like the design is too simple too.”
:thinking:Transport: “Again, it’s a cab, it just needs to take people from point A to point B. At the end of the day it’s not the look of the vehicle that makes it reach its destination.”
Even though the design is absolutely practical, the design doesn’t seem to convince the council.

The Jupiter Eixon Concept

from randomtuner

:hushed:Mayor: “Hey, this one looks like a modified sport car from the 2010’s.”
:wink:Culture: “Ah, I used to like that kind of thing when I was younger.”
:neutral_face:Finance: “Where are the screens? It’s no for me.”
:kissing:Environment: “Again, with an actual car shape. But this one doesn’t seem too large. It’s OK.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Equality: “It doesn’t look practical, it’s true it just looks like a modified car.”
:grinning:Housing: “Isn’t it cute? I like the shape of the rear.”
:sunglasses:Security: “This one has decent bumpers to keep the people safe, not too much windows, it may be one of the safest car I’ve seen so far.”
:confused:Social and education: “I dunno.”
:laughing:Public services: "Ooh! This one looks cool too! Looks like a street racing car with LED strips everywhere!
:sweat:International relations: “It looks very basic in terms of technology…”
:weary:Sport and tourism: “It doesn’t look modern at all, it seems to have been made in the 2000’s.”
:frowning:Architecture: “Well, these side LED are really breaking the flow of the design, it doesn’t look good.”
:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Transport: “Mmmh, doesn’t look very convenient to use.”
The council agree this car wouldn’t work as a cab.

The Trivago Concept

from micz233

:grinning:Mayor: “Oh, this one looks really modern! Look at that front light!”
:smile:Culture: “This design is really nice; the checkers are quite funny looking on a vehicle that modern.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Finance: “Simple screens but screen nonetheless! This one is very good.”
:thinking:Environment: “This shape seems OK, I think.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Equality: “Yes, it seems very convenient and usable. The screens are nicely visible.”
:no_mouth:Housing: “I’m OK with this one.”
:confounded:Security: “Hum, the bottom of it doesn’t look safe at all!”
:wink:Social and education: “I really like it though; these LED strips really make this design modern.”
:heart_eyes:Public services: “I agree, normally I would say this kind of vehicle is not my kind of thing, but these LED strip at the front are just NICE.”
:disappointed_relieved:International relations: “This one is really modern looking, even though the wheels looks really bare.”
:kissing:Sport and tourism: “Yes, but the rest of the thing makes you forget about it.”
:smirk:Architecture: “This design is really good looking, even though I don’t think this color fits it.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Transport: “It looks totally convenient. But are there any side doors on it?”
The council seems to like this one, despite some concern about the bottom of it.

The Myzeed A004 Concept

from Nacho

:hushed:Mayor: “Wow, this one looks an actual SUV.”
:wink:Culture: “Yes, but a really nice SUV, to be honest.”
:confounded:Finance: “Huh, these LED in the front and the back are not easy to read from some angles. I can’t see no side screens.”
:kissing_heart:Environment: “The shape is really good; design is really the accent here. I would buy it as my daily.”
:unamused:Equality: “Yeah, maybe, but I’m not sure the shape is that practical for a cab.”
:slightly_frowning_face:Housing: “I dunno. It lacks something, like a “taxi” sign.”
:slightly_smiling_face:Security: “This car looks safe enough, it has proper bumpers.”
:star_struck:Social and education: “I really like these front LEDs! It’s so cool!”
:heart_eyes:Public services: “Absolutely! I want this one!”
:laughing:International relations: “This one Is really nice, modern and I would go for it if it wasn’t for the doubtful shape of it as a cab.”
:hugs:Sport and tourism: “No. The design is just too good for us to refuse it!”
:thinking:Architecture: “Hmmm, this design reminds me of something…”
:kissing:Transport: “Well, it doesn’t look unpractical at all according to me. The doors are large, the interior looks spacious, I see no problem with it to be honest.”
Even though the council love the design, everyone does not agree on the utility of this vehicle as a taxi.

Too be continued…


Results of the Crowd Sourcing Competition 19:

Here is the final choice of the Municipal council of Fruit City

The Propeller Zeppelin Concept by Mikonp7

The Municipal council finally made a decision, the next Fruit City Self-driven Electric cab will be based on the Propeller Zeppelin concept! they will soon be visible everywhere in Fruit City!
Yet the others concept won’t be lost, a lot of other Fruinian cities, and even other countries have shown their interest for some of the prototypes, this call for tender will be the talk of the year in a lot of cities!

2nd place - Myzeed A004 Concept by Nacho
3rd place - Trivago Concept by micz233
4th place - Razor Pelican Concept by Rise_Comics
5place - Zephorion concept by Sky-High and Aruna
6place - Futura concept by mart1n2005
7place - Spiro High Speed Concept by Vri404
8place - Jupiter Eixon Concept by randomtuner

Hope you all liked this challenge!