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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 30]


Timer has been added :https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20191209T18&p0=237&msg=CSC+22+Roadster-Raunt&font=cursive


Yuro Design | AMB Prestige T-top Concept



If you win 1st place, you can win a key to this future AMB roadster!


@EnCR d
id you get my message with the .car file for the Trident?


might be a bit plain tbh, but here is my AMB 3000c




AMB Eel V8


Plain, but clean and realistic - and has a definite Triumph feel to it - I like it!

I was thinking of joining this one… Until I saw the competition! I’ve got no chance!


So many good cars in this round, i cant wait for the judging…! (mine is based on a certain BL brand) i wonder who will win?


We at Gruppo Bertolli are sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your designer.

We and are currently working around the clock to present you with a design that will hopefully live up to your standards. The design in question will be a Hardtop convertible with a removable targa roof.


Giovanni Bertolli, Head of Design Gruppo Bertolli

Obligatory Teaser Shots:

I hope I can get this finished In time for you, front end is pretty much done as well as the sides, but am currently struggling with the rear end. :sweat_smile:


AMB Da Vinci Roadster by LaVelle

Upon Closer Inspection

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

My Triumph-Esque entry (advert in a previous post)


INTRODUCING, A Design Project from Monarch for AMB

More models..


We at Gruppo Bertolli are proud to present our AMB roadster design for '78:

The AMB Targa by Bertolli

Here’s a Direct Link incase the top one doesn’t work.

Some additional Detail pictures taken in the garage.

The AMB Targa is designed to be fully suited for the Fruinian Market, and is oriented at the buyer looking for an affordable open roof sports car.

It has two rear reflector/foglight combinations and a single central mounted wiper so that it can be sold in both LHD and RHD configurations without having to change the exterior setup.

The Targa top is unlockable from the vehicles interior and can be stored in the forward storage compartment, it also features some extra headroom for the taller driver.

Originally we didn’t intend to keep the yellow/black colour scheme, but the Design Staff liked it so much it ended giving up the vehicle its “Banana” nickname.

A model is sent to the AMB staff to review the design, let us know if you have any issues with it.


Giovanni Bertolli, Head of Design Gruppo Bertolli


1 day till the Deadline.


BF9-AMB Polaris Roadster

usual manufacture dribble below

BF9’s rendition of a future AMB roadster is a fresh, futuristic and fun take on the classic European roadster

  • Traditional Front engine, rear wheel drive layout that yeilds back to the iconic roadsters of yesteryear
  • Comfortable cabin seating two, with space for plenty of luggage in the rear
  • BF9’s signature rear “spats” are easily removable with a few turns of a screwdriver
  • High quality sun resistant soft top keeps the AMB roadster looking as good as new for years to come!

More photos


10 hours left till the deadline!


4 hours left till the deadline!!!


25 Miniutes left till the deadline!!!!!!!


Deadline reached.