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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 30]


with this competition, is it entirely up to the host on which they like best if appearance is the main factor?




I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, you’re designing a car for their company. Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing the reviews.


Was just a question, if i ever get to host, (unlikely as that is) id want to do it right no?


Inside the room of President of AMB.

# The employes of AMB enters the room of President of AMB #

Employees: Sir, we've collected pictures of Foreign design that will be implemented into our new Roadster.
President of AMB: Good, we will now have a look at these foreign designs and pick one that will be implement in our new roadster.

# President of AMB opened the envelope fill with pictures of foreign design #

Zephorus Dragon by Sky High

Employee 1: What do you think, sir?
President of AMB: This one is very nice, this feels like a High-class sports car with a foldable roof. and the red color goes well with this.

Steurmann 30-C by HybridTronny

President of AMB: Hm, not bad the design seems pretty basic but It looks OK, the chrome side mirror might have to be replaced.

AMB Prestige Concept

Employee 2: We're not sure if it's a Roadster but please have a look, sir.
President of AMB: The answer is pretty obvious this is not a Roadster but a Targa Coupe. but the design looks very suitable for our P Series Sports coupe, I'll hold on to this design till we have the opportunity.
Employee 1:IT'S A ROADSTER!!!!
President of AMB:..............................

AMB Trident 3.0 S by HUMAN8984552

All the employees in AMB facility: :eyes:
President of AMB: Wow... this is something I have never seen before, the headlights are Oversized and the chrome trims on the non-existence grill make it look special and those wheels are...WOW. To be honest I don't know if the customers will like the weird design like this but for me, it's a NO.

Razor AMB Topaz by Rise_Comics

President of AMB: Hm, that color textures look very weird, It must be flakes. as for the design, it doesn’t look like a European design to me it’s more like the design from an eastern country.


VICI-AMB Rapido by Deska

All the employees in AMB facility::eyes::eyes::eyes:
This looks like a concept car the weird spokes rim make it look like a concept car, that's it...

Spander Maxuper by Maxbombe

All the employees in AMB facility: OH WOW
: President of AMB: This car is a French coupe with foldable and Targa roof? this is a very creative idea. I like this!

AMB Promenade by Propeller (Mikonp7)

President of AMB: A roadster that looks like a Premium coupe? well, I guess this design could work.

AMB Eel V8 by donutsnail

President of AMB: Yes, this looks like an ideal roadster, the front looks very attractive and also the rear too. This will be the new roadster.
Employee 1: Wait, sir we haven't look all through the design yet.]
President of AMB: OK then.

AMB Torino Spider by OME

President of AMB: this looks very nice! reminds me of an Italian sports car, however, the design seems a bit dated. it would be nice to use this design tho...

AMB by Bertolli (Quotex)

All the employees in AMB facility::drooling_face:
President of AMB: This design is very detailed it seems like the designer put a lot of work into this. I'm in love with this!!! Sadly it's not a Roadster but a Targa top. Maybe I could make a new model out of this design...
employee 1:but the designer said it's a Roadster, sir!!!
President of AMB: ...OK fine! it's a roadster.

AMB BF9 Polaris by bf93487

All the employees in AMB facility: OH WOW
President of AMB: The grill doesn't seem to match the design of the headlights, and the taillights are unreasonably huge Well too bad...

AMB Da Vinci by LaVelle (titleguy1)

employee 1:This is the last entry, sir.
President of AMB: The bodywork looks good except for the Muscle car like fascia and weird rear taillights. I kinda like the small shape of it tho.

The 1st place winner of this competition is...
Click here

AMB Eel V8 by donutsnail Congratulation!!! you will recieve the prize car thourgh Direct Message.


2nd place: AMB by bertolli

3rd place: AMB Prestige Concept

4th place: Spander Maxuper

5th place: AMB Promenade


Mine appears to be missing…


Yeah mine isn’t there either. I just checked and I definitely sent it. Though it hasn’t been downloaded


Hey folks, I’ve got a couple ideas in mind for the next round. I’ll have something up tomorrow.


CSC23 - Electric Rush

Year 2020.

The writing is on the wall. EVs are rapidly increasing in popularity, and every luxury manufacturer wants one, if not a whole line of them, to take a piece of the trendy and rapidly expanding segment. This is a problem for Turból. The American luxury manufacturer is desperately far behind on EV technology compared to it’s competitors.

Turból is on the hunt for a technical partnership; Turból will pay handsomely for existing EV technology and split the costs of future EV R&D with another company, so long as Turból will get a badge-engineered version of the new partner’s EV vehicle, either already in production or nearly ready for production.

Your goal is to produce an EV to be branded as a Turból and to face off against the growing crowd of premium EVs. Since Automation does not support electric vehicles at this time, engineering will not be a factor. This is a design competition.

Since the vehicle is not based on an existing Turból, I’ll allow a lot of freedom as far as the design language. The only Turból design theme that is consistent across current models is the wide-oval “fish-mouth” grill, as shown in the example models below. If you can incorporate it into the design, great, but if you feel it doesn’t work with the rest of your design, it’s not a dealbreaker. It’s a badge-engineered car after all.

Size-wise, I’m expecting something similar to the IRL examples. They vary in size, but anything within the range of sizes of those examples is perfectly acceptable. Body types should be crossovers/SUVs, sedans, fastback 5 door sedans, or wagons.

The Turból badge is either of the trapezoidal crown badges from the GTA badge pack, with the black part using one of the glass textures. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706352051
This changed recently, the Turból badge used to be the Automation logo mirrored, but i’m moving away from that badge. You will still see it on one of the example Turból models, though.

Also, as it turns out, the accent o does not mess up file names. To type ó on a Windows PC, hold alt, then type 0243

Real Life Examples

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model 3

Jaguar I-PACE

Audi e-tron

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Ford Mustang Mach E

Rivian R1S

Example Turbóls

Submissions will be open until December 19th, 9:00 PM US Eastern GMT -5. Please submit your car with CSC23 - yourusername as the Model and Family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can build your car in Stable or Open Beta! Since there is no engineering I don’t mind switching back and forth to check the entries. Just let me know which branch you built in when you PM me the submission.


Electic car… , Um yeah i’ll participate.


Shit I’m down for this stuff, swoopy sedan here I come


I like the sound of this, do we just stick any old engine in this since it doesn’t matter


Yes, any engine is fine. Since so much of the car’s stats are derived from the engine, I’m not going to look at the vehicle’s stats at all besides that it’s in the right size range.


Turból Electrimo



i’m in.


Damn, I’m not at my pc for another week and a half so i cant participate. This would of been right down my street. Ah well.


Turbol NchargE*

*: N stands for New, E stands for Electric, hence the name NchargE. I forgot the badge mod as well. Shit.


the electra


47 hours remaining!


Turbói Ionicus EP*

EP stands for Electric Propulsion