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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 30]


Archon-Turból MEV-20


23 hours to go!

@b4ttl3f0x and @RyderTheRed don’t forget to send me your .car files.


Platinum-Turból Neptune


The Turból Denki



Turból GTE

More pictures


Turból Stromliene by Propeller


Turból Air EV (with a face only a mother could love)


3 hours to go! @b4ttl3f0x, don’t forget to send me the .car file.

EDIT: and submissions are now closed.



Let’s take a look at the cars one by one.

Turból-Aanholt HW 175 @Fletchyboy100

Dimensionally, this car clocks in smaller than what we’re looking for in this market segment. With a wheelbase of just 104" and an overall length of 172" it has a wheelbase roughly 9" shorter than the Tesla Model 3, and is more than a foot shorter in overall length. It’s a 5 door fastback hatch that defies definition as either a compact hatch, compact liftback sedan, or swoopy crossover. Unfortunately, beyond the bold shape, there isn’t too much interesting happening in the design. The nose is unremarkable, aside from the headlamps looking a little too small, and the rear is even more sparse, with plain taillights that look dated when compared to the futuristic shape of the vehicle.

Turból Air EV @mart1n2005

Another bold, futuristic 5 door design, this one gives more of a fastback sedan vibe than a hatchback or crossover. The wide, narrow narrow trapezoidal fron fascia houses small grill between the LED headlights, separated by matte black trim, it creates a face that is both friendly and aggressive at the same time. The lower bumper trim keeps the trapezoidal theme going, lining up nicely with the side vents, and cuts and chrome lines that help cut the visual height of the front end. At the rear, the trapezoids continue, with taillamps that mimic the shape of the headlight/grille housing at the front. Large Turból script on the center of the lamp looks aggressive, and is not too large to be garish. The lower end of the bumper contains more crome strips and a few vents, which create a good conclusion for the upward-sloping rocker panel beneath the doors. Overall, a very strong design that feels like a cyberpunk muscle car, but is lacking some details that would make it look more like a road car and less like a concept car.

Turból Electrimo @EnCR

Another tall, futuristic 5 door fastback that blurs the lines between a car and a crossover. A touch small; compared to the Model 3, the 104" wheelbase is 9" shorter, but the overall length of 180" is just 5" shorter. Starting at the front, the headlamps, although very conventionally shaped, follow the body lines perfectly, and lead the eyes to a neat, metallic faux-grille with hexagon-shaped inserts. The lower grille is large, and is paired with large foglamps to match. It is a very handsome front end, although, without the fancy projector headlamps and the hexagons in the grille, it’s a face it feels like it would have been at home on a brand new car 10 years ago. At the rear, a nice ensemble of vents and plastic trim work together to cut the visual height and width of the dummy thicc rear bumper. The rear taillamps are an intricate series of LED strips that look simple from a distance, but once you’re up close and can really admire the detail.

Turból NchargE @Boiled_Steak

This one is a more conventionally shaped 4 door sedan, and just barely squeaks into the expected size range with it’s 110" wheelbase and 183" overall length. The details on this are stellar. The front fascia is defined by the detail in the bumper; a series of carbon fiber vents, painted accents, and sharp angles create a stunning and aggressive nose. The shape created by the vents outline the faux-grille, a handsome hexagon of piano black trim surrounding a painted center, a great reminder that it is an EV. On the sides, a long, narrow trapezoid of piano black trim moves across the bottom of the doors, set just above a painted trapezoid cut in the rocker panels. It’s a subtle and effective way to cut the visual height of the car, and provides a nice platform for the blue and silver EV badging. At the back, the blue and silver NchargE badging continues. Like the front, the design of the rear of the car is dominated by the beautiful lower bumper fascia. Carbon fiber vents and painted cuts perfectly integrate the license plate frame and rear reflectors. The hook-shaped rear tailights are simple, but line up nicely with the cut of the trunklid into the bumper, and, like at the front, give the overall appears some organic curves to go offset the angular bumpers. Overall this design is stellar, our only nitpick is the body-colored antenna mounted to the otherwise black roof.

Turból Electra @OME

The Electra is big and brutish, a five-door liftback that is shaped like a conventional sedan. The design is punctuated by a hefty application of unique, polished metallic teal trim. At the front, the long, narrow LED headlamps outlined with piano black trim have individual diodes that increase in frequency moving from the outside in, creating a very cool and very futuristic look. The headlamps point towarts the top of the faux-grille, which is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Once again housed in piano black, the pentagon shape is repeated twice before reaching the center, where a thick center bar underlines a pair of additional lights and accentuate the Turból badging, in the same signature polished metallic teal as the rest of the grille. It’s a beautiful piece, but is somewhat let down by the simplistic lower bumper fascia, where simple oblong grills house the round LED foglamps. Going down the the side, the metallic teal trim can be found on the window surround and in a single trim line down the doors. That trim line is applied partway up the side of the car, rather than on or close to the rockers, which make the car look dated in profile, and look slightly at odds with the similar line on the front bumper, where it is lower. At the rear, a beautiful, full body-width taillamp defines the fascia, and is underlined by proud and tasteful Electra badging. A full-width high-mount tailamp fits in a recessed surround, a very nice touch that creates the illusion of a rear spoiler and, along with the regular taillight, accentuate visual width. Like the front, the lower fascia on the bumper leaves something to be desired, with a pair of oblong vents in the metallic teal and nothing in the center, and a plain trim strip at the waistline. Nonetheless, overall this is an attractive and imposing design, but feels like an older design gussied up to look modern rather than a truly modern design.

Turból Platinum Neptune @Rise_Comics

This one is another big 5 door, with the shape of a conventional sedan. Starting at the front, the headlights and foglamps are a nice shape, but don’t mesh well with the sharp edges of the faux-grille, which is a simple inset slab painted in the body color. The bottom of the bumper has an incredibly aggressive lip that looks straight off of a race car. Moving to the sides, the Neptune has tiny, 16" wheels, and a single trim piece that starts at the door, despite there not being anything on the front fender to interrupt it. At the rear, extremely oversized, purple-tinted tailights dominate the design, with garish, oversized Neptune badging, and a rear diffuser that would look more at home on a race car or sports car than a luxury car.

Turból MEV-20 @RyderTheRed

This one is a hatchback, and is clocking in well under the expected size range with a 102" wheelbase and overall length of 170". It’s a smaller car than we want, but lets take a look. Up front is a very aggressive fascia, with vents that line up well with the large central grille, and headlights that follow the body lines well and add visual width, adding to the aggressive demeanor. Along the sides, unusually thick chrome lines the side glass, and chrome doorhandles with full chrome surrounds look odd and add a ton of visual heft to the profile. Suicide rear doors are an unusual choice, but the integrated roof rack bars are a nice touch. Moving to the back, we find a nice, aggressive lower bumper fascia that is simple and geometric, but looks good and integrates the rear reflectors nicely. The rear taillights are unremarkable but fit the shape of the body well. Overall, this car looks like a nice hot hatch that got too much chrome splashed onto its sides.

Turból GTE @Arn38fr

Here we have a big 5 door liftback, without a fake-notch shape as seen in the Electra and Neptune. This design is very simple and clean. Rectangles with rounded edges can be found as every detail on this car, aside from the lower grille and foglights, which are conventional in design. A backlit badge sits just below the central running light, with the charging port located directly behind it. A similar backlit badge can be found on the front quarter panels, and on the rear trunklid. At the back, the same facsia as the headlights are found in the taillights; rounded-edge rectangles across the vehicles width. This treatment works better in the rear than in the front, where the GTE badging sits nicely along the top of the horizontal centerpiece, with the integrated liscence plate frame just beneath it. The bottom of the bumper has an attractive but simple lower fascia, with a vent, plastic trim, and integrated reflectors. Overall, a handsome but incredibly minimalist design; it feels like an iPhone turned into a car.

Turból Denki @randomtuner

So this is a very compact wagon; with a wheelbase of 102" and an overall length of 176", it’s a smaller car than what we are looking for. The design in the front is dominated by the faux grille. It’s going for the look of a audio mixer, with light-up LEDs at varying levels, but the end result looks more like a hockey player with a bad underbite after a few too many fights. The headlights are plain dark squares, outlined by thick LED stripes that go partway up the fender, but then simply stop with no flourish or interruption. Some additional vents and the lower bumper cut accentuate the nice, retro-futuristic oval shape of the chrome-lined grille, but unfortunately, it’s hard for the eyes to focus on anything upfront beyond the ogre-teeth grille treatment. Moving to the sides, a nice, thin U-shape trimline travels along the shoulderline, crosses down along the front fender in line with the front wheel well, then turns back towards the rear of the car at the rocker panel. It’s a really nice touch, and combined with the baby-blue pain this car is shod in, it feels almost like a modern rendition of some 1950s American styling. Unfortunately, though, like the LED strip that follows the headlight, this chrome strip stops short on both the rear quarter panel and the rocker panel, with no logical conclusion or interruption. The side mirrors are far too small. At the rear, much like with the headlights, a plain boxy shape to the taillights looks at odds with the rounded shape of other styling details and the overall shape of the car, and come to a sudden halt, and beyond that, don’t line up with the nice chrome trim line from the side of the car. The bottom of the rear bumper has a massive diffuser, far too aggressive for this type of car. Overall, this design has potential, but lacks attention to detail, and above all else, that grille…

Turból Stromliene by Propeller @Mikonp7

This conventional four door sedan is the largest entrant, and has an imposing appearance to match. Up front, a massive grille covers nearly the full height fo the front bumper, and with massive metallic bars spanning the width, it brings massive visual heft to the design, and makes an aggressive face that looks ready to bite someone’s head off. Below the grille, additional grilles and a carbon lip complete the design. The curved LED foglamps feel a little at odds with the rest of the design, and dainty and organic touch to an otherwise heavy and brutal design. Moving to the side, the unusual aerodynamic wheels were initially disliked, but go nicely with the Propeller badging at the bottom of the front quarter panels. Frameless windows are a neat touch as well. Using cameras rather than conventional side mirrors may take some getting used to. The rear of the car is simple and conventional, but not unattractive. The taillights look nice, and the lower fascia is just odd enough to give the otherwise plain rear a bit of visual flair. Overall, it’s the imposing type of design we’d like to see in a large EV.

So, who’s the winner?

This was a tough call. Off the bat, four designs propelled themselves to the front of the list: the Air, the NchargE, the Electra, and the Stromliene.

4th: Stromliene
A good looking car, but on the whole just a little bit less nice to look at than the other finalists. (Honorable mention for providing the most meme powertrain attached, a 1 liter V6 attached to a 4 speed automatic)
Favorite detail: that big bad grille.

3rd: Electra
Amazing headlights and grille, and a really nice setup for the rear taillights as well, but overall the design is let down by simple bumpers and slightly dated detailing.
Favorite detail: The best headlight and grill combo in the test, by far.

2nd: Air
Easily my favorite of the ultra-futuristic designs, this needs a more details to make it look more like less like a concept and more like something that is production-ready.
Favorite detail: not a specific detail, but the 3/4s front view. At this angle it really looks like the badass cyberpunk muscle car I didn’t know I wanted until now.

Winner: NchargE
A handsome and realistic design that looks fantastic, and looks ready for a real-life showroom floor right now.
Favorite detail: the amazingly intricate and realistic rear bumper treatment.


10th: @Rise_Comics
9th: @Fletchyboy100
8th: @randomtuner
7th: @RyderTheRed
6th: @EnCR
5th: @Arn38fr
4th: @Mikonp7
3rd: @OME
2nd: @mart1n2005
1st: @Boiled_Steak


Oh shit, I won!

Sadly I can’t host as I’m going to be away from this game in a while, so I’ll pass it on to the 2nd placed winner. @mart1n2005


I completely dropped the ball on replying to this. I can host the next one but I won’t put it up till the weekend if that’s ok with everyone because of Christmas and also I’ll leave it open for a couple of weeks to give people time after new year.


CSC Round 24 “No more fun”

The date is 1996 and Europe is very much in love with both the mini and the standard mpv, however Knightwick motors have not entered the market and need something fresh and exciting to entice buyers into the showrooms.

Knightwick motors was founded in 1925 as a motorcycle manufacturers that branched out into cars in 1948 and from there became one of the largest car manufacturers in Britain through the acquisition of other smaller manufacturers in the 50’s and 60’s. The designs of the cars are suitably British in their design language with no avantgarde elements

Historic models

1967 Henley DX6 and CX8T

1970-1983 Steed

1965 Bravo

1967 Solace sedan

1993 Cosmo

1995 Solace Royal drophead

The solace and solace royal line of cars are usually a bit more “classic” in their designs so i wouldn’t necessarily design around how they look

Design Brief

Pretty open design, car needs to be either a 5 or 7 seat mpv. However 7 seats would be preferred. The car will be a fwd 4 cylinder so needs to look like that but engineering is not important here, only the design.

The car will be sold in Europe so the design needs to conform to European design rules

The Knightwick logo is either a K in a circle or in a rectangle. This just depends on what fits in with the grille design better.

real life examples



naming format: Model and Family : CSC24 - your username
Trim and Variant : the car and engine names

entries will open December 28 2019 12:00 GMT and will close 11 January 2020 at 12:00 GMT,

let me know any questions and if any of the few rules need looking at. I have not created any Knightwick models for the 90’s so cant put any up for reference im afraid. i will put up pictures of older cars if required though


That’s the only mechanical requirement, so I’m assuming that both manual and automatic transmissions will be accepted. Knightwick won’t care about suspension and material choices for this round either, and fuel type will also be irrelevant.


Yeh it’s not going to be looked at so of you want to make a V8 carbon fibre car that’s fine as I’m just scoring how the car looks and nothing more.


1996 Knightwick Faraday design by Cossack Motors.

Well, you want something fresh, and exciting? How about a little break from your usual conservative styling. Nothing too radical. Just a little bit of playful sprinkled here and there.

We at Cossack Motors decided to grace our competitors at Knightwick with an all-new MPV design. By which I mean we need to get a foothold into markets they dominate in, and are willing to pawn off our design with a slightly altered front fascia. (In universe, OOC it’s an all-new design)


i’ve added a bit more background now to hopefully help a bit


Don’t fear for the Zafiran’t is here!
You can guess what phase I’m going through, with back to back Vauxhalln’ts for challenges!
It’s the Zafira a whole 3 years before the Zafira! Just as British as Knightwick itself, with the design being stolen from Luton’s finest (There were no hostages, I promise!)


Monarch Motor Company presents the 7-passenger 1996 Servant Design Concept for Knightwick Motors.

Beautiful chrome accents personify Knightwick’s understated elegance design language, while premiering simple and subtle aerodynamic curves and edges. Proper innovations such as the CHMSL (Center High-Mounted Stop Light), rear roof spoiler and wiper compliment the taillamps and license plate surround that includes integrated backup lamps. The new highly-stylized front grille and halogen headlamps greet you with a chic, yet polished facade. All-in-all, a cohesive and genteel design to lead Knightwick Motors’ future.



Nightwick Stellar

Vexor Design presents a distinguished British design for a British company.

You said your company was looking for something fresh and exiting, so I propose you a premium neo-retro look, to remember the classics of the company.

moar photos