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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 31 - on hold]


Can you provide visual examples of this type of vehicle acting in emergency/fleet operations?


I don’t specifically have videos of emergency or fleet vehicles, but expect it to be scaling terrain like this:

…or as extreme as this:

…most of the time, this is the case:

Otherwise, it’ll probably be on pavement, gravel or mud


Cool. I’m just trying to come up with some clever utility-based features I can add to the design, civilian or not.


So uh. Something like this i guess.

Zephorus QY7 Concept

Not just any SUV

Something about T's and C's (the car isnt "finished" yet) etc


Mei Ling QY7 Prototype by LaVelle Studios

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

Mei Ling QY7 by Atera Studios


Mei Ling QY-7 Concept (Nanjing Corporation Design)


Mei Ling QY-7 Prototype by Huang-Zhao Company


Mei Ling QY-7 Concept by Decarlis


Mei Ling QY7 Concept by Tristella Design House

I did what I could.


Love this car dude!


Nobushigahara Design Mei Ling QX7 Concept.



Chinese: Farox乐于在使用新设计技术,墙面元素和全新史诗般的美灵QY7概念上尽其所能,尽全力!

English: Farox is happy to give their best shot at using new design techniques, off the wall elements and cool inspirations with the new Mei Ling QY7 concept! It stays true to its rugged, utilitarian roots and allows for a modern nationalistic flare.

More glorious ground images:


Hi guys!

As we near completion for this round, I am reminding the following people for certain things:

@titleguy1 entry submission
@HybridTronny entry submission
@DoctorNarfy photo reply

If your name is not listed, all is Gucci

You know have roughly 24 hours to submit any pending entries!


its the shromet levine but its chinese this time


Mei Ling QY7 Concept by RCM


Hermes Design Mei Ling QY7 Concept (By Vector Motors)

I tried okay?


Mei Ling 雄偉的雞 QX7 by AMB automotive.

More picture


Introducing the QY-7 Concept by Katsuro Designs


As of 4 ish minutes ago, submissions are now closed!

I will do my best to process these as quickly as I can. It’s Chinese New year’s this weekend and I’ll be a bit busy, but any vehicle submitted up to yesterday have already been judged. Expect results to come out on Monday at the latest. Thanks!