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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 31 - on hold]


i really like the front! reminds me of modern hyundai’s.


I can see a bit of Urus in its front end - except for the fact that it pre-dates the Urus by a couple of years. And that grille/headlight combination reminds me of a cyborg with a helmet visor, which should make it seem “cooler” to younger buyers.


2016 Shuriken Kiwano Prototype by Merde de cheval Studios

feeling confident today

Shuriken Motor Company


Don’t worry about that third taillight. The bumper reverse lights also work as it’s third taillight.


So, hey, it’s been a while since I have entered any competition.
I know entries haven’t opened yet but I wanted to enter a new competition / challenge on the forums and this one seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.
And this car was designed in openbeta but it’s fully vanilla so I think it’ll work fine on stable.

2016 Shuriken Yuzu by Sakai Design Studio


Will the cars be USA spec by default, or will they be Jap/EU spec by default?

Car is still WIP - and very messy.

(Ignore the fact I accidentally deleted my message)


Whatever is apt for you.
and even before submissions have opened we have a field of worthy competitors


wish more people participated in this challenge.


It hasn’t started yet


fair point. although I wonder when the new stable is coming?


If I am correct hasn’t UE 4.24 released? I’m sorry if this seems impatient but I’d like to see this challenge get somewhere.


4.24? Nah, it’s still on openbeta right now.


Oh, sorry then. I guess I just lost track of time. :sweat_smile:


No worries, bud.