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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 31]


The Zafiran’t Is Dead!
I’ve replaced it with a Hi-Ace ish sorta thing…


Knightwick Columbus

_Designed by Decarlis_



1996 Knightwick Ox design proposal

We believe a versatile high-roof MPV is what Knightwick should offer to stand out in the market and to attract the younger buyers with a young family. As a bonus, the high roof body style should make it easy to offer a fleet model for use as a shuttle or taxi.


1996 Knightwick Climute

We can confirm that our MPV will never rollover even at highspeeds.



Our Proposal: 1996 Knightwick Supergear 2.4

Comfortable, versatile, practical and premium. Something that should be a part of the Knightwick lineup. Not only is the middle panoramic roof one of the main party piece, it is also styled to be as future proof as possible.

I am borderline fucking lazy when it comes to taking photos and my pic looks exactly like Yang’s because I’m assuming we used the same preset. FML please


Knightwick Épater by LaVelle Studios

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

'96 Knightwick Magellan


Entries closed now, I shall get round to some marking


Time to do some judging

Knightwick Magellan @abg7

A good 7 seat body choice, I also like the choice of dark green for the colour. The chrome trim makes the car look quite upmarket and the grille design looks smart. Nice choice by having roof rails and a sunroof on the car. Not sure if the rear doors are suicide doors or sliding but there is no rail so I assume suicide doors.
The rear light design is attractive, but the positioning of them makes the rear look very bulbous. The front lights follow the body lines very well.
Overall a decent but safe design, is let down a bit by a lack of time spent on some fixtures. The chrome line on the side has no breaks in it and the ends of the front and rear chrome strips don’t meet up correctly.

Knightwick Faraday @Kubboz

Extremely 90’s looking vehicle. The design would fit in for a 5 year model run no problem. The body looks fresh and modern. Barely a straight edge on show I like the way the black plastic trim runs around the bumpers and also on the side into the repeater. Looks like a more mass market mpv and not very high end, would fit into the standard family category very well. Sliding rear doors for 2 and 3rd row access is a good idea and would reduce problem in car parks and also when loading small children into the car.
The car could do with a sunroof, or maybe even two for the rear passengers as well. Also standard integrated roof bars would be a nice touch.

Knightwick elephant @randomtuner

The body looks very 80’s and is a weird shape. The car also doesnt follow European road regulations. There are no mirrors or side repeaters, the reversing lights are also missing. Curiously the fuel filler cap and radio aeriel are also remarkable by their absence.
The plastic cladding on the side and rear is a good idea to stop parking dings but I’m not a fan of the design, and the side piece covers the whole doors and stops them opening.

Knightwick Icarus @Fletchyboy100

Has a very “I’m on holiday in Bali” look about this vehicle. Probably a bit too much of a van for what we are after. 8 seats is also more than required. Overall for the style of vehicle it does look ok, not an exciting design by any means but nothing offensive about it either.

Knightwick Stellar @MasterDoggo

The design of this car makes it look like a luxury mpv choice with a refined appearance. The circular front headlights fit into the body nicely with the bonnet lines flowing into them and the front grille very well. The circular theme is also carried onto the rear lights as well, with individual light components inside the larger rear light unit. There isn’t a massive amount of chrome on the car so it doesn’t look too flashy, and more of an understated look.
The roof rails are a nice touch for carrying a roof box or bicycles. It’s a shame the rear doors aren’t sliding units however.

Knightwick Servant c18 @MONARCH

Straight away this is an upmarket looking car, the design looks classy. There is a very liberal amount of chrome used all over the vehicle, the most noticeable piece being the large and imposing front grille. There is a slight sporty nature to the design of the car also, with the front splitter and rear roof spoiler.
The sliding rear doors are a positive point for the vehicle, making good access to the 2 rear rows

Knightwick mini-van @HybridTronny

The naming of this vehicle may be a little on the nose as it’s definitely a little van. It’s a very cute little one at that however. The overall design is very pleasing and looks modern and exciting.
The indented side cladding and the black plastic strips are a good idea to protect the body from dents. The sliding rear doors will make for good access to the rear rows of seats.
The van is very short so with the 7 seats in place the load area will be very small to non existent, it is quite tall however so at least headroom will be good.
Side repeaters and a fuel filler are also missing from the vehicle

Knightwick épater @titleguy1

A very good body choice with a long wheelbase and short overhangs meaning it will be easy to park. The overall design is quite avant-garde with the split rear lights. The rubbing strips also join in on the oval design that is used all over the car. The front end of the car fits the body very well with modern clear headlights
Overall a very good design that is fitting for the late 90’s but also should age well.

Knightwick columbus @Arn38fr

This car uses the same body as the elephant, but overall is a much more pleasing design. Still quite an 80’s shape however, so I think this would make sense as something coming to the end of its production in 1996. I like the large sunroof over the passenger area, this with the large windows would make a very light and airy cabin. The clear front indicators look very modern, making the rear match would be a nice touch. But the rear lights are a nice design as they are with an interesting design.

Knightwick platinum DX @Rise_Comics

This is another smaller designed car and is the only 5 seat entry that is being looked at. The design is rather plain, not being either sporty or luxurious. Overall the parts of the car all work ok but it doesn’t stand out in any one area. Also for some reason it’s extremely low to the ground

Knightwick Climute @EnCR

This is a bit of an old looking body shell and quite American in its appearance. The design is also a bit unusual on the front with a bit of a mouth look going on with the lower grille area. The rear doors appear to be a sliding style from their appearance but there is no visible runners for movement.

Knightwick Supergear 2.4 @GetWrekt01

This is a nice and modern looking design. The shape and design details look great for the year.
Overall the car has more of a sporty look to it. I like the way the sunroof flows into the rear doors leading into a bright cabin. The choice of sliding rear doors and roof rails is good from a utility standpoint. The rear lights fit the flow of the rear tailgate perfectly, with a modern triangular design.

Knightwick ox @thecarlover

This is a good looking refreshing and modern looking vehicle. The body choice definitely has a utility look to it but the design would make a good choice for families. The short length with a tall roof combined with the sliding rear doors makes access very good. The roof design with the twin sunroofs and the roof rails looks very pleasing.
The large headlights and vertical tail lights looks very good, and will make visibility of the car at night better, also raising the rear lights high up means less damage in parking bumps.

Knightwick honghu royal Gloriana @yangx2

This is another luxury looking mpv. The design looks upmarket while also not being overly imposing and also the level of chrome used looks very good.
The side steps combined with the sliding rear doors make for good passenger access.
I’m a fan of the use of circular headlights on the larger housing and also the same kind of design on the rear lights too.
The whole design looks good for late 90’s and shouldn’t age as the model carries on

i am eliminating the Elephant, Icarus, climute and Platinum as i dont feel the designs are up to standard.
The design of the Columbus is good but the body looks a bit aged and also not very european in its shape.
The magellan is also eliminated as there are better designs here, it is a good attempt overall however and with some tidying up could be a contender.
The supergear is a good quality design with some nice touches but is a bit more of a sporty vehicle than i was after, the large glass roof was a very nice design feature however.
The mini-van and Ox are similar in their styles and body choice, but i feel the ox has a better look for a higher standard mpv, whereas the mini-van would work better as a mid range vehicle. So i am eliminating the mini-van but keeping the Ox in consideration.
The Servant, Royal Gloriana and Stellar are all quite upmarket style vehicles and i am putting all 3 in for consideration as right now i dont feel i could eliminate one.
The faraday is a fresh looking design however i’m not sure its got enough of a presence in this standing for consideration so i am eliminating it now
i am putting the épater through for consideration as i really feel the design could last for a few years with minimal facelifts.

This is my top 5 for consideration in the finals


There is a rail on the rear, but it is very difficult to see against the dark green paintwork I chose. Anyway, congratulations to the top five - you may have your work cut out deciding between them!


I’ll gladly take that. I understand that my design may have ended up looking a bit more exciting or sporty for the demographic you’re trying to go for. Thanks for the neat and clear reviews, appreciate it.


The final 5

5th place
Knightwick OX

Overall a really nice design, but in this group it’s a bit too much like a van and also the design just isn’t luxurious enough. This vehicle would make sense as the smaller model in a 2 mpv range, with the 3rd row only needing occasional use.
I am a massive fan of the roof however, it is the best roof design of any of the submitted vehicles

4th place
Knightwick Servant

Weird name aside this is a good conservatively designed luxury mpv Overall the design seems a bit American for me though. I would rather the indicators be only built into the light units and not be on the bumpers aswell.

Top 3

3rd place is the Epater, overall a very exciting and modern design. I really like the use of oval shapes in the lights and rubbing strips. The separate sections for the tail lights is certainly a differentiator compared to the other cars. It’s only negative is that in this top 3 it’s the least prestigious of the cars.

2nd place is the Stellar. Choosing between the top 2 cars was very difficult as they are both great designs in different ways. The use of circular headlights and an old fashioned grille shouldn’t really work on such a modern mpv body but somehow this looks great. I could probably do without indicators on the front bumper and beside the headlights but that’s my only complaint about the front. The lower bumper design, side skirts and visible exhausts give a sporty modern update to the styling.

1st place is the Royal Gloriana. This is every part the luxury mpv. It looks prestigious without being overly flashy or with too much chrome thrown about the place. The design would definitely appeal to the conservative buyers i am targeting

Congatulations to the winners, sorry this took me so long to get written up.



First of all, thank you Martin for hosting this round! It’s hard for me to shy away from designing vans of various shapes and sizes.

I am willing to host the next round which will not directly deal with vans, but will involve a manufacturer that makes plenty of them - Mei Ling


Yea! Top 5 for the first time in all these years of playing. That’s gotta be worth something…:joy:



Q1 2020




Mei Ling has been running strong in Wuzhou and through the rest of China since the early '80s. Their most successful vehicle so far has been the QY-Series SUV - a staple workhorse for the region’s working class.

Initially partsourced from the Mitsubishi Pajero, the full-size SUV has long evolved from its history of rusty frames and snapping brake lines, while the ancient 4.0-litre inline 6 has been replaced by smaller inline 4 and v6 units.

Simultaneously, the SUV has also inched further towards being a bit more on the comfortable side than just purely barebones, for the sake of reeling in sales from the middle class family.

It is now 2020 and the 7-year refresh cycle of the QY-Series is now a year overdue. The department has been swamped with work on a new compact crossover, while juggling the rest of the other model year refreshes at once.


Wuzhou Mei Ling Automotive Corporation is seeking design concepts internationally to obtain inspiration for the next QY-Series, codenamed “QY7”. This is purely a design round. Suggestions are as follows:

  1. The design should emanate a sense of ruggedness from it. Mei Ling’s QY-Series is widely used in emergency, construction and delivery fleets which need to go off-road more than usual. Do NOT make a straight-up family crossover OR OVERDO THE OFFROAD ASPECT.

  2. This is a vehicle that will be priced as high as 160,000 CNY (~23,000 USD; 30,000 CAD; 17,800 GBP). It is expected to look like a CHINESE car in that price range, which still manage to look upscale in said range regardless. In other words, don’t skimp out on the chrome and don’t be afraid to use LED elements here and there!

  3. The Mei Ling QY-Series is a mid to full-size SUV about the size of a Prado. The newest QY-Series platform will consist of a ladder framed double-wishbone front, solid axle rear, suspension setup with 4-wheel drive. Note that it will also have 7-8 seats in it. Make it look the part with respect to these.

  4. Don’t go too avant-garde with the design, but definitely don’t go too conservative either. This is a balancing act which is hard to pin down specifically what I want. Gut check will tell you everything.

  5. Research, research, research! Autohome and XCar both have wonderful websites for newer Chinese cars. The likes of the GAC and Haval are only scratching the surface of what is in the oversaturated Chinese SUV market.

  6. Make the vehicle look modern. If it looks like a retro facelift, you’ve got the whole idea wrong.

  7. This round will be judged holistically. Don’t focus on these with a toilet paper roll. Just consider them to guide you in the right direction



The vehicle MUST be on an SUV body which can comfortably house 8 seats. The SUV body used on the 2nd gen is the typical approach but if you can make something work on something else, surprise me.


Follow the naming convention as per usual:

Trim: Mei Ling [YOUR DESIGN FIRM NAME] QY7 Concept
Variant: FREE


DM the .car file to me and post a photo of your design as a reply below. It helps to look at the design for first impressions.


Past models of the QY-Series and other Mei Ling vehicles can be found on the Mei Ling forum.

Their latest model is the 2015-present XR5, but DO NOT use it as a design guide for obvious reasons.

Other inspirations can be found from the search results of this Autohome query, as well as this XCar entry.

The badge is very easy to make. It’s essentially a square and thick vertical centreline in a circle.

And some photo inspirations too.



Can you provide visual examples of this type of vehicle acting in emergency/fleet operations?


I don’t specifically have videos of emergency or fleet vehicles, but expect it to be scaling terrain like this:

…or as extreme as this:

…most of the time, this is the case:

Otherwise, it’ll probably be on pavement, gravel or mud


Cool. I’m just trying to come up with some clever utility-based features I can add to the design, civilian or not.


So uh. Something like this i guess.

Zephorus QY7 Concept

Not just any SUV

Something about T's and C's (the car isnt "finished" yet) etc


Mei Ling QY7 Prototype by LaVelle Studios

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs