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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 32]


Do we need some approval for our entry before we can post pics?


there is only a few challenges that need a “approval” for you to be in and post a ad to your car
since in most challenges re-submissions aren’t allowed, you cant change what you made in your car so you can just be declassified
so posting your ad here would not make any difference
and thats it
feel free to post your ad


Bucutesti Dracula IIMillenium Concept
Ichtaca automotive Intl.


Bucutesti Dracula Avantii.

More pictures


Bucuresti Dracula Tigru

An Italian-exotic inspired pure sports car without all the baggage that comes with said Italian exotics

Unedited photos


Bucuresti Dracula B20 by LaVelle

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

My entry.

Bucuresti Dracula BST8 '96

Mid-Longitudinal 90-degree 4794cc DOHC-32V V8
481hp @7800RPM/347ft-lbs @5400RPM
10.5:1 CR, 8200RPM Multi-Point EFI
6-Speed M/T
1278kg aluminum panels on steel monocoque (f:36%/r:64%)


Bucuresti Dracula MSR (Muscular Sports (Tourer) Car) with a 3.4L Twin Turbo V8, it is propelled to 62mph in under 5 seconds. Featuring the latest Philips ICE, you will kept awake with not only the burble of the V8 and whoosh of the wastegate, but the latest CD by The Prodigy.


Oh man, i need to say
this is definitively a true concept car!
btw, what body it its made on?


The C4 Corvette-type body.


26 hours and 14 minutes left for entries


Bucuresti Dracula by Valentino

“Designing is like poetry” - Valentino

Designed by Valentino himself inside a shed using his carbon-fibre autoclave. Powered by a proposed “Dracula” V8 (5.5 litre DOHC NA flat-plane 40-Valve V8) producing 544HP and 398lb-ft of torque revving all the way up to 8000RPM. This Dracula is capable of doing 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 196mph. Hopefully, Bucuresti will become more famous with the Dracula.



Bucuresti Dracula by HPS


Submissions are closed. Thank you for entering. I will post the results soon.


Sorry for the delay, college is wrapping up. Expect the results by the weekend.

**Bucharest, Romania - 1995**

After a delay involving shipping problems, and throwing enough money at the delay to solve it, the Bucuresti design team meet up in the showroom of Bucuresti, with all of the concepts on display. The concept that will be chosen as the Dracula will serve as the halo model for the next decade. Without further ado, let’s begin.

*note: I don’t have all the mods used for the builds, so I apologize of anything seems off.

From @titleguy1: Bucuresti Dracula B20 by LaVelle

Dana: We’re off to a good start with this car. It’s aggressive, yet stylish. A perfect car for Bucuresti.

Marian: I like how it combines both the layout of the German Porsche, but with the AWD of the Japanese Subaru and a powerful V8. This car is a bona fide seller.

Constantin: I can see it age well, but it doesn’t scream… supercar. I like the design, yes, but it doesn’t scream, Dracula.

Valentino: I agree with Constantin. It screams “sports car”, not “supercar.” We could retain the concept for another model.

From @Niveon: Bucuresti Dracula Millenium

Dana: I love how adorable it looks, but it doesn’t scream "Dracula.

Marian: It looks more… Avanta?

Constantin: Yep, It’s definitely Avanta. We could even make a sedan version of this.

Valentino: I see your point, but what if, we put 400 hp under this?

Constantin: But why tho?

From @Kyuu77: Bucuresti Dracula Bloodlust

Constantin: Now this is a supercar.

Marian: Are those LEDs? Wouldn’t that make the car expensive?

Dana: This is our halo car. Having LEDs will put us above the rest.

Valentino: And look awesome while doing so.

From @EnCR: Bucuresti Dracula Avantii

Valentino: This reminds me of a race car. There’s vents everywhere.

Constantin: As I always say, the more racecar the better.

Marian: Yeah, until you have to clean the damn vents.

Dana: Yeah, this isn’t doing it for me.

From @balkanski_brat: Bucuresti Dracula Tigru

Dana: Why are we looking at photos?

Valentino: The concept apparently got lost on the train.

Dana: Okay… so this is a Ferrari?

Constantin: It’s a good design.

Marian: Yeah, but Ferraris are to derivative. And Pop ups are soooo out.

Dana: Since when were you a fashionita?

From @Maxbombe: Bucuresti Dracula BAT by Spander

Dana: Why are we looking at photos again?

Valentino: Someone stole the fixtures.

Constantin: The rear looks like a supercar, but the front looks derpy. I like the wheel arches.

Marian: It’s not every day one comes up with them.

From @randomtuner: Bucuresti Dracula by Lünnerden Design

Constantin: It looks like that one swedish supercar. I thinks it’s the Kuuuneee…uuuuh

Valentino: Koenigsegg?

Constantin: That.

Marian: Again, pop outs are sooooo out.

Dana: And the wheels look dumb.

Marian: I like the color tho.

From @OME: Bucuresti Dracula OME

Dana: It’s like someone did the Lünnerden, but made it better.

Marian: I would totally own this one if this was chosen.

Constantin: For once, I agree with Marian.

Marian: For once?

Valentino: Eh, bloodlust did it better.

From @Mikonp7: Bucuresti Dracula by Propellor

Constantin: Let me guess, the spoiler was stolen.


Dana: This feels like an evolution of the B20. Looks good.

Marian: I would’ve said that it screams Dracula the most, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe this could be the 2000s model…

From @Fletchyboy100: Bucuresti Dracula MSR

Marian: Oh my

Dana: This is awesome. Even if this doesn’t get selected as the Dracula, I’d drive it.

Constantin: This isn’t a Dracula, but this can fit in the American market. THe AWD is also great.

Valentino: Meh, too American for me.

From @abg7: Bucuresti Dracula by HPS

Dana: Meh

Marian: Meh

Constantin: Meh

Valentino: Moving on

From @Aaron.W: Bucuresti Dracula by Valentino

Dana: This is another great Dracula choice. It’s bold. It’s aggressive. It’s great.

Constantin: Now all we need is to drop the Lünnerden’s engine into this, and it’s perfect.

Marian: It’s cool and all, but it seems too… overcompensating.

Valentino: I like it!

Constantin and Dana: In unison That’s because it has your name on it!

From @Indomaret: Bucuresti Dracula by Indesign

Marian:I like the rear, but the front looks doofy.

Constantin: So it’s the BAT, but less unique?

Dana: Sums it up

Valentino:Maybe if we moved the headlights just a few centimeters across, it’ll be fine.

From @MONARCH: Bucuresti Dracula SPC8370 by Monarch Motor Corporation

Dana: This is our Pescăruş

Marian: Agreed. Though the bottom grille could be revised.

Constantin: Huh, we satisfied more of our catalog than I though we would.

Valentino: Welp, I guess we have our winners.

Constantin: Are you sure you didn’t miss anything?

Valentino: checks manifest We didn’t miss anything.

Dana: Good.


1: @Kyuu77 - The new Dracula
2: @titleguy1 - first generation Bucuresti Trandafir
3: @Mikonp7 - Second Generation Trandanfir
4: @Niveon - Bucuresti Avanta
5: @Fletchyboy100 - Design kept for future use
6: @MONARCH - Bucuresti Pescarus

I loved all the designs in this CSC, especially the ones that thought outside of the box. The judgement of the designers are there for entertainment. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience.


Ouch, nearly half of my trim was missing. xD


I guess I should’ve asked for y’all to guide me to whatever mods were used. That mistake is on me.


Nah, it’s okay, it happens. I do have screenshots of mine as to what it looks like with the trim intact.


I’d like to see them