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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 32]


Final Results

Now that the Results are In, The Judging Will now be done by Samurai CEO, Akiro Sendai, the Cars will be scored in 3 categories.

Design X/15
incorporation of design language X/5
Sportiness X/10
and on that note, lets get right into the judging!

Car 1: Samurai GT-V By @Boiled_Steak

This is a really nice design, it feels very sporty, and modern. i could definitely see this as a 2020 GT-V, Despite looking quite a bit different from most samurai models currently on sale.
Design 12/15
incorporation of design language 2/5
Sportiness 8/10
Total: 22/30
Car 2: Samurai GT-V By @Vena.Sera423

(i took this picture seperately from the rest, thats why it looks a bit diffrent)

I am a fan of those headlights, they are quite nice, and really caputure the feel of the lights on the 1972 model, in a way, though, i dont know how i feel about the center grille, it just doesnt feel right to me.
Design 6/15
incorporation of design language 3/5
Sportiness 7/10
Total: 16/30
Car 3: Samurai GT-V By @kobacrashi

I Honestly Love this. it looks like an insanely fun modern sports coupe!, i dont have very many complaints with the design, just the actual design itself is a lot diffrent from a lot of samurai models
Design 15/15
incorporation of design language 2/5
Sportiness 9/10
Total: 26/30
Car 4: Samurai GT-V By @Maxbombe

now, this is intresting, even though its less of a "modern car" and more of a cyberpunk car, i still think it looks really good, though im most likely going to have to bin it,because it doesnt really fit the bill of "modern sports coupe" to be honest. but if this was a cyberpunk competition this would win 100%
Design N/A
incorporation of design language N/A
Sportiness N/A
Total: N/A
Car 5: Samurai GT-V By @Woodcamp

I think this is an intresting design, i dont know if im a fan of the body colored grille, or the design of the back, but i do like it quite a bit. and it looks like it would fit in well with samurais other models!
Design 11/15
incorporation of design language 4/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 22/30
Car 6: Samurai GT-V By @Sky-High

this is a beautiful design. this car looks so cool!,i honestly cant find words at how much i like this, and even though it doesnt really follow Samurais LED light strip thing, it still looks like it could fit as a special sports car,
Design 15/15
incorporation of design language 3/5
Sportiness 9/10
Total: 27/30
Car 7: Samurai GT-V By @MGR_99

once again, this is an amazing design, reminds me of a mercedes a bit. not really much else i can say, to be honest, i just really like it
Design 14/15
incorporation of design language 4/5
Sportiness 10/10
Total: 28/30
Car 8: Samurai GT-V By @yangx2

I am in love with these headlights, they are just so cool!, and id say the same for the rest of the car as aswell!
Design 15/15
incorporation of design language 3/5
Sportiness 8/10
Total: 26/30
Car 9: Samurai GT-V By @Rise_Comics

now, when i first saw this i wasnt a huge fan, but the headlight design has grown on me, though i cant say the same for the rest of the car
Design 5/15
incorporation of design language 2/5
Sportiness 4/10
Total: 11/30
Car 10: Samurai GT-V By @EnCR

i like the front, but im not a fan of the back, it just seems, off
Design 10/15
incorporation of design language 1/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 17/30
Car 11: Samurai GT-V By @titleguy1

this is a really nice design, it looks like something Samurais EU Division (Formerly Berlina Automobillia) would make!
Design 13/15
incorporation of design language 4/5
Sportiness 8/10
Total: 25/30
Car 12: Samurai GT-V By @Chickenbiscuit

i absolutely love this! the headlights seem very cool! and overall it just feels simplictic yet beautifull!
Design 15/15
incorporation of design language 4/5
Sportiness 10/10
Total: 29/30
Car 13: Samurai GT-V By @Mikonp7

this one is really great, its amazing its based on a mustang body, yet looks nothing like one!
Design 13/15
incorporation of design language 5/5
Sportiness 8/10
Total: 26/30
Car 14: Samurai GT-V By @Falling_Comet

this is a a nice design! it really looks like a samurai!
Design 12/15
incorporation of design language 5/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 23/30
Car 15: Samurai GT-V By @MrChips

this is a really cool design!, its a bit on the t h i c c side but the A90 esque headlights work really well!
Design 13/15
incorporation of design language 2/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 21/30
Car 16: Samurai GT-V By @mart1n2005

these headlight are just... amazing! the back of the car could be better though.
Design 11/15
incorporation of design language 3/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 20/30
Car 17: Samurai GT-V By @MONARCH

i dont know if i really like the headlights, but the car overall is a very nice design!
Design 12/15
incorporation of design language 1/5
Sportiness 5/10
Total: 18/30
Car 18: Samurai GT-V By @HybridTronny

this car looks pretty nice! it plays it safe and does the design language very nicely!
Design 13/15
incorporation of design language 5/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 24/30
Car 19: Samurai GT-V By @GetWrekt01

honestly the car doesnt look bad, but the headlights feel a bit 2009 ish in my opinion
Design 12/15
incorporation of design language 2/5
Sportiness 5/10
Total: 19/30
Car 20: Samurai GT-V By @Xepy

the tailights are stupidly amazing, the rest of the car is pretty ok
Design 13/15
incorporation of design language 4/5
Sportiness 6/10
Total: 23/30

The Best cars

1st. Car 12: Samurai GT-V By @Chickenbiscuit

2nd. Car 7: Samurai GT-V By @MGR_99

3rd. Car 6: Samurai GT-V By @Sky-High

4th. Car 8: Samurai GT-V By @yangx2

5th. Car 11: Samurai GT-V By @titleguy1
Thank you all For Participating!


Thanks for hosting! A very enjoyable round. I would question some things but I didn’t host so i can’t complain haha. I’m looking forward to the next round!


Wow I didn’t expect to come away with the win there! Thanks for the round, I’m working and the prompt for the next one.


CSC 18 – Searching for a Legend

It is 1966. The LMC Maladus is a few years into production and its time look ahead to the next generation. While the Maladus was very successful when it was released, its competition has caught up and car designs all over are innovating at a rapid pace. LMC is looking for a new direction to take the Maladus and bring out a new sports car the likes of which have never been seen before.

LMC is willing to outsource to other design teams in order to come up with the best solution to continue the Maladus nameplate and make it into the pinnacle of American sports cars. Your task is to make a concept car that is a fresh and futuristic new take on the Maladus. It can emphasize more performance, practicality, or luxury from the original, but no matter the approach you take, it must look striking and fast.


  • Model and trim year must between 1968-1970
  • Must be a sports car or any closely related kind of car (eg. GT, Super)
  • With that said, only 2 rows of seats max
  • Wheelbase must not exceed 2.8m (rounded)
  • The car must have finished engineering and design.
  • Here is the current year Maladus if you would like a closer look Maladus CSC Example - Coupe.car (69.8 KB) (its the Convertible not coupe)
  • Please clone the engine variant before you make any changes to it for your concept if you decide you want to use it.


  • You are a designer in 1966 making ideas for the next gen Maladus projected to run in the late 60s through the 70s. There is a lot of design freedom, but remember to keep it plausible for the styling and technology of the time.
  • It does not have to be an FR car with a V8. Feel free to experiment with different drive types and engines.
  • Design can be radical, but incorporate at least a little design language from other LMC models past or future to be identifiable as part of the brand. (It doesn’t have to look like another LMC per say, but little details can give you the edge over the competition).
  • The LMC badge is straight up just the vanilla octopus badge here:


Below are some other company models and real life examples:

LMC Models Past and Future

Real Life Inspiration



  • You will be mainly judged on design. Engineering will also be a factor, but your concept will be evaluated on the choices made and how that fits with the design, not how meticulously it was tuned.

  • Scoring in rough order of importance: Design, Innovative use of fixtures, Body and Engineering Choices, Consistency, Incorporation of LMC design language.


Please PM me with your submissions with the correct naming convention. DO NOT change the same engine variant as the 1966 Maladus. Copy the variant before tuning it please.

Model Name: CSC18 - Your Username
Trim Name: [name of concept]

Family Name: CSC18 - Your Username (if you use the engine from the previous Maladus, don’t change the family name)
Trim Name: [name of engine]

Entries are open. The deadline for this round is October 12th at 21:00 EST.

Leviathan Motor Company: 2020 Euryale

LMC Maladus by Propeller

More weirdness


LMC Maladus concept

some more shots


Maladus 1968 366 Super Eagle Concept

More picures :


The 1969 LMC Maladus Premium Sport


1968 LMC Maladus by Rigore Engineering


LMC Maladus by Lünnerden Design StudioCSC18 - Randomtuner - Lünnerden Design LMC Maladus.car (50.2 KB)


You should send the .car file to me via dm so other people can’t open your car :wink:


Avantii PJ 1



LMC Maladus Concept, by Centro Stile Scagliati


Just under 5 hours before entries are closed for this round!


1970 LMC Maldus Ultra Concept


Submissions are now closed!

I’m working on reviews and they should be up by tomorrow.


The Gathering of the Concepts

The Leviathan design team meets at the LMC Design Dome to evaluate the next generation Maladus concepts sent from around the globe.

I scored each car out of 100 for Overall Design, Fixture Innovation, Body and Engineering choices, Cohesion, and LMC Heritage. While I may talk about engineering a lot, it doesn’t factor much in the scoring but does relate to how it is designed. These scores may not reflect the final results as they were more to organize my thoughts about the cars. I’m including them anyway for people who like numbers.

@Mikonp7 – Maladus by Propeller

First up is a convertible by Propeller. It stands out in the group by being by far the largest of the bunch. The size is further emphasized by the thick sides. The Propeller concept has a long hood that slopes down into partially covered headlights reminiscent of the current Maladus, but the general shape of the body is much less adventurous. Besides the heavy use of chrome, the exterior looks more like a futuristic cheaper European sports car. The front is visually heavier and somewhat brutal in design with its prominent grille with horizontal inlays. The tall rear is a different story with a short deck and a rounded shape. A gigantic deco styled badge spans the entire space between the taillights. The taillights themselves are nicely crafted and flow into the side trim (I think I had import issues with mirroring here) The bumpers continue the style of the previous model but a bit more simplified. The rims are cheap looking steel wheels, not matching the performance or luxury of the car. Overall the car does not look sporty enough for a Maladus or exude class.

At a glance, this concept seems to be a more practical take on the Maladus with its 4 seats and looks. Under closer inspection, it is more of everything, using almost all the best technology available. The tires are wide enough for some of the mid engine sports cars and have a very thin profile. The 312 cammer engine with mechanical injection would be a performance upgrade. Propeller envisions an interior nearly as opulent as the Sunspear. It would be one of the most expensive cars to produce out of the group.

Overall we feel the Propeller Maladus takes the sports car in a lot of directions. While there are some good ideas, it ultimately does not result in a car that we think embodies what a Maladus can or should be.

Score: 61

@MrChips - LMC Maladus Concept, by Centro Stile Scagliati

Now this thing is wild. The Italian concept is a complete departure from the previous Maladus with its aero-centric wedge shape and mid-engine layout. A steel “T” breaks up a glass roof that guide air down the back of the car. The sides feature a window-in-window design to further accentuate the space age looks. The vents along the rear and fenders fit the shape of the body perfectly. Unfortunately, the front distracts from some of the great ideas elsewhere on the design. The orange accents are especially bright against a dark metallic paint. The rear strikes a good balance of detail while being easy to read. The vertical badge layout was a nice touch. The orange in the front gives the car extremely wide lips that extend nearly to the lips of the fenders while the rear orange accents stay contained to the rear. The pop-ups work well enough but the lights below it sag down the sides and touch the orange paint. Those headlights seem made for a flatter surface.

This design is right at home with the new mid-engine concepts coming out of Italy. Should the Maladus look to the future and be a mid-engine supercar, this Scagliati concept would be a great concept to take design cues from. Besides the badging though, there is almost nothing to do with existing LMC design language.

The engineering approach was in a word, extreme. It boasts a 354hp V8 with a 5 -speed manual transmission and 2 piston disc brakes all around. This is likely the fastest design of the bunch, showing the performance potential of a mid-engine car. While out of the scope of what the current Maladus is, this concept isn’t out of the realm of possibility. This makes the prospect of a mid-engine Maladus exciting and some ideas could be borrowed from it.

Score: 72

@Rise_Comics – LMC Maladus

Happy Halloween! This concept has a very interesting small mid-engine shape, but sadly the idea wasn’t developed very far and the colors distract from the design itself. The front is rather plain and boxy, but it has good proportions and the way the front grille feeds into the bonnet indicates aerodynamics nearly on par with a race car. There isn’t much to comment on for the sides, except it has a chrome trim around the whole car. There are 2 little vents to try and cool the powerful DOHC V8 behind the driver with nowhere for the heat to go. The rear has gargantuan taillights that may have worked at half of their size. The integrated exhaust design is an interesting idea. The rims are also painted black with an orange trim and have a race car 5-spoke style.

The engineering seemed far-fetched to the designers. The 312 hp V8 and 5-speed manual transmission was paired with medium compound radial tires and hydropneumatic suspension that allowed almost no body roll at all. The result would be an unsafe and extremely difficult to control car. As it is only a concept, adjustments could be made, but other concepts sell the idea of the mid-engine Maladus much better.

Score: 41

@titleguy1 - LMC Maladus by Rigore Engineering

And now for something completely different. Being the first company LMC has ever partnered with, the design team was excited to see what was in store from Rigore. Rigore Engineering’s Maladus Aero Prototype is a groovier take on the sports car. The shape looks like a GT race car the way the back slops continuously to the rear and the lack of bumpers. The bright color really stands out in the room. Chrome contours the entire bottom of the car, helping slim the design. The grille calls back to the current Maladus with more modern lights very large flip up lights are placed immediately above the grille, clashing with the boxier nature of the front end. The hood vents are aggressive with chrome trim spanning across most of the hood leading to the scoop. The t-top cabin is proportionally large for the length of the front, but helps balance out the overhang of the rear.

The three vents on the sides are all different styles. The front is a ram air version of what is found on the current Maladus, the lower vent is a strange sculpted vent that looks very practical for cooling brakes, and the vents behind the side window help fill the large space behind the window, but they look rather flat and blunt. The louvres make the rear look very modern. The recessed rear continues the race car look. The shape of the taillights match the shape of the area around the badge. There are neat ideas in the design, but they don’t all fit together very well.

This is the first Maladus concept that isn’t a complete reinvention. It has a 352 cammer V8 producing 320 hp and a 3-speed manual with an overdrive gear. The interior does its job for a sports car but doesn’t have the same quality of many of the other proposals. Despite the power and light weight, this concept is likely not as fast as we would hope considering the cost needed to build it as is and the sacrifice in interior quality.

The design is the most Maladus-like so far with some eye-popping elements that don’t always mesh well together. This was one of the more divisive proposals of the group.

Score: 70

Reviews will be continued shortly


Part 2

Note: @randomtuner 's Lünnerden Design LMC Maladus was still from 1972 and thus wasn’t able to be considered for the 1968-1970 Maladus

@EnCR - Avantii PJ 1

The Avantii PJ 1 is a much more down to Earth Italian concept. Its another wedge shaped mid-engine concept that is more conventional in its looks. The front features a unique 3-part grille that smiles. The grille ends with foglights situated at the very edge of the front with indicators angled downward pointing toward the center grille. The center shape resembles a miniaturized version of a grille you might see on a luxury sedan from the past. The popups are small and angled outward while character lines lead from them all the way to the windshield. It is not ugly, but it doesn’t resemble anything from LMC’s design language or tread exiting new ground. The sides are relatively bare with the defining features being the vents near the rear wheel. They slope up nicely on one side but the other side facing the wheel well does not line up in a meaningful way. An interesting little detail is the fuel cap has a lock on it. Not something we would’ve expected to see on a supercar concept.

The rear has many horizontal lines going across the design with 3 layers of bumpers. One of the bumpers leads into an odd chrome vent. Like the front foglights, the taillights are situated near the edges of the rear with amber indicators and no reverse light. Compared to the rest of the car, it looks very busy. The red paint is always a safe bet for a Maladus and the red lip around the rims is a nice touch.

The Avantii PJ 1 looks to be more of driver’s car built for a sporty feel over luxury or outright performance numbers. It has the only V6 engine out of the design proposals making 189 hp. Under closer inspection, the underside of the car is partially covered in smooth panels to improve aerodynamics to make the most out of the reduced power output.

The Avantii PJ 1 is a more sensible approach to a mid-engine Maladus, but it fails to make the prospect of a completely new platform and design language worth the effort.

Score: 52

@Maxbombe – Maladus 366 Super Eagle Concept

What a spaceship! The white color is appropriate to put all of the Super Eagle’s lines and details on display. The first thing to stand out is the continuous flow from the windshield down to the angular side windows. This helps make the car looks long and low. The rear wheel is covered presumably for more slippery aerodynamics. The front has a large grille somewhat reminiscent of the current Maladus with a nice pointed center in the inlays and vertical indicators to frame the grille. It does seem a little too tall for the shape of the body and the application however. The popup headlights are closer together than most of the other designs but the shape and size is fitting. The lip and vents along the bottom suggest serious performance. The rear is a bit more futuristic with the lights under the bumper and the entire upper half dedicated to a rear vent. The front is a lot more heavy on the chrome than the rear.

There is a nice flowing character line that goes along the sides of the car like the current Maladus. The 3 vents towards the rear are a unique and clean way to break up some of the negative space. The rims are the same found on a ’56 Captain which fits the aesthetic well enough, but looks very dated compared to the concept.

The engineering of the Super Eagle is relatively straightforward with a 366 OHC V8 and a 3-speed manual transmission. The body is all steel rather than fiberglass and the interior is simpler than most other concepts. It would be one of the cheapest cars to make should it be released as is, but some of the quality doesn’t quite match the looks.

Overall, this is a very clean design that strikes a good balance between detail and letting the shape of the body do the work. The front may be a bit too aggressive and the rims are dated, but otherwise this one of the best concepts we’ve seen today.

Score: 79

@Rk38 - Maladus 5800 GT by Beneventi

Beneventi brings a gorgeous continuation of the Maladus with Italian flavor. It is a very detailed production-ready kind of design on a body that is slightly smaller than the current Maladus. It strikes a great balance between sporty and elegant with good proportions. Some details carry over like the partially covered dual headlights and the character line flowing down the side of the car to the style of the side vent. Other areas are completely new, like the eye-catching unique cabin design with angular windows. The front looks well composed with a nice shape for the headlight covers, a grille that recesses deeper on the outsides of the lights, and a bumper that subtly thickens inline with the headlights. The lip does its job without sticking out too much in the design. If there is one thing to nitpick about the front, its that the headlights being that close together makes the car look a bit narrow from the front. The rear looks more to the future. The tail flips up behind the cabin and the top of the rear is framed by plastic. Below the plastic is a recessed area like the Rigore concept where the blockier taillights are and the license plate would go. The bumper matches the style of the front save for the thicker sides. The plastic trim along the bottom of the car makes the car look leaner and guides the eye to the prominent exhausts.

The 5800 GT is an update to the Maladus rather than a complete rewrite like most of the concepts. It’s the only car to use the original engine as a base, now making 295 hp. Besides the smaller stature, the biggest change is the use of MacPherson struts over double wishbone in the front.

It’s not as adventurous as some of the other proposals, but the Maladus 5800 GT sure hits the mark in what it tries to accomplish.


@mart1n2005 – Maladus Concept

This aluminum 2+2 coupe is a concept that envisions the Maladus as more of a GT car. The car is very boxy overall and doesn’t have flowing lines like the current Maladus has. Despite the radically different shape, there are elements that hint to it being a Maladus. The hood scoop resembles the old one and it does have partially covered lights. The front is all boxy shapes and although it has generally good proportions. It looks too tired and there is no movement to the design (is this where designs are heading in the future?). The side is relatively bare but the vent with the logo on one of the inlays is a real nice touch. The rear is as blocky as the front with a huge LMC badge on one side and a smaller “V12” on the other. A curved shape is carved out of the bottom to break up some of the square design. There is a sunroof, but not much else is special about the cabin. We found the matel flake in the paint to be a little too extreme, but light blue is a good color for an LMC

The engine is a small 48v OHC V12 and it has a manual 5-speed. It has a semi-clad undertray like some of the supercar concepts which was unexpected. A Maladus like this would be spacious and smooth, but it also tries to be faster than the previous Maladus, sacrificing what comfort and driveability it could have have with the choice of body style.

Overall, this car falls into the same trap of trying to do too much like the Propeller proposal, and the styling may be too futuristic for its own good.

Score: 48

@Supermini555 - Maladus Premium Sport

Finally we’re down to the last concept, a steel supercar called the Maladus Premium Sport. Immediately noticeable is the many shades of grey happening here, making the design feel a bit more busy than it is. The bonnet is darker than the body with a chrome outline around a smaller scoop. The popup headlight shape has nice curves to it. In addition to the headlights is a pair of dual headlights that reach far out from the inside of the vents, but the lights themselves have a deep chrome rim to them. There are good elements, but the front feels claustrophobic as a whole. The side has a thicker trim line that follows from the rear of the front fender around to the back of the car. There is an assortment of differently shaped vents along the side. Curious most of the concepts with a similar body shape all had three stacked vents in front of the rear wheel, and this one falls in the middle as far as how effectively it was used. The rear is similar to the front in how dense the design is, but we think it works a little better here. The extreme angle gives the general shape movement even though as a production car it may not be the best idea. The relatively big wheels and the cutaway from the rear and sides make the car high off the ground. A different paint job and a little refining could make a big difference for this concept. There are some good ideas going, but it hasn’t quite come together yet.

The engine is a smaller V8 making 240hp allowing for an easier driving experience. The interior is full of luxury materials, and although the floor is high, it looks relatively comfortable for a mid-engine supercar. It wouldn’t be a very fast Maladus, but it would surely stand out as of the more comfortable and affordable supercars.

This Maladus Premium Sport is a supercar with balanced performance and comfort, but the design is busy and not very representative of LMC.

Edit: Somehow I missed that this was front and not mid-engine, sorry about that

Score: 59

And the winner is...

Congratulations to @Rk38 and Beneventi for submitting the best proposal for the new Maladus. While there were a few great concepts worthy of continuing the Maladus name, none were the complete package the 5800 GT was.

1st - @Rk38
2nd - @Maxbombe
3rd - @MrChips
4th - @titleguy1
5th - @Mikonp7
6th - @Supermini555
7th - @EnCR
8th - @mart1n2005
9th - @Rise_Comics

Thank you all for participating!!

Leviathan Motor Company: 2020 Euryale

Congratulation to @Rk38, you made some really impressive car here. I can accept defeat with ease knowing your design won. (I really like the work on the windows, really gives an unique vibe to this car)


Thanks for hosting @Chickenbiscuit this was really great to have the flexibility this round even if I stuck with a more traditional layout.

I’m not sure at the moment I’ll have the time to make a really great round so I’d like to give the honours to @Maxbombe. I also really liked your design it was great job making a really unique and striking design on what is ultimately a rather difficult body to achieve that.