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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 32]


Ouch, nearly half of my trim was missing. xD


I guess I should’ve asked for y’all to guide me to whatever mods were used. That mistake is on me.


Nah, it’s okay, it happens. I do have screenshots of mine as to what it looks like with the trim intact.


I’d like to see them



It’s a good looking car without the trim, and better with it. It’s a nice car I’d own IRL.


wait did you not receive the .car file or did it just fail to import?


I didn’t have all the mods for it, so I imported it without them.


Why don’t you get the mods?


Hm, my car wasn’t even loaded properly in that picture. (and it’s missing a rear small wing)


I forgot to ask the entrants to list the mods used in the builds.


Ok… was I supposed to send in the “.car” file to you? Because I don’t see that written explicitly anywhere in the submission guidelines.


man :joy:
btw, its something so “normal” that he forgot to, instead of “pm me your designs” put it like “pm me your .car file”, but in every challenge that needs judge, you need to pm your .car to the host, so how he could see your car entirely?(and not only what you say in you ad)


In all honesty, not to downplay the winner here, but I don’t think having full LED headlamps in 1995 would work. I think there’s a limit between advancement and being unrealistic.

Also, what do you men by Ferraris looking too derivative? I spot nothing Ferrari about Balkanski’s car, other than the body and the popups.


The first car to uses Xenons even was the E32 7 series in '91, and the Audi R8 was the first with LED’s in '09, so I feel you on that sentiment.

Edit: The first white LED’s of any type, let alone automotive headlights, were offered for sale in 96’. So that’s also a thing.



That leaves new participants, like myself, who have never entered one of these competitions at a distinct disadvantage. Even after I had PM’d my entry, I never got a response asking for the .car file.

I feel I’ve wasted my time and effort in vain.


How did you PM your entry then?

A full description of how to remake the car?


Send the car file to me


Sorry I forgot to mention that.


I simply sent a message filling out the sections as directed. I assumed it was to confirm my entry with my post… I don’t know, it wasn’t made clear.