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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 32]


AMB Promenade by Propeller


Steurmann 30-C


Wow, people are already giving super-duper concepts! The competition is going to be promising! And the competition pretty hard…


Um, is it a problem if I make the car in the stable version?


I would not be able import your car.


Are Targa Tops allowed in this CSC? And if so, can I modify a coupe into one?


Ummm, Tarra top is also allowed just make sure that you make it clean.


If we are on stable, can we take a tonne of photos and send them to you for judging?


What prevents you from using Open Beta?


Razor-AMB Topaz Targa Top


The challenged that I am hosting is on stable, and if I were to change to OB while entries had already came in, it wouldn’t be fair.




AMB Torino Spider.


Spander Maxuper concept. Modernity, with style.


there is only 1 problem with the body im using… it still wont let me put wipers that make sense on it… ayyy well


AMB Cavallero EFI design by Brantan

Contemporary design with racy black detailed alloys, sports lip and a spoiler to boot, the twin tip exhaust finishes the look to boot.


How about T-tops? Would they be allowed? They’re kinda like targa tops but they’re split in 2 and have a bar running in between the roof?


Mustang II T-top as an example


Try to make it look European and it’ll be fine


Italian engineering: AMB/VICI - Rapido


The ad for my entry, The AMB Trident 3.0 S
more info soon perhaps (exhaust will be in the file i send to the host… i forgot it when making this ad)