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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 32]




Q1 2020

Several Mei Ling employees met around a table cluttered with mockups and technical specs. Through the door came another employee, who plopped a large stack of folders on the desk. A series of design proposals from around the world had come in, and it was time to review them.

@Dorifto_Dorito of Nanjing Corp

First submission of the batch from Nanjing in the motherland, and a good way to start things off. The front fascia feels very Nishima/Nohda, and I’m a big fan of the presence that large grille creates. It’s a solid baseline but could use for some more fill in the grille. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the taillights, the rear is quite solid, albeit feeling a bit out of date. Perhaps the body isn’t really helping things with respect to this. The biggest problem I have with the car is whatever the hell is going on with that large side piece though. I can’t say I like that at all.

@VG33E of Huang Zhao

Can’t really say much about this one that isn’t a complaint. The grille design is interesting but paired with the headlights squished inwards to the centre of the body, it’s nothing I fancy. The rear isn’t really much better with the plastic bag-like patchwork and crazily undersized plate. Red calipers is also a big no-no, and that’s without talking about the outdated wheel style and the undersized tires.

@Arn38fr of Decarlis

A very avant-garde one for sure. The front reminds me a lot of the designs you get out of Korean manufacturer Milae. It’s an interesting look that may work for… something but definitely not Mei Ling. It feels too round and blobby, with a grille that is a literal rectangle. The rear is okay but rather unassuming. The side profile doesn’t really bring much to the table either, while the wheels are quite a bit undersized. Red calipers tend to be my big waving red flag regarding designs on rather basic vehicles, and what do you know they’re on this car too!

@HybridTronny of Atera

Generic front, equally generic rear, Atera’s proposal comes with not much character within it. It’s quite small, the doorhandles are disproportionate and it sits more like a crossover than an offroad-ready SUV (not to mention the body chosen isn’t really the best so can’t fault that too much). Red brake calipers too. No thanks.

@Lazar of Nobushigahara

The Mei Ling team was impressed at the sleek yet rugged persona of Japanese firm Nobushigahara’s proposal. A lot of appreciation was given towards the sharp D-pillar design, headlights and other intricate details around the vehicle. In fact, there’s a lot of these intricate details around and they work together to make a very nice-looking SUV. The complaints that surface involve the flush door handles, lazy grille design which only reminds me of venetian blinds, as well as the crossover-ish stance the vehicle has in its current state due to the rounder side profile. Both can be easily fixed. No problem.

@Sky-High of Zephorus

This proposal for the new Mei Ling SUV is rather loud. The oversized grille on the front makes it look like a whale, and the Mei Ling team were instantly concerned that dust and pebbles would make their way in very easily. The taillights are… oversized and the plate holder, very awkward.

Hell, it almost looks like the cross section of a precast box girder. Flush door handles too? This ain’t a Range Rover. Red brake calipers are all the cherry on top to throw this proposal in the bin.

@titleguy1 of LaVelle

The proposal from LaVelle is quite a decent one. Its overall design is rugged and sharp, but a different design was widely preferred on the side trim. The custom C-pillar is also a great look for the vehicle, however it doesn’t really match up too well with the near-vertical rear roofline. The rear end is decent too, but it feels like the designers gave up altogether with the taillight and submitted what they had. The front grille is decent, but could have been larger with a more creative design inside.

@Xepy of Tristella

Tristella’s proposal was up next, and instantly I can say their designers shot themselves in the foot from the start with the body choice. The A-pillar profile is jank and the rear profile, equally jank. The front fascia is decent, but the grille size and design also leave much to be desired. The rear isn’t bad per se but feels a bit outdated and inconsistent with the front. The mirrors are… yeah. The proposal looks more tuner SUV than anything, leaving the Mei Ling team much to desire.

@DoctorNarfy of Shromet

@On3CherryShake of Farox

After sending a few armed men to the Shromet headquarters, the Farox proposal was up next. It’s a very crossover-like design, and a good one too. The problem is, it’s too crossover-like. It feels out-of-date for 2020 on the front, the grille design is decent but too Nissan, the rear is quite good but too round. Not to mention, it sits too low, the wheels are tiny, and the infamous RED CALIPERS. It’s a decent design, don’t get me wrong. The fascias are great, the detail is great but it’s just not very fit for the Mei Ling style.

@thecarlover of RCM

RCM’s proposal was the next to come in. The team was attracted to the interesting roofline but couldn’t help to think that the designers once again shot themselves in the foot with the body choice. It’s too tall both near the side skirt as well as the greenhouse. The a-pillar profile is awkward. Not much the designer’s fault than the body. The front fascia is okay but plain, the rear is just plain. It sits a bit low, or at least feels like it too. Body’s fault there too.

@GetWrekt01 of Hermes Design

The Hermes Design concept is more of an avant-garde approach compared to the other entries. The thin upper headlights are futuristic and stylish, but a bit primitive when paired with the rest of the front fascia. The rear is cluttered and noisy, while the side profile isn’t too exciting. Its crossover-like stance and rounder rear window at the D-pillar don’t help its cause either.

@EnCR of AMB

AMB’s proposal was in the next file folder. The team was instantly turned off by its blobby body, alongside the rest of the round elements on the body, notably the blobby and uninspiring rear fascia design. Maybe on their proposed crossover, definitely not their SUV. The crossover-like stance of the rest of the vehicle was a major turn-off too.

@FitRS of Katsuro

The last proposal comes from Katsuro. Different elements of various shapes clash at the front fascia, while similar occurs in the rear. The grille design is plain and uninspiring while the rear follows the same suit. The large front bumper feels like its in an awkward place as well, as it is rather tacked on. At least it looks more suited for off-road and utilitarian excursions than most of the other proposals…

After a bit of brainstorming and a strongly-written warning letter to the Shromet corporation, the Mei Ling designers sat down and evaluated three potential options - from Nanjing Corp, LaVelle, and Nobushigahara.

Nanjing Corp

A very utilitarian and appealing design overall, albeit being too Nohda-esque on the front fascia. The front grille can use with some fill while the side vents can do without being there.

LaVelle Studios

Was off to a promising start, but shares a design element as jarring as the Nohda-like Nanjing proposal’s side vent - a strange discontinuity in the taillights. Still a pretty solid design.


Nobushibahara’s proposal is by far the most well-rounded out there. It looks sharp, it’s fitting for the era, and its crossover-like stance is quite easy to fix. Reduce the wheel size, extend the rear out, lift it by a couple millimetres and you have a solid design that can work for a modern Mei Ling. Most importantly though, this is the most Chinese design out of the three. Ample chrome, large grille, sharp headlight design, it’s very fitting. A lot of elements have been taken from the Maxus D90, which is fair, because the design references are there for a reason. Despite this, the vehicle gives the existing design a bit of a spin, and a good one too.

The problem is… the designers inside the meeting room felt that all three of these designs had very large underlying problems within them, and nearly all of them had a hard time reflecting the Mei Ling design language, which was somewhat forgivable given the lack of documentation on the brand’s modern concepts. Regardless, all three designs were quite decent in their own ways, and each will have some influence on the final Mei Ling prototype.

Of course though, as much as I want to, I cannot say there is no winner as per CSC regulations, so the ranking of the top three off most appropriate and fitting designs is as follows:

3rd. @Dorifto_Dorito
2nd. @titleguy1

and 1st place goes to… @Lazar!

Congratulations! Your CSC win is well-deserved. A mix of neat and creative elements, Chinese design and a sense of ruggedness has you with the W, and elements of the vehicle will definitely influence the new SUVs final design.

Speaking of final design... I've been working on it a bit too. This was the rough idea I wanted the entries to get at:

That mix of utilitarian and modern. An imposing, wide stance, and so on. Of course, all this is preliminary and is subject to change later. Perhaps Nobushigahara’s design language may help quite a bit with it too.

But oh well, what can you do. Thank you wonderful fellas and DoctorNarfy for submitting your entries. It was a fun CSC :slight_smile:


Thank you DoctorNarfy, very cool.


Now we know what happened to shromet. :rofl::rofl:


Thanks for hosting! Always good to try something different, I knew the grille had to be larger but obviously it was just a little too large. Maybe I was also too concept like with the tail lights and yes that plate holder was probably the worst bit of the car. fucking brake calipers man, I always forget I think the car might of been slightly too upmarket. Some good write ups though!


Yo at least my brake calipers weren’t fucking red :joy:


Thanks for hosting yangx2, glad you liked my design. Unfortunately I won’t be able to host due to being busy, so please, @titleguy1 and others, do CSC26.


As a human who has just started their second semester at university uhhhh imma pass this offer to @Dorifto_Dorito


Sorry for the late response, Ive been a bit busy as of recent, but I should be able to host.


CSC 26: A Blast from the Past

The Brief

The year is 2001, next year will be the 90th anniversary of Merciel, one of the largest companies in France. To celebrate such a momentous moment, Merciel designers plan to make a “retromodern” concept of one of their most popular cars, the Modèle '49. However, due to financial issues in the company, many experienced staff members had to laid off and as such Merciel have been forced to outsource the design for this concept car.

Your task is to create a retromodern design based on the Modèle '49.

Note: This round is purely about the design and as such, engineering doesn't matter. However if you give me something with dumb engineering I will have a laugh.


  • The model year must be 2002

  • The body must be a hatchback

  • The design must resemble the Modèle '49 in some way


  • Don’t go all the way and make it look like you copy and pasted the a 40s design onto a 2002 body. I want a retromodern design. Keyword being modern.

  • Also even though the main design must resemble the Modèle '49, feel free to take inspiration from other Merciel designs.

  • Feel free to look through the Merciel forum thread for inspiration: Merciel S.A| Lore Refresh

  • As for other cars I’ve made that haven’t been posted on the main Merciel thread, Ill post them below.


If you want a closer look at the Modèle '49 the download link is below.
Merciel Modele 1949 - Modele 49.car (70.4 KB)

Below are some cars that aren’t posted on the main Merciel thread. The Merciel 110 and 200 are more examples of popular old Merciels and the 2800 is an example of late 90s and early 2000s Merciel styling and may also be the only example I have…

1966 Merciel 110/112

1956 Merciel 200

1998 Merciel 2800

EDIT: The Merciel logo uses this fixture but upside down and a bit thinner .
image image

Naming convention ofc is the standard.

Model: CSC 26 - [forum username]
Trim: Free
Engine: Free
Variant: Free

Entries will be accepted on the 31st January and the deadline will be 7th February unless further stated.

If you have any questions/alterations you want to make, please list them down below. Good luck and have fun.

EDIT: Before anyone asks, no resubmitting. Thank you.

EDIT 2: For further clarification, the deadline is 23:59 GMT on February 7th


For the concept car, do you want a more balls-to-the-wall kind of concept, or one that is a bit more subdued and may end up actually becoming a production model?

Would be nice if that is clarified as a few of us in the Discord are a bit confused on that front.


Just in case you’re not on discord, I would prefer something closer to a production ready concept.

If you want an example:


Merciel Modele 49 by Cailloux Studio

Some closer pics


Merciel Legacy 90 Concept by Mexaco design

The front of the Legacy 90 concept takes cues from the original with simple, large headlights, connected by a contour line, however, the concept has been sculpted to more accurately reflect the needs of a modern body, and is less glaring than a simple straight bar. The yellow fog lights are also carried over in spirit of the original.

Around back, the short tail lights are reminiscent of the old car, however, it is been incorporated with cutting edge full glass hatch for a more modern and striking look. Grille effect has also been placed underneath the hatch, as well as vents on the bottom, to harken back to the rear-engined original.

Lastly, down the side profile, the straight line running from the front door to the rear lights remain, as a tribute to the original 49, with retro-inspired door handles to give the feel of really entering an older car. The wheel covers as well serve this purpose. Lastly, the body-colored wheels make the Legacy 90 concept stand out among small cars, serving as both a retro touch and popping out in any modern setting.


49’s, 49’s everywhere


Merciel Modèle 49 by Lünnerden Design


nice and clean, no caffeine.



This is awesome but looks more 2020 than 2002.


Katsuro Design Studios Proudly Presents the All New 2002 Merciel 3000 RS Concept

Designed to represent the ideal point of entry into the Marciel brand by presenting new and curious drivers with exquisite styling, capable performance from a 1.1 litre turbo petrol engine that’s quite peppy, excellent economy, and practicality.

The front fascia carries the spirit of 1949 model with its curvy aesthetics offset by a rectangular grill.

The rear carries the oval tailights of its predecessor, but now with a modern approach. This top of the line RS concept also gets a two tip sports exhaust and trunk spoiler. The spoked alloy wheels compliments the overall sporty design of the RS model. Efficiency doesn’t have to be boring.

Merciel Jaspier
An instant classic

Breaking away from the strong retromodern temptations, the Jaspier still has single bulbs and modern inspired grilles. The car is much more eco than it probably will end up being, but up to 84mpg is fantastic.


this is disgusting