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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 33]


2002 Merciel Concept Quarante-Neuf


much beaner


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Merciel Neuf Quarante Neuf


Around 36 hours remain until entries are closed.

I have received entries from:

If your name is not on this list please submit your entry in the next 24 hours.


2002 Modele 201 Concept by WSS Styling Studio

More details


Hey actually i saw the deadline was 23:59 7th of frebuary and started my entry just now then i saw this, is there any problem if i submit in the next 12 hours?


Just submit it before the deadline and it should be fine.


Modéle 2000 Concept by Alfora Design
What if Merciél entered 2000?
I took inspiration from almost every car of Merciel, and used the details of 49



Submissions are now closed. Expect reviews soon.

Since there aren’t too many cars to review, expect the results to come out tomorrow afternoon.

EDIT: Due to life stuff, reviews will be postponed to tomorrow. Sorry.


Sorry for the delay, I had other things to do yesterday that prevented me from finishing the reviews.
Anyways, without further ado.

CSC 26: A Blast from the Past | Reviews

February 8th 2001 | Merciel Paris Headquarters

In a boardroom in Merciel’s Paris HQ, several Merciel design staff and engineers sat, awaiting the representatives and a mockup from each design team. At the back of the room stood Merciel CEO, Renée Jeannin, eagerly watching each pitch.

Merciel Legacy 90 Concept:@doctornarfy

First up is the Legacy 90 Concept. The front is a unique take on the Modele 49 design with the circular headlights between the large front grille. However the lower fascia could do with some work as the foglights are comically small. The rear is quite interesting with the large glass rear, but could also do with some more work. Overall the Legacy 90 lacks much needed polish.

Merciel Neuf Quarante Neuf Concept:@donutsnail

The Neuf Quarante Neuf Concept is up next. The overall design isn’t too bad, a very good take on the original '49 design. The front is quite nice, though a bit too messy I find, with a few excess lines in the front grille. Round back, its a lot more fleshed out than most other designs, however could do with a bit more polish.

Merciel '49 Concept:@mart1n2005

The '49 Concept on the whole has a similar feel to the 201 Concept. The headlights could be made a bit smaller and the whole front could be moved up a bit more, but nonetheless, it is pretty faithful take on the front of the original '49. Round back, the '49 Concept is a bit on the plain side, but overall isn’t too bad.

Merciel Modele 49 Lunnerden LD05 Concept:@randomtuner

The Modele 49 Lunnerden Concept gets a fair amount right. It’s resembelance to the original '49 is uncanny, however thats also one of it’s problems. With the front being almost a straight copy of the '49, the Lunnerden Concept looks old fashioned. While the headlights attempt to remedy this problem, the fascia is just a bit too low and the front fuel cap juts out too much and looks awkward from the side. At the rear the taillights look out of place compared to the more retro front with the rear bumper looking a bit barren. Much like a few other designs, if given a bit more polish and uniformity this could have been a contender for the final design.

Merciel Concept Quarante Neuf:@thecarlover

Up next, the Quarante Neuf Concept. The Quarante Neuf is a very clean design and it works in its favour. While the front doesn’t exactly resemble the old '49 too well, the Quarante Neuf does nail the “retromodern” look to a tee. I feel if the design had tried to incorporate more elements from the old '49, we would be on to an instant winner.

Merciel 201 Concept:@z2bbgr

The 201 Concept is one of the best looking concepts from the front. The headlights, while somewhat oversized do fit the look well and the grille and lower fascia look pretty cohesive together. Unfortunately, this does not continue to the rear. Compared to the front, the rear looks a bit basic. The taillights don’t exactly resemble much in the way of a retro feel, and more resemble your basic 90s rear end. Shame, since if they carried the aesthetic from the front to the rear, the 201 concept would be an overall great package.

Merciel 3000RS Concept:@FitRS

Next up was the 3000RS Concept. To say the least it’s not very good. The overall design is way too modern for 2002 and looks more at home in the early 2010s. The headlights are too modern and close together, the taillights are a bit small and also too modern, the rear wing and turbo badge is just tacky and the 3000RS doesn’t even resemble the Modele 49.

Merciel Modele 49 Cailloux Studio Concept:@HybridTronny

The Modele 49 Cailloux Concept is next. While the pieces for a good design are there, the proportions are a bit off. The headlights feel a bit small, while the grille is a bit short and too high up. The lower fascia could also be made to be a bit shorter. Round back, the placement of the indicators and reflectors look strange. The wheels are also a bit too small, looking more at home on a go-kart.

Merciel Jaspier Concept:@Sky-High

The Jaspier Concept is a solid design. Its very clean and sharp and would look right at home in the streets as is. However, thats where the problem lies. The design looks dated for a 2002 concept, and looks more like a facelift of an early/mid 90s hatchback. Furthermore, it doesn’t really resemble a Modele 49.

Merciel Modele 02 Concept:@Slyo_vom_Pluto

The Modele 02 Concept is…strange, to put it politely. The design overall isn’t particularly pleasing to the eyes with the large steel coloured front end looking pretty wack. At the front, the headlight cluster looks a bit off especially with the indicators just haphazardly placed next to them. The grilles feel empty and the 5mph bumper just looks forced on. As a whole, the front is also a bit too low to the ground. The design continues round back with another 5mph bumper and steel coloured body panel. The rear looks a bit more polished compared to the front end, but that just means it looks like it came from a totally different car. Oh and it doesn’t really look like a modern take on a Modele 49.

Merciel 49 Vitesse Concept:@OME

A unique avant garde design makes it stand out. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand out in a good way. Again the design is a bit too modern for 2002, especially the lower fascia. Round back the taillights and hatch look awkward with an out of place window. While the concept has a passing resembelance to the Modele 49, its just a bit too different to be considered an homage to it.

Merciel Modele 2000 Concept:@Arvok1

Tthe last entry on the list, the 2000 concept is a very good modern take on the '49s design. While I think the front headlights could be moved down slightly and the indicators could be adjusted to fit better, on the whole the front is very good. The design continues round back with a large glass hatch. The taillights fit well with the front creating an overall impressive uniform package. The few complaints I have are that the front hood vents are way over the top and the defroster lines for the entire rear hatch just look strange.

After much deliberation, a unanimous decision was reached as to whose concept would be taken...
Final Results

And the Winner is:

@Arvok1's Merciel Modele 2000 Concept!

Congratulations! The decision between the top 4 cars was actually pretty difficult since they were all had elements that were very nice. However, as an overall design, Arvok’s was the most cohesive and uniform.

Runners Up:

2nd: @thecarlover
3rd: @z2bbgr
4th: @donutsnail

Thanks all for participating!


Quite impressive what you can do with a little effort c:
feels like I don’t even deserve 7 lines of text :3<
by all means congratulations to the podium )))


Im not the host but i like your car, it is made to be “ugly” and makes it look well, with some things it could be pretty nice-y.

BTW, i will come up with something for the CSC 27 in the next 24 hours


Congrats to the winner! Had a great time designing a modern retro car ngl.


'Twas fun, but my ambitiousness did not pay off :stuck_out_tongue:
Was good fun to design though, as ever.

Can’t wait for the next CSC.


I’ve ran out of idea on the rear, and also my timing was a bit crunch.

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CSC27 - A new decade, a new Halo.


Hello, I’m David, CEO of Alfora Automotive. If you received this letter, we consider your design studio one of the bests in the world, and we need your help.

Next year our brand will be completing 15 years of existence. After a long run of sucessful and shameful cars, the brand has made none more than just survive. Not a loss. Not a gain. Alfora has gained only one thing: some passionate and rich fans.

These rich people, specially millionaire ones, went to Alfora HQ at Maranello for some conversation. The results? We will have a campaign to launch itself worldwide, specially on Japan/Rest of the Europe, where the investors came from, not only the Italian domestic market.

So, the designers, in a intensive work to make this happen in a good way, prepared 4 cars to be launched in 1990 - The Alfora year to gain the world. But they forgot something: their Halo Car, and the team still need to finish and polish the new models. What can they do?

That’s where you enter: We need a Supercar to be our Halo one. With the Alfora face, to be launched worldwide as a marketing of the brand.

When the design and engineering is finished, send it to our HQ. We sent you some inspirations pictures and some photos from ours 1990’s models. Remembers this is our Halo car, it will represent the main car and will be carrying our banner.

Our spy knows that Lamborghini is doing a car named Diablo, we sent you some pics of it too, so try to be the most far possible from it.


Vector W8

Detomaso Pantera

Ferrari Testarossa

Lamborghini Diablo

Jaguar XJ220

Acura NSX

Cizzeta V16T


Porsche 959

Mclaren F1

Bugatti EB110

Nissan Mid4

Ferrari F40

Alfora Madness

Alfora 1990 Cars




So here is some things:
- You are creating a halo supercar(as NSX was), and it need to look like it, not like only a sports car. You need to do it concept-esque, but not too far from the things produced in the year, since it will be the face of Alfora in the 90' decade.
- Don’t go too avant-garde with the design, but definitely don’t go too conservative either. This is a balancing act which is hard to pin down specifically what I want.
- The Engine needs to be a v8, a V10 or a v12 and it needs a turbo
- There isn't any restrictions.
- Using bodies different than the Diablo(such as the NSX or the Caspita) will be appreciated, but is not a main concern
- Body molding will be HIGHLY appreciated
- Model year set to 1995 BUT REMEMBER: Its a 1990 car, not a 1995, It is just to allow the usage of 2 another bodies and so we can have more different cars
- Keep it REAL - You Need to Badge the car as a Alfora one, we use the deer fixture(you can scale it) or you can only write the brand name at a place where it is easily viewable

Follow the naming convention as per usual:

Variant: FREE

DM the .car file to me and post a photo of your design as a reply below. It helps to look at the design for first impressions.

If you have any thoughts, let me know so i can repair it. We will have 24hours to someone complain about something, if no one complains, I will start the challenge and set the deadline for 7 days after, so, 17th of February.
This is a special thanks to @thecarlover for helping me in everything in that round, and another thanks to @z2bbgr with the name of the round. Thanks to everyone that helped with thoughts too.


sounds like fun.


Love this concept!

Time to make the McLaren F1 eat dust!