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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 35]


Oh yes. I can’t design the 90’s very well, but that means it will be a good challenge. I think I know just the car I want to make :wink:


What do you mean by that? Wings and spoilers, or Steam workshop mods?

Edit: You referred to body molding - but although you recommend it, I don’t think it will be mandatory.


Let me correct that one, it is body molding, not body modification.
If someone still dont have seen It: I added V10 to the possible engines too
Other thing too: This is a pretty free round, but at the end you still need to ressemble Alfora Design Language in some way.



  • Ok so here is a thing, now you have to set the model year to 1995 BUT the car is still from 1990, this Will alow the usage of the egg body, that can show Nice 90 things and the Saleen body as well

  • Now you can easily see what is Alfora badge too

  • Another thing too that i forgot to answer @abg7, yeah, body molding is not exactly mandatory, but cars that have body molding will have a great advantage, obviously if there is a pretty nice made car direct from vanilla, it will have the same chances.

  • Now you can use a V10 Engine too

  • Even being a pretty free round, you still need to ressemble Alfora Design Language in some way.

BTW, no more complains, i declare the round open, if any of you have a question, dm me or post it here so i can answer :slight_smile:

The Deadline is 18th of February 00:00 on GMT -3. You can have a countdown here.


Correction: It should be model year 1990, trim year 1995.


Wrong, he means model year in 1995 to unlock more modern bodies, but you advertise the cars as being 1990. Seeing as they’re near-production concepts.


No, Model and Trim year set to 1995, so you can use the Egg and Saleen Bodies. But you’re still creating a 1990 car, its just to permit the use of that bodies so we can see pretty different cars


Alfora Arrow 3.5TT Proposal By HPS


The Alfora Demone made by Lünnerden Design


i messed around with the filters and stuff


Presenting the V12 TURBO


Katsuro Design Studios Presents the Alfora AUtomotive R1 Concept

Our vision is to make that special car that kids put on their bedroom wall.


I forgot a specific phrase that were on the draft: Alfora HQ is on Italy’s Interior, so, uh, it is actually “italian supercars” but they need to be suitable to Europe and Japanese markets.

It doesnt make actually almost any difference, its just for clarification, but if the people who already submitted want to resubmit, you can, since i need to be equal to everyone.


Alfora Challenger Prototype by Cardinal Tuning GmbH

Comes with a 6.3L Twin Turbo V12, semi slick tires, carbon fiber chassis and a hand-made interior!

Power will be at 1XXX hp and 1XXX lb-ft!


*Prototype shown in Thanos Purple.


Alfora Invictus by LaVelle Studios

Upon Closer Inspection

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

Alfora Leopard by Atera Studio


Wagenmacher Ceberus


Alfora Parallax by Innovation Design


Alfora SuperAero by Propeller


Lot’s of faffing later…


Some beautiful designs here :heart_eyes: