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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 35]



A compact premium car to reinvent Saab.

Models on offer:
SportCombi Wagon
Griffin Sport (GS) Coupe

Model Actually Submitted: Viggen Sedan

More Photos


It smells quite strongly of Surströmming and freshly built IKEA furniture… what could those crafty Swedes be up to? Some kind of sedan… or liftback? You can never expect a Swedish car to lack quirks. It seems rather sporty, maybe aimed squarely at those fancy German sedans? And tho- oh sh*t they see me, I better run before they make me into IKEA meatballs!


Is there any word on resubmissions being allowed?

I already sent in my .car, but wnat to tweak the rear light design for my submission.

Just want to clarify as it’s not stated in the main post. I may just have to suck up the current design if they are not.


SAAB 900 Turbo by Decarlis

Decarlis studio offers investors this 4-door fastback coupe that incorporates the codes of SAAB that fans of the brand appreciated. Furthermore, Decarlis can provide their modern platform called GMP (Global Modular Platform) which allow which allows the use of thermal, electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid motors.



Witness, the rebirth of SAAB with the 2022 Signet line of cars. Efficient, stylish and fun.

The Signet Ring..


2022 Saab 93 by Valentino Designs

Body carefully designed by Valentino Designs. Equipped with Saab’s brand-new X20A Turboforce engine (2 litre turbocharged Inline 5) producing 226HP and 213lb-ft of torque. Of course, AWD is standard to deal with the Swedish roads. The 93 has grown to be Saab’s new compact executive sedan that will fight against its german counterparts like the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes Benz C-Class.



SAAB 9-4x 2.0T



The standard for challenges is typically no resubmissions allowed unless stated otherwise, or some issue with the game.

So no resubmissions for that.


Alright. I’ll suck up with sending thsoe rea lights in, but I’ll still be changing them on my own version.

Saab ES
Eco and sport in the same package
No, really. with over 40mpg in general usage, and plenty of power from an I6T this is the car you want. Oh, and it's a looker.

This is probably too premium but it’s CSC and it should be based of looks and only a tiny bit of engineering…


2020 Saab Sonett: Base and Aero

2020 Saab Sonett. A sports car that is easy on the wallet, practical enough to be a daily driver, and provides the most fun you’ll ever get out of a FWD car. Because of its practicality, attainability, and fuel efficiency: I have reason to believe it has a level of mass market appeal a niche car wouldn’t, while also providing a boost to the reborn Saab’s image as a trendy and hip brand for “quirky” young people (I know I sound like a boomer right now but bear with me).

On the right is the Saab Sonett Base. $23000, 1.1 turbocharged boxer 4, 130 hp,0-60 of 8.8 seconds, 5 speed manual or 6 speed automatic, 50 mpg.

On the left is the car I’m actually submitting; the Saab Sonett Aero. $27000, 1.5 turbocharged boxer 4, 203 hp, 0-60 of 6.7 seconds,6 speed manual or 6 speed dual clutch, 42 mpg.

Weight is anywhere from 2300 lbs for a base manual to 2550 lbs for a dual clutch Aero. Because of the low weight(made possible by a partial aluminum sub space frame chassis and only basic 10’s safety) this results in gas mileage which would put it as the most efficient non hybrid car on the US market, which in of itself is a major selling point.

I believe that the design and build stays true to the original concept and idea of the Sonett for the most part, with the glaring exception being the boxer 4 rather than the V4.

Thanks for hosting the competition and I hope you enjoy the car!


Saab 'Groddar'

Yes, 5.9 l/km AWD SUV

The saab has returned
The details of “why” and “how”
are not important.

Slaps roof of the car
This bad boy can fit so much
Fixtures on its body.

I am just kidding
This is a solid, comfy
Economic Car

For the low price of
Dollars, enjoy it.

it a car it do the thing :potato:


2020 Saab 9-2 Gripen


Saab Aerocar by Propeller


SAAB 9-3 XWD Gripen

(Gripen is a jetplane Saab made, it’s a reference to the 9-3 Viggen)


First potential SAAB that I thought of. I might do a few more just to see what I like most.

2022 SAAB 9-5 Turbo4 Premium AWD
by LaVelle Studios

Upon Closer Inspection

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

2020 Saab 9-5x Active



HOL presents : The SAAB 10-4

Here at HOL, we decided that return of brand like SAAB should be led with something fresh, innovative, and advanced, that is why we made sure that the car is recognisable from each and every angle… while still keeping the features SAAB is known for.

Starting with the light signature of the car. We went for nowadays widely used highlight-style headlights, where the features blend in until used, leaving only the stylish details for naked eye. We also separated the high beams to enhance both car's look and active safety.

We did not slack off on the rear lights either, after all, nice ass makes a good day...and improves your visibility at night. You will find separate section for indicators and reverse lights under the main red part, where they are under common plexiglass.

^ Recognisable even from top-view

What went a bit cost-efficient here was the use of already exisiting vehicle platform, the SNB SA4 Modular AWD platform, with the engine of same manufacturer. Our choice was the 2.2 litre four cylinder turbo "LDP EVO R22" that has recently entered the market, but the platform allows for all SNB LDP engines. This engine granted the car 280 Horsepower and 280Nm of torque on a stable and smooth curve, while also giving it fuel economy of 5.5L/100Km Combined.


This is great except for those wheels IMO.


You can always swap the wheels, or sometimes choose from a wider selection.