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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 36]


When you say “unique”…is this too much uniqueness? :rofl:



Going to be honest here, I cant seem to find the “diamond grilles” that you’re talking about. I would assume some morphing was done but there isn’t anything I could find that would look remotely like that. Could you please point to the right fixture?


layer a rhomboidal hood under the cascaded hood, so that all you can see of the former is the diamonds extending from beneath the latter.


Sachuiri Asteria

The all new EV that everyone has been waiting for -

Hopefully the Asteria can really go further than its rivals…


Sachiuri sLIx Coupé Concept by LaVelle Design Studios

Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

What’s going on with that D-pillar?


I made a pretty lazy attempt at a floating roof.


Sachiuri Sajjetti EV Concept, by Centro Stile Scagliati


Sachiuri Project Trinity @ Trinity Designs Singapore

Designed by Singaporean-based design studio Trinity Designs, the concept SUV poises to be the car that stands out against the rest.
It’s feminine style was inspired by contemporary European and Japanese designs, mixed with Eastern artisan flavors and styling.


I want to ask if I can modify the engine’s capacity and not to use VVL.VVL is a giant pain for me.

Edit:I understand that I don’t need to do anything on the engine,but I just can’t help and want to optimize the engine for my entry. XD


What body are you using? Most modern bodies could fit that engine well.
(and wait, that engine isn’t actually used on the car, see post above)


Well you are not actually required to change anything about the engine as this challenge is primarily about the styling of the vehicle.


Sachiuri-Honghu Omnia

The most complex car I made to date isn’t even mine. Nice


Sachiuri-Corsica Selene

I thought there was still like a day left for me to finish this


Propeller presents: Sachuri NEW-EVE


Sachuri inSPire by M-DESIGN


CSC 5 - Reviews

@Tyhikastija - Sachiuri E-Motion Concept

There was quite a buzz at the Sanyang Design Centers Sachiuri advanced design and development offices as the first entries began pouring in for the all-new Electric Vehicle concepts.

The first proposal came from Opus Design Division a subsidiary of Okul Motorcars AS from Estonia. It was presented with a very crisp and clear document outlining the green credentials of this concept vehicle. Called the E-Motion Concept which was fairly well-received by some in the staff. It certainly makes clear what the vehicle is all about with this name. Now to the design concept itself.

Well this striking design immediately caught our attention for its bold colour if perhaps not the most pleasing looking colour choice. But from a glace the design takes a fresh take on a crossover look. It starts out rather promising with a sleek minimalist front end with ultra slim LEDS connecting to a bar across nose opening to a faux grill with a clear metallic approach to the Evoco diamond vents within the cascade grill. Flanked either side are the main headlights or faux vents…our design came with headlights but in their design document it was shown with faux vents. In either case it creates a sporty crossover look. It was quite a bold choice given circular themes aren’t usually associated with our Evoco design language but somehow it works here. Below this is a neat and tidy vents flowing air to the brakes and LED fog light setup. Overall the front is rather cohesive and well done, even if we’re not entirely sure about the faux main grill execution.

Down the side, the lower body has been sculpted to hide size size and give the illusion of a sleeker vehicle. Subtle mirrors, indicators and flush door handles complete the image.

At the back the theme of minimalism is continued leaving the whole tail looking neat if a little bit unfinished. Perhaps a bar connecting the taillights and highlighting the Sachiuri logo would have been a good starting point.

Overall it is a good place to start with some nice ideas and the basis to build onto something that could be quite special.

@titleguy1 - Sachiuri sLIx Coupe Concept

After a quiet period at the Sanyang Design Center offices another proposal came through. This time it was from LaVelle Design Studios. In any case this design was a real hit in the office, maybe it was just the waiting but everyone was eager to get a look at it. This proposal was called the sLIx Coupe Concept and while some liked this name it received a mixed reception. As for the design itself it came in a lush deep electric blue which was very popular and similar to our established colour palettes.

Up front it took a unique take on our ‘Evoco’ design language yet manages to keep it looking fairly consistent. Starting with a sharp and shaped chrome bar connecting the angular LED and headlight combo that blends nicely into our signature cascade grill which while non-functional is well hidden with this design. The lower fascia continues a well layout mix of angular forms creating a slightly overly complex but very consistent and fitting design for concept vehicle.

To the sides of this is two more sets of LED lights neatly integrated into the design and next to the functional vents for cooling and air flow over the brakes and wheels. Down the side we see a flowing floating roof giving the body a sleeker profile. Mirrors are replaced with small cameras to provide and even sleeker look and better aero which our pleased our engineering team. Likewise the door handles are flush with the body and chromed for a luxury feel. Beneath this is the character line in chrome that lines into the tail drawing the eye.

At the back we’re met with beautifully integrated and heavily sculpted setup. The chrome character line runs right around with sections that build into the angular and dynamic LED tail lights that run the full way connecting together.

Overall it is a promising design that shows the designers took a deep look into our design philosophy and brief and offered their best.

@MrChips - Sachiuri Sajjetti EV

This next design comes from Centro Stile Scagliati in Italy so hopes were high for a design with that characteristic Italian flair and this Sachiuri Sajjetti EV Concept did not disappoint! Fresh, bold and striking with an immediate presence that marked it out as an EV. This proposal was called the Sajjetti EV which seems to be some reference to our Sagetti sports car. Certainly having connotations to our halo car is good idea. As for the design itself it came in a fresh mint and rich sliver which was a clever and creative choice.

Looking up front we’re met with a very fresh take on our Evoco cascade grill design. Highlighted by mint green accents the grill shape is unmistakable and with a very clever honeycomb openings create a futuristic yet clearly EV design to the front. Below this on the lower fascia is broken up but the mint accents and discrete yet integrated hiding an radar for our advanced autonomous driving, AEB, etc features. Up to our signature chrome bar connecting the headlights. Compared to the rest of the front end the headlights are perhaps the most controversial and divisive aspect of this exceptional design among the staff. Nonetheless, the front comes together to create a striking and fairly distinctive Sachiuri design.
Down the side that mine character line flows from the front breaking up the body and integrating with a plastic insert to breakup the body. On the right side is a beautifully integrated charging point. The door handles are flush and mirrors are fairly conventional. The wheels are blacked out with those mint accents. The roof is fully panoramic moon roof creating a sleek shape fitting of a concept.

At the back the mint accents are integrated along the same plane below which is discrete diffuser. Above this is the tail light assembly. Here is the Sachiuri logo within a black/window insert which holds the full LED tail lights, comprising a thick light bar mirroring the chrome stripe from the front and echoing the honeycomb grill there are further LED shapes. Creating a very futuristic look.

Overall this design was extremely impressive and left our team with some fresh thoughts on the future of our own design language.

@F12OM - Sachiuri Project Trinity

Moving on we find our next proposal from Trinity Designs of Singapore with the Sachiuri Project Trinity Which they described as a “concept SUV poises to be the car that stands out against the rest. Its feminine style was inspired by contemporary European and Japanese designs, mixed with Eastern artisan flavors and styling.” Which certainly drew interested around the office as to what the vehicle in question would look like. But first the name Project Trinity seems to suggest that this is either first of three or perhaps something more religious. It wasn’t that popular. The colour was a warm crimson red.

Up front it becomes clear the contemporary designs that inspired this were perhaps a bit too contemporary as the feel is decidedly lacking in electric or any really hints of futuristic styling befitting a concept. The grill recreates our ‘Evoco’ styling cascade design but the headlights are fairly integrated into the design. A number of LEDs are placed around the lower fascia and below the headlights. The main area of interest was the placement of the logo above the grill.

Moving down the side the design looks very contemporary again, While the door handles are flush the mirrors look very production ready as does the addition of roof racks. The one nice touch is the character line separating the lower plastic cladding from the body. That was a nice touch.

At the back we see some more interesting ideas with less than perfect execution. The logo is placed within a plastic insert flanked by the tail lights. These LEDs lights have inner reverse lights that link up to the inner additional tail lights within the plastic insert. Below this is slightly small but clever number plate holder.

Overall this design just didn’t fit our design brief, it was too conservative and lacking in electric character amongst other factors like lack of design cohesion.

@yangx2 - Sachiuri-Honghu Omnia

Next we have the Sachiuri-Honghu Omnia from the well-known Chinese brand Honghu. The name Omnia meaning ‘All’ in Latin certainly could work for a concept.The design itself comes in a bold and brash in a bright red.

Up front it is dominated by a massive take on our Evoco cascade grill. The thin LEDs headlights flow into the chrome grill with Sachiuri written above down into what initially seems to be the grill but is in fact a faux grill replaced with LEDs. Very clever, either side the diamond vents are real as our the lower fascia vents which hold an additional set of LED fog lights.

Down the side it seems quite conventional but the flush door handles are integrated into a chrome character line flowing from the side and floating roof and lower accent insert. Combined these features hide the dimensions of the car.

Flowing around from the side are the taillights, from three parts they come together mirrors the effect of the floating roof. Blending they connect to the chrome bar connecting the tail and highlighting the logo. The Omnia name is written above, below is largely sculpted number plate holder. Below this is a rear vents with LEDS creating a modern EV patterns.

Overall an impressive design from Honghu. Plenty of interesting ideas to look at here.

@CorsicaUnknown - Sachiuri Selene

The next proposal came from Corsica with the Sachiuri Selene, called Selene which is of Greek origin, it is likely connected to the word selas, meaning “light” which certainly good associate for an EV but perhaps more well-known as the name of the Greek goddess of the moon. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens. There were mixed feelings about the name but this moon chariot certainly offers promise. Coming in a deep moonlight blue it cuts a striking look.

Upfront we find what is very nice front end but also probably the weakest part of the design. The grill and chrome bar and lights are all good but especially diamond vents lacks a certain something. The shaping is somewhat unresolved around their connection to the lights. But otherwise the well shaped headlights and neat and tidy lower fascia with intricate detail in the lower fascia plates were very well received by our design teams.

To the side is where this design really shines, a lot of thought and care has been put into shaping the body and it shows here. The blacked out roof creates a very sleek and futuristic profile. Matched with intricate and nicely shaped cladding around the wheel arches and lower body hide the bulk of this Crossover body. The long flowing silver accent and flush hidden door handles work very well.

At the back we have big LED flowing across the back and with dotted LEDs matched below in the middle is the Sachiuri logo all of this is within a large black inserts.Below this the Selene name and below is a plate holder and faux diffuser.

Overall Corsica should be proud of this design which shows plenty of promise, very cohesive but just falls short of our brief here.

@Mikonp7 - Sachiuri NEW-EVE

So we find our next proposal from Propeller with the Sachiuri NEW-EVE. Right off the bat this name wasn’t very popular in the office. Moving on the colour is a bright fresh electric blue which seems about right for an EV.

Up front we have the a very large interpretation of our Evoco cascade grill design, with massive LED light bar across the front with smaller main headlights flanking either side. Below this is faux vents flowing into the functional diamond vents and faux main grill. On the lower fascia we have body cladding and strangely turned up effect.

Down the side we have some of best features of this design which is the heavily sculpted body lines and body cladding giving the vehicle a very sleek side profile. Besides that the door handles, mirror and indicators look a bit out of place and more fitting of a production vehicle than a concept.

At the back we find solid bar connecting the taillights which are angular and shaped. At the centre below the bar is a plastic insert where the logo is fitted.Below this is the extra body sculpting where the number plate holder and additional LED tail lights are fitted. The effect of the side body shaping that flows into the taillight shape is a nice touch.

Overall we have a design with some very nice ideas that are certainly worth further exploration but all together the pieces don’t quite fit the brief set out by our team.

@Sky-High - Sachiuri Asteria

Next we have the Sachiuri Asteria which comes from a designer firm that seems to prefer to remain anonymous. Now the name Asteria is another Greek one this time either meaning stars, starry one or possibly in Greek mythology it was a name attributed to the following eleven individuals…but we don’t have time to go through all that. So we’ll stick with the starry meaning in which cases its ranked middle to lower within our offices. The colour is another deep blue which again was well-received by our team.

Up front we find a design that look right up to par with our ‘Evoco’ design language, right down to the flowing cascade grill and diamond vents. They flow into the LEDs and below the large vents and lower fascia house more LEDs that angle and lineup to the grill all creating a nice cohesive design. The biggest issue our team found was the lack of any hints at the electric nature of this vehicle. It looks just like our regular ICE Sachiuri fronts.

Along the sides is where things start to fall apart with the Sachiuri logo’d EV charge ports and otherwise very nondescript side profile that looks more production model than concept.

At the back we find a nice plastic black insert which houses the flowing tail lights combo with the Sachiuri logo centred in this housing. Below this is nice call back to the front with the LED lights and sculpted vents below

Overall it is a design with some nice cohesive features and elements that ultimately fail to fully capture the brief required of an innovative futuristic EV concept.

@Xepy - Sachiuri inSPire by M-DESIGN

Finally we find the last proposal from M-DESIGN the Sachiuri inSPire. We’ve not heard much from M-DESIGN but the team was intrigued to find out more. The name inSPire with capitalisation of SP. We couldn’t quite work out the meaning for this but overall the name seems somewhat appropriate. This concept is presented in a deep grey and electric purple combine providing a striking look.

Up front we have many LEDs that flow from the purple accents right across the front and interestingly enough around the logo.The main headlights sit within the LED frames. The ‘Evoco’ language is well captured by the flowing cascade grill that follows the shaping of the body. The main section is faux grill with simulated cascading effects while the diamond vents are functional. On the lower fascia the additional LEDs mirror the shaping of the main grills. The vents are well angled and feature a discrete yet integrated hiding an radar for our advanced autonomous driving, AEB, etc features.

Along the side the purple accents flow drawing the eye, the charging covers are cleverly lit by the LEDs creating a futuristic effect.The door handles are flush and mirrors are slim giving a concept image and roof is fully panoramic moonroof blacked out for a very sleek profile.

At the back the purple accents continue around the boot and sculpted number plate holder. The central logo is again lit by and LED and flows out into seemingly right into the flowing LED tail lights. The lower fascia is slightly incongruity with a main rounded section with LED red reflectors shaping out.

Overall it is bold and striking but somehow fails to capture the imposing image of a crossover image looking more like sports sedan but otherwise a great effort.


Sachiuri is proud to announce that we have selected, by a fair margin in our evaluation matrix (7.5 points), that we will be partnering with @MrChips and Centro Stile Scagliati to build and showcase the Sachiuri Sajjetti EV Concept at an upcoming international auto show. This design will also inform our upcoming production EV products. Thank you to all the other design studios for their proposals!

1st - @MrChips
2nd - @yangx2
3rd - @titleguy1
4th - @CorsicaUnknown
5th - @Xepy
6th - @Tyhikastija
7th - @Sky-High
8th - @Mikonp7
9th - @F12OM


Wow. I got dead last. Admit that, I still have a long way to getting a perfect design but yeah, I still accept the “prize” anyway.

Congrats to the winners and anyone who got better than me tho.


Awesome, thanks for hosting this round! It was, well, quite a challenge, the brief really made me push the envelope a bit.

Unfortunately I can’t host CSC 6, so those duties pass on to @yangx2.