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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 36]


CSC11 - Judgment (sequel)

5th mail: @Mikonp7

Alright, I have tuned version of this one but I don’t have the time to check them. Let’ take a look at the stock version.

Divad lights another cigarette


He spits his cigarette again

Shit not my keyboard again!
Well, it looks so good! The front is really cool, I love it!
I don’t really like the fat tailight, but it remember the old ZR350 rear so it’s good. There is a good consistency all around the car, everything works well!

Smokes his cigarette

Let’s see the 4 other mails.

6th mail: @MGR_99

MGR_99, the next one user on the list!
Oh jeez! This one is full of details I like! There is a lot of attention on this work!
The front is very close to an RX7 but it’s ok with the rear, we won’t have problems with Mazda. The rear is very evocative of the old ZR350, that’s a good thing.

Divad cough his smoke

Oh no, what’s that big line on the side? The idea is good but it looks like it’s a big trench on both sides!
It’s so sad, the car was good appart from this weird design choice.
Next one!

7th mail: @Aaron.W

Ok, 3 mails left and here comes “Aaron.W”.

Divad open the file and crush his cigarette, then light another one

I’m a bit thirsty, probably the global warming hmmmm.
Well, the front basic but ok, I saw this kind of front before.

He turns around the car

Ewwwwww… What’s this wing? Appart from that the rear is pretty basic but ok…But this wing wow! It’s so big, way too big!
Another mail!

8th mail: @DukeOFhazards

Almost finished!
Ok! let’s look at this file.
Hmmmm…I’m not convinced by the front, it doesn’t really looks like what we’re waiting for the ZR350. Sides are pretty basic nothing to say on it, not good, but not bad either.
The rear has the same problem as the front, it’s not really what we’re looking for. Even if we have the large tailight, the alignment isn’t perfect and the form of the tailight is too angular.

Divad crushed this cigarette, then get out and take a coffee

Ok, Next one!

9th mail: @titleguy1

Divad came back with a cup of coffee

The last one!
Ok Titleguy1, let’s open your mail hmmmmmm.

He opens the file then look at the front, when taking a big sip of coffee

Hmmmm, heck! That’s a lot of holes everywhere in the bumper! this look pretty weird to be honnest.
I mean, vents aren’t a problem, but I’m really not comfortable with the 2 vents next to the lights, it remind me the Renault Megane 1.
Let’s turn around the car and… Well, the rear suffer from the same problem as other file I received: the tailight doesn’t match for me, the used for is too square, but honnestly I’d say it works for this one. But I would prefer round corner to follow the body line. And the bumper is a bit weird, but it’s ok, not looking bad.

Divad finishes his coffee

Well, it’s a meh for this one, and I think I’ve found our contender!

Next week, at the office of Lesly Banzai.

Lesly Banzai: My vacations were too short, I hope Divad made a good choice or I’ll put this studio on fire!!
Fortunatly, Mr.Kwacc had a good time on vacation with me, he’s the most beautiful duck on this world and I won’t let anyone say otherwise…

Lesly turn on his computer and check his mails


Lesly open the mail from Divad and open the file of the chosed car


He punches the desk



Lesly open his door and yell in the studio


Congratulation to @Mikonp7 for the victory, I found his car really stood out, with the feel of what the ZR350 could be in a next gen GTA. It was close with @MGR_99 entry, but this side line was out of place for me, may be it would be better with just a simple line instead this deep line.
And thank to everyonne for participating and giving me the time to finish this over my personnal problems, I’m again sorry for that but it wasn’t intended to happen :frowning: (no, really?).

PS: all your tuned versions are really cool Mikon :stuck_out_tongue:


can i start the next round


Please read the rules in the initial post before you participate in the event. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for the round. I will be hosting the next one.
I already got a neat idea. I can say it is going to be real Straya hours


phuck yeeess kuuunt


CSC 12 - Real Straya hours

1975 - Sdyney - Deer And Hunt Australian division HQ
10 am - Meeting room

“Okay everybody” Charles Thompson, Manager of the branch, speaks up, “… we got an order from overseas. The main branch wants us to not just import their cars, but also start making original cars for this market. They want us to make an exclusive ‘SuperCoupe’. In the documents they state they want to ‘embrace the american spirit in an australian way’… They also gave us some requirements… It has to feature some resemblance to the US cars, but it should be able to standalone, they also want it to be smaller than their SuperCoupe and of course it has to be a 2 door car. They will think about the engineering when we come up with a design”

“But we dont have any designers here… We do importing thats all”

“Well… They do give us a pretty much umlimted budget… Someone tell HR to get me some designers! And they better have a design for this ready…”


Year is 1975
Wheelbase has to be between 2.4m and 2.8m or (Including those two)
Has to be a 2 door / 3 door sedan or coupe


The whole Deer And Hunt catalog can be found here

For cars:

Holden Torana

Holden Monaro

Chrysler VH Valiant


Naming like always:

|CSC12 - [Username] | Free | CSC12 - [Username]| Free

Deadline will be the 25th of July 1am MESZ


hmmm join i must


You mean July right?


When you try your best and you dont suceed


no other rules than listed, so no price, et/pu, sportiness etc limits?


Yeah does this have to hit any in game markets or anything? Sounds like we can just make a one million pound supercar


You can, because that’s how CSC works. You’re only judged on styling.


aah, i may not enter then, i make good cars, but not so good looking.


KGB delivering with a full (MS)Paint-shopped poster!

Design currently subject to change, but the concept chassis is a fully driveable prototype with a beefy 5689cc I-6 turbo for 589hp and 778nm of muscle madness!


1975 Valiant Boxer 304


I gonna extend the Deadline to the 1st of August. Also makes Sure to send me the .Car file If you want to enter


1975 Vector Contra Super LT8. The modern muscle car for the hairy chested modern Australian


The Australian American Automotive Alliance is pleased to announce an opportunity for a commercial partnership with the right company for its brand new 1975 AAAA Knightsgrove 660S GT.

“402 cubic inches of fun on the way to work”


Srs Pics:


Reduit GSR 21
G’day Bruce

Other pictures


The Australian Deer & Hunt: The Burner