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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 36]


I will as soon as I’m home from work.


Considering that the winner has been chosen already, I honestly see no point in sending your entry in. Sure its sucks that you didnt get to enter because you didnt know how challenges work, but now you know and next time you wont make the same mistake.


What we really could do with is the winner or one of the top 3 at least saying if they can host or not since going over an already finished competition is a bit pointless.


Can’t host, passing to @titleguy1


I unfortunately will have to pass up the chance to host! @Mikonp7?


CSC21 - Atomic Summer

The year is 20XX. Its a golden age in america. The economy is strong and technology is advancing by the minute.Robots which help in homes and hyperspeed transit are not sci-fi anymore, but avaiable to everybody. The growth also opened up many new high tech companies. With the new wealth many experience, many people want to buy new cars to celebrate. And thanks to new Personal-Nucular-Energy-Devices, a boom in nucular-turbine driving vehicles is accuring. Deer And Hunt also want to jump into the ever rising market of nucular-turbine cars and while their twin spun “Aero-Flow-Geiger” engine is almost finished, the design team couldn’t set themself on a design for the new Highway cruiser. They only know that it sould look luxurious, massiv and cutting edge. The solution: Outsource the design and focus more on the engineering.

Your task:
Design a luxury 4 door land yacht for Deer And Hunt US.
While DaH allows you to do a unique new design, they do require you to add their badge and at least have a vague recognition to their previous cars.
(Also have the year set to 2020)
(Feel free to spice up your submission with some flavour text and tech your car offers)

Design input:
Deer and Hunt grants you access to their car vault, where you can look at every car they have produced.
(I will be updating the thread with more stuff tomorrow sorry)

Atompunk refs




Mood Music



Send me a PM via forum. Naming : [CSC21-Username] [Your choise] [CSC21-Username] [Your choise]
Deadline will be the 28th, 23:59 GMT +1

I will be answering any question and will be adding them to this post.
Good luck everybody

Extra Info:
Please tell me if you made the car on OB or public, just to be safe


now this is my kind of shit


negatape time


Current open beta or stable, since we had the update today?

Not a huge fan of the OB UI to be honest.


Is it possible to have a clear close-up to what the “Deer and Hunt” logo looks like ingame?


After inspection, the image used for the Deer Hunt brand is a default badge of this Gazelle:

Which, both funnily- and tragically enough, is not a type of cervine (deer), it’s a type of bovid (cow).

Deer And Hunt Automotive would be better represented with this stag head, which is actually a cervine (deer):

(mind, that’s just a suggestion to the host. I don’t make any of the rules)


I will probally run OB. But just to be safe, better tell me what version you used

(mind, that’s just a suggestion to the host. I don’t make any of the rules)

You see, im an idiot. But i will stay with the icon i have rn. I dont think its a big deal /shrug


Ah, that’s fair y’know, it’s not like car developers haven’t actually done that in the past. And stuck with it.


oh i went using the deer as my brand logo before i went to know Deer And Hunt, and I just keeping using it cuz DaH uses that other icon
so pls dont change


Theres a new UI in OB?


Color theme changed from red to blue. Personally, I’d prefer the choice between them, in case you’re too used to red by now (like me)


Ok, so I did do something for this (Edit)
Zephorus PU - 239
Those of you who are chemists will know

An Atompunk style cruiser, with a nuclear reactor in the rear and enough chrome to uhhh, do something.

This updated photo scene is killer


Denver Atomic Cruiser V8

ass shot for now, the front is WIP currently lol


Coming soon.


Avantii Atrocolt