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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 37]


Sponsored by I’m sorry

@F17Francesco Raziel Design Studio –

Choe Ji-seok: Bright! No really, why is this colour so bright?

Overall design: The front bumper suffers from a case of fixtures being slapped on there without much cohesion. While it’s going for an aggressive look with the multiple vents, the amount of empty space and lack of any shaping makes it look blander than what it should be. This is a case where using hood scoops for shaping could improve the look of the car. One neat idea are the circular taillights, but them being in a fully square housing and some of the material choices do tamper with the overall design of them. The rear bumper should stick out further.

Heritage: Obviously, the front end design is a modification of the usual Kadett design theme, with both upper grilles being functional and main light units being connected to the lower grille. The badge is additionally placed lower down than usual and overall, this is a good idea.

Consistency: As mentioned earlier, the front bumper design is messy and should use a redesign, but the rather square design motifs run from the front to the rear.

Utility: Plastic runs through the van and with the steel wheels, side amber indicators and marker lights, boxy door handles and large front headlights, this submission definitely looks utilitarian.

Period correctness: With the multiple amber indicators at the rear and front ends, this entry would lead you to believe that it’s from the 2000s. The split headlight design however helps, but again that’s brought down by the, almost 80s-like door handles. They’re utilitarian, yes, but don’t benefit the look of the van much.

General detailing: The lack of a railing for the rear doors is noticeable and does not benefit the look of the van much, but the fuel door is at the correct spot, being behind the front door. The KADETT badging at the front and CONVEY badging at the rear have some spacing issues, but obviously that isn’t anything too important.



Choe Ji-seok: This is a good and even, weirdly classy looking van. Does it look too much like the Beat however? Not sure…

Overall design: Another inspired entry, this one looks good, and that’s about as much text as my brain can squeeze out for this van. Again, it looks good. The look of the Beat has been transported well onto a van and that’s good, and the taillights, which look nice, are more creative than the headlights.

Heritage: Yeah okay the front end of this is a Beat. Sure, the gradient effect with the lights might actually look better than on the original car and the grille is sort of original, but at the end of the day, it looks like a Beat and with Kadetts theme of “Different interpretation of the same basic idea”, this inspiration doesn’t do this van too many favours.

Consistency: While the front is quite curvy and yet still using straight lines, the rear seems a tad too boxy. When it comes to where every element is placed, this van does a good job of keeping it consistent and not having overdetailed areas in one place and underdone areas in the next

Utility: There are relatively few plastic covered panels and as a result, it could pass of more as a passenger van instead. Still, even with the LEDs, it doesn’t look like it’s pretending to be something which it isn’t.

Period correctness: It has LEDs, it has sharp lines, it looks modern.

General detailing: The front KADETT badging is again small, just like the door handles, but those are slight annoyances. A radar system installed on the windshield is a cool idea, if a little weird.



Choe Ji-seok: Huh, it’s sort of creative. I couldn’t tell you why it feels more creative, but it just does.

Overall design: The design is relatively clean and functions well with few true setbacks. With their gradient effect, the taillights look cool but due to their shape, might seem older than they should. The headlights should be placed further towards the sides of the van and be less wide towards the middle, the center black plastic grille appears too tall and could do without the chrome surrounding it.

Heritage: Some inspiration has been taken from current Kadett models but overall, it sticks to the formula and doesn’t really huge strides to stand out, which, for a van, might not be a bad thing. The taillights having a gradient design is a plus.

Consistency: One mistake here shared by multiple other entries is the design cue of having sharp angles at the front end and not continuing the motif to the rear end. This causes the two ends to not look joined and obviously hampers with the overall look of the van.

Utility: A split rear door would have been preferred but the bumpers are plastic and there are railings on both sides. A rear window wiper is an odd addition but not a bad one. Making it appear strangely off-road ready are the fat tires and small wheels.

Period correctness: The shape of the sidebumpers is modern enough. LEDs are used nicely and the gradient effect in the taillights helps with making it look appropriate for 2020.

General detailing: It has a very tiny exhaust. Other than that, there are some nifty details, like the rear hatch hinges.


@That-S-cop Marksman –

Choe Ji-seok: Now this looks familiar… Oh, because it looks like a Beat! Still looks good however…

Overall design: This is a great looking van with some nice elements, such as the fantastic taillights. Seriously, they look great and have been done nicely. The black A-pillar looks nice but looks a little sloppy, much like the front bumper. This comes from the choice of materials and fixtures used here…

Heritage: This van from Marksman takes the usual Kadett design language and makes an evolution to something differe-… Wait, that was meant for something else… Oh, here it is… It’s a Beat what the hell did you expect. Granted, it obviously isn’t a 1 to 1 copy and takes some of its own liberties, but the main design aspects are here. That includes the weakest part of the Beat, which would be the front side vents.

Consistency: Sharp angles go from front to rear… Mostly… and it looks well composed. There isn’t a panel that looks underdone compared to the rest and that is obviously a good thing.

Utility: Definitely. It might be too utilitarian however, with the four exposed tow hooks and such and it ends up looking more like a conversion of a base van. Cannot fault it too much however, since it achieves its goal of being an utility van after all.

Period correctness: The side indent, aside from being well done and looking great, adds a flavour of modern-retroism to the design. That’s generally a good thing. With the modern looking head- and taillights, the whole van looks modern and fits in well.

General detailing: The rear badging is oddly big… Other than that, the side railing is well executed, the rear bumper is fantastic and the fuel door is at the correct place, even if the keyhole on it is outdated. There are also other places with good attention to details, like the tow hitch cutout.


@yangx2 Honghu Automotive Corporation (Honghu, Huangdou & Jinhe) –

Choe Ji-seok: Striking! Distinctive! Different! A bit too much?

Overall design: As is pretty much expected, this van from Honghu features a rather striking design with a rather, ahem big grille and stylish front lights. It’s an odd mix of utility and elegance that actually works well, which is a good surprise. The central rear exhaust pipe is, to say the least, stu- weird

Heritage: Mixing the design languages of Chinas HeckHu and Koreas Kadett, it looks like an evolution of both design languages and that’s either a good or bad thing, whichever way you take it. The black plastic on top- and real grille on bottom design has been retained, with another grille pasted above the normal two. It doesn’t quite look like a Kadett at first glance, but definitely resembles one once you take a closer look.

Consistency: Again, straight lines and sharp turns run across the van and it all looks like it belongs together. The front might be begging for some plastic around the lower edge when compared to the rear end but that’s a small niggle.

Utility: Despite the garish front end, it manages to stay relatively utilitarian, in no doubt thanks to the exposed rear hinges and square bumper elements.

Period correctness: A good use of LEDs, a sharp overall design and angular shaping at the rear makes it look good for 2020. The exposed hinges however, while good for looking utilitarian, do age the look slightly.

General detailing: Some of the cool elements here include the front camera, the grooves featured on the roof and the rear badging.


@ST1Letho Lethos House of Letho –

Choe Ji-seok: Wow, this looks more like a concept than anything. It ain’t bad, just a little odd.

Overall design: Now this looks striking, but definitely in a different sense than the Honghu. The most distinctive feature is the two-tone side which, while interesting and perhaps money-saving, could have probably been executed better. The way it “takes a step down from the front wheel arch to the rear arch” looks odd but not bad. What is a good idea is the lightbar on the back, or at least in terms of design but just below it, the licence plate feels stuck on without an indent for it.

Heritage: The design follows the Kadett formula but takes some liberties, such as having an odd indented are between the two grilles. A lightbar at the rear adds to the heritage feeling but what doesn’t is the seeming lack of any Kadett badging throughout the van. Was this a deliberate attempt to hide the nauseating brand of origin, or was it a simple styling choice? Who knows.

Consistency: Yes, this looks more like a concept car from front to rear. There are three lines on the front bumper which don’t get continued anywhere and as a result, look out of place.

Utility: Yeaaaaaa noooooo… The glass roof would make it hard to carry anything on it and, like with the ambitious LED heavy front- and rear lights, would most likely be relatively expensive to repair. With the high suspension and fat tires, it also looks more like an off-roader than any of the other vans, but honestly, that’s not really a problem.

Period correctness: Is it too 2020? Nah, probably not. Aside from some particular elements, like the aforementioned lines on the bumper and the mirrors, it looks like a van that’s modern.

General detailing: It has some small door handles. Otherwise, it’s the usual fare of dots on bumpers to act as parking sensors and… some other stuff, I guess. Still, the lack of badging is weird.


@Slyo_vom_Pluto Wagenmacher –

Choe Ji-seok: And for the final one, we return to something more conventional. Not only does it look like a more conventional van, it looks like a conventional Kadett.

Overall design: Right off the bat, the squished headlights harm the design, moving them further off to the sides would improve it a lot. Overall, it’s a nice blend of conventionalism and good ideas. The front LEDs being blue instead of white is a cool touch and the taillights have been executed well but, as with the front lights, should be further off to the sides.

Heritage: Yep, this is a Kadett alright. While it might look like an Avatrek from the front, it has enough of its own identity to stand out. The rear lights and badging across the car stick to the formula and don’t sway anywhere else.

Consistency: As was the problem with a van from earlier, the different vents included in the bumper here leave too much space between them without any shaping between them and as such, it ends up looking more barren than it should.

Utility: There are metallic elements throughout the design, perhaps too much of it. Those elements don’t hide the utilitarian heritage of it though, and it doesn’t really harm the final product.

Period correctness: With the sharp angles and cool lights, it looks like it belongs in 2020. Not much more to say.

General detailing: The badges have been executed perfectly and the metallic strips on the front look nicely done. The fuel door is in the correct place, thankfully.



3rd of August, 20XX, not in Korea.

Choe Ji-seok and his assistant are preparing for a flight to Germany, ready to meet with the heads at Kadett of Europe. Every prototype of the Convey has been transported to the headquarters there, with a focus group coming in to see every van. After their comments and approvals are noted, five finalists will be chosen.

A selection of comments from the group.

@Boiled_Steak Aria Design –

…looks like it would get the job done…

@Darkshade-AP_Autos Kaishen Design Co. –

…doesn’t look bad but frankly, doesn’t look too great either…

@HybridTronny Atera Design Studio –

…It’s familiar, I’d feel homely in it…

@Maxbombe Spander Design –


@Tzuyu_main Project Valentine –

…this is cool, but would they get away with it on a panel van though?..

@Arn38fr Decarlis Design –

…this is also homely, even more so than the Atera…

@Mikonp7 Propeller –

… it’s compact, sporty and has some cool lights, must mean it’s perfect amirite…

@F17Francesco Raziel Design Studio –

interesting idea, not much more…


…it’s good, but doesn’t try to be anything different to be honest…


_…again, some good idea but the execution might be a bit lacking…

@That-S-cop Marksman –

…is this a conversion? Oh wait, nevermind…

@yangx2 Honghu –

…China? … CHINA??

@ST1Letho House of Letho –

…I like its ambitiousness…

@Slyo_vom_Pluto Wagenmacher –

…it looks like it would fit in snugly…

After a whole 30 minutes of reviewing each car, and after just 5 days of reviewing the results, the finalists were chosen.

– 5th place @Mikonp7

With its compact dimensions and neat design ideas, this one gets a deserved place among the finalists.

– 4th place @yangx2

It’s striking, it’s different, it’s everything you’d except from Honghu, maybe except the memes.

– 3rd place @Maxbombe

It isn’t the most striking or the most utilitarian, instead it fits in nicely between the two creating a good blend of both.

– 2nd place @Tzuyu_main

Most definitely the most futuristic and wacky of the selection here, this one from Project Valentine was in a seriously tight race with the 1st place finisher. No seriously, it was tight.

– 1st place @That-S-cop

Mixing utilitarian looks, modern features and a fantastic design overall, the submission from Marksman deserves this win and we look forward to seeing what you have on offer next.

Thank you to everyone for entering CSC30! I must apologize for the really late conclusion, real life can just jump on you when you’re least expecting it. Still, thanks to all of you. If you spot any mistakes here or would like something explained further, let me know.


Where were the comet bars? :thinking:

Congratulations again to @That-S-cop for clapping everyone yet again! And I’m in second place again, hell yeah.


Had not placed and trash, as always, wooow, what a surprise.


Letho I strongly suggest that you don’t bring salt to both Discord and the forums. It’s a good way to get yourself in trouble for starting drama.

Take a deep breath, walk away, and come back to it later once you’ve cooled off :))


A word of advice. I strongly suggest you change the way you view “losses” and competitions and general. Yes, not making it to the podium can be disappointing to see. But you need to view this not as a loss, but as a chance to improve. Corsica was nice enough to write out highly specific posts about each of our cars. Use that as a resource so you can learn what went right and what went wrong, so that next time you’ll throw out a better product than before.

As for competitions, I advise you to not view them as things to win, but as opportunities to improve yourself. For me, I’m happy enough if I put out an entry that’s better than anything I have previously made, or if I’ve learned something that I overlooked or simply didn’t know. The more you improve, the more likely you will be to win a competition. You’re already a good designer, but everyone has a thing or two to learn. Winning should not be the primary focus.

In addition, don’t expect to win every competition you enter. In fact, don’t even expect to land a podium position. I’m not saying don’t try your best, but that you shouldn’t have very high expectations. Because more often than not, you won’t perform as well you have expected and it’ll result in things like this happening. This goes for life in general, if you always set your expectations high you’ll always be disappointed. But that’s just my $0.02. You can take this advice, or we can repeat everything that’s just happened in the next few competitions. The choice is yours.


Okay, okay, okay. Your van wasn’t trash, you aren’t trash, nobody is thinking that you are trash except you. That doesn’t qualify you an instant access to the finals however, despite what you might be thinking.

Even with the 300 word review you received, if you feel there’s some info missing or you want clarification on something, you’re welcome to DM me as I mentioned in the post. Ignoring every piece of criticism and then going on another tirade isn’t going to help you or anyone else and is just setting it up for this kind of thing to happen again and again. Listen to what others are saying, read what is said about your car, ask for more info if needed and learn from your mistakes.

Please, for the sake of everyone and yourself, learn from this experience. I know everyone is different, but you can’t expect to be brilliant at everything without listening to the actual, useful criticism given to you. Don’t act like you’re better or worse than everyone else, you’re only hurting yourself with that. Giving up is the worst thing you can do, you can hopefully sense that from the reaction you caused.

Letho, I hope the best for you, but please learn from your mistakes.


Gah, knew I was going a bit too wild with the design. All is forgiven when I crunched it in 3 hours and did my best not to conform with the language of the Beat. Anyways, great round! Lots of effort put into it!

As for the salt, oh well.


->Letho gives me shit for quitting RSA
->Also Letho


After taking way too long to calm down from an adrenaline spike And maybe a bad winner moment… sorry Delta
Glad for the win… on my first CSC… I’ve stunned myself. Questioning on opening a round with the current state of the game and mods.

With Marksman’s particularly close connection to Comet-Bar, we will be requesting if we can get Comet-Bar Stockman and Workman bars as a dealer option for the Convey.


I really enjoyed making something out of my comfort zone, thanks for running a great challenge man


A vanilla csc maybe?!


Is anyone willing to do so? I mean I’m fine with it… and there’s a chance we won’t have all/most the useful mods as soon as 4.24 hits… when 4.24 stable comes is a touch uncertain at the moment, however, but we don’t want to get stuck when the update hits. Vanilla CSC is a likely option…


I would have liked to know if I even got close to 6th, but nonetheless fun :smile:
yeah my designs are always… off, those headlights really bugged me


I would vote for vanilla CSC for sure, as that’s the only way for me to enter with my current hardware :smile: (though I suspect the engine change also contributing to that improvement)


Lucky you. I’m happy if my submissions don’t get binned in the first round :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the plan with this? Is it a case of still waiting for the stable update to hit?

I’m just wondering as this could have been run in the mean time


Yeah basically… and a few mods have already started being ported over, eg, MDHL2.
The Vanilla option is ever present and looming


CSC31 - Mildly Quirky Citruses

Or something… oh hey… no Comet-Bar reference

The round will open a few days after UE4.24 drops to stable. Looks to be soon enough

Shuriken Motor Company, May 2016, Tokyo

“Right… we need a new idea to lure the younger demographic into our cars and no… I’m not trusting you with ideas from the failure that was making a Sports car of our Flagship Off-roader a few years ago”
after some wishful thinking
“Nothing sir”
“Perhaps a new compact segment car?”
“I suppose… it’s the opposite direction of the Redline package on the Surveyor”
“Did that ever sell?”
“In the UAE, a little in Australia when Comet-Bar Bought a few and made them into Comet-Tourers, at least a Compact will have a better global market presence”
“Compact… any other ideas”
“Quirky Styling!!!”
“Urh… It could work


Come up and design a Compact or similarish car with Quirky Styling for the Shuriken Motor Company.


  • Must an A, B or C segment Small car or uuurh… Crossover (For the sake of it… marginally more points for being a Crossover because that’s what Consumers apparently want… a jacked-up worse plastic cladded Wagon/Hatch)
  • Car Name must be Fruit/Food (Preferably Fruit) or Blade related, eg: Pip, Zest, Juice?
    That or if you are making a B segment Hatchback you could name it Sashimi. if you want to.
    This comes from the fact Shuriken also makes Kitchen Knives and utensils and used to make weaponry.
  • Naming convention as Standard:
    Car: CSC31 - [USER] | Shuriken [CAR NAME]
    Engine: CSC31 - [USER] | [Whatever the hell… just don’t be impolite]
  • Car and engine Trim and Variant years 2016
  • No engineering required
  • The Shuriken Badge is a Shuriken made of a Square and 4 triangles made of 4 fixtures in a diamond, one can just put a Diamond.image

Tips, these are the only ones you are getting, infer the rest

  • Known Engine sizes for Shuriken at this sort of size bracket are 1.1, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.4 Litres, helpful if you want to put Engine size badges on.
  • Try to incorporate the >w< face… You don’t need to… and it actually might make it more conventional to Shuriken styling if you do. don’t ask how I don’t know either…
  • Hard lines prefered,

Real life inspirations



Please don’t design based on a Prius :face_vomiting: it’s mearly an example of quirky design

Modern Shuriken Cars... I don't think these will help

Mainly as I only have 2 cars remotely modern

Shuriken Masakari/Surveyer this one being my CSR122 vehicle.
This is outdated 5 years at least and is literally an LC200

Shuriken Tanto
This was made for a Racing Showcase, But you could maybe take the lights. Here’s the back for the sake of it

Am I basically asking for people to design me a car design language for a company I barely have lore on? Yes


  • General/Overall looks/Face Value
  • Quirkiness factor [Be cautious]
  • Projected Market Taste
  • Era correctness/modernism
  • Design Consistency and Attention to detail
  • Shurikeness/How well it fits in with the current line up
    [not very applicable… don’t worry about this as much]


26th of June, 1200 BST/2100 AEST


2018 Shuriken Bsnama Sport


A quirky lifted hot hatch targeted towards younger customers.

Is it a crossover? It’s up to your discretion. It can certainly offroad better than any crossover on the market.

Power comes from a 2.0 SOHC turbocharged inline six, with all cast internals and low friction pistons. making 200 hp @5400 rpm and 227 lb ft@3000 RPM, which is sent to all four wheels at a 40/60 F/R split through a 6 speed dual clutch transmission and a viscous LSD.This is enough to send the little pocket rocket to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and top speed is clocked at 144 mph.

A modern infotainment system, standard 10’s safety, a progressive suspension, electric variable steering, and an offroad underway complete the list of standard features for the Sport trim. Fuel economy is solid at 36.7 mpg combined, or an EPA estimate of 33 mpg city and 40 mpg highway,

Though the regular Banana starts at under 20k, the premium features and sports-tuned engine drive the Sport trim’s price to $28700.

Note: the Banana happens to be a badge engineered MTC Prairie, and was conceived due to a small partnership between the two companies resulting in Shuriken acquiring the rights to sell the Prairie in the Japanese market under its own branding, in return for Shuriken giving MTC access to its kei car platforms and engines.

(I was done with my design as it was basically just a rebadge of one of my existing designs, so I’m posting it now, will submit the car when the window opens)

I know we're not on 4.24 yet and entries haven't even opened but this is all vanilla so hopefully it'll work. I'm also so bored that I made it lol

2016 Shuriken Pitaya Prototype by LaVelle Studios