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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


That’s where I’m surprised. A lot of winners across challenges win with designs with almost no effort put into them and displaying this openly.

And one puts from 4-8 hours into a car.

Well, no matter, the Active Strom is definitely a worthy winner with a very good design!
Congrats, cool challenge!


:crab: :crab: MISSED SUBMISSION DATE :crab: :crab:

who knows if it would have been competitive anyway looking like a production car

anyway spent way too long on it so here ya go



I was going to enter at the last minute but when I was about to upload my screenshots I had some internet issues and forgot about it.

[hide=] I expected back of the pack but figured might as well.



And with that, about 4-5 people made cars but didn’t manage to enter them.

Perhaps I should’ve extended the deadline since I did have that idea for a moment :thinking:


Make that 6 - I had originally planned to submit this car but backed out at the last minute:


CSC 7 - Apex Racing : Sunrise


The latest installment of “Apex Racing” is being developed by American game studio "Speedco”. The crew is working day and night on the new title, because a lot is on the line: their publisher ,“Digital Creations,” is putting on the pressure. The last game in the series, “Apex Racing: Destruction” not only sold poorly, but disappointed a lot of fans.
So not only did they have to let go a lot of their department, their publisher is also giving them less budget to work with. And with all the stress of demanding fans, investors, and even the own staff, the studio forgot the most important thing in a racing game: the cars.

With the new problem on their hands and a closing deadline coming, the team reconvened for an emergency meeting. Moving the deadline is a no go and hiring new 3D artists would also take too long. After many thrown whiteboard markers and cups of coffee, the social media team had an idea: host a contest.
People could send in their models and designs and if they’re good enough they could be used in the final game! The prize for first position was also quickly agreed on:
First place will be the cover car of Apex Racing: Sunrise.
They will also get a fan package and a pre-release copy of the game

As for the game itself, “Apex Racing: Sunrise” is an arcade racer set in the not so distant future of 2030. The driving physics are fast-paced, where timing your drifts is crucial for success. The player will be able, for the first time ever, to fully explore the city of “Sunrise City” and race through the packed downtown, race down the long highways at the beach, or drift in the windy mountain passes.
The game also features a new dynamic weather and time system, meaning that convertible cars can drop their roof when the weather is nice. Cars also should take advantage of the new lighting engine, so neons and such are welcome.

Cars will be put into different classes from low “One Star ★” class, which will mostly be filled with starter hatchbacks and coupes, up to “Five Star ★★★★★” Which will feature the fastest and most ludicrous vehicles to be obtained in game.
To be able to get into the pool for the main prize, the car need to be a four star car (Modern Muscle/ Supercar / High performance 2-4 doors), a five star (Hypercars) or a Special car (Weird special cars: Vans with Rocket Boosters for example or cars with other special gameplay features).


  • Trim year must be 2020
  • Cars should not relate to any Automation lore companies (Brands will be given by the team)
  • Performance doesnt matter. The devs will balance the cars themself
  • Stable or OB (Please tell me which one you used)

Help and Suggestions

  • The cars should look fast and over the top. Your daily commuter wont cut it.
  • Even though this is a future fiction scenario the cars should be at least somewhat realistic
  • You can enter every body you want. But hatchbacks, MPV, SUV’s and Van will have a hard time outside the Special category

The team is looking mainly for cars in the 3 top categories.
Underneath will be examples for those:

4 Star Class (Modern Muscle cars / Sportcars / High Performance 2-4 Doors)

5 Star Class (Hypercars)






Deadline will be the 5th of May 11:59pm UTC+1

Submit with the following format:

Model Family: CSC7 - Your Username
Model Trim: Vehicle name
Engine Family: CSC7 - Your Username
Engine Trim: Something

(Thank you @titleguy1 for helping me out. This is the first time i host something so feel free to ask if something is unclear)

The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]

So stylisticly we’re looking at burnout type stuff? I get that it’s taking place in the future but for the special category would something a bit more dated be acceptable?


I mean you could? But it will probally be hard to pull off


“a Special car (Weird special cars: Vans with Rocket Boosters for example)”

I gotchu fam

Super_Phantom Studios Presents: The Vanborghini SSX

Edit: In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious enough, this is for the Special category


Introducing the Mamba 801 TSC, a modern take on an old classic, now with double the engine.


Use of mods allowed?


I was made aware that a lot of people are using the OpenBeta branch so i will download that.

Please write in your submission on which branch you are, just in case something does break

@BF94387 yes


My csr entry is done sobI think I’ll participate to this round :slight_smile:


You want some special cars? Here’s a special car.

Voltan Hiwayman Camper.
2.6L turbocharged inline-5, pumping 520hp through the front wheels. All wraped up in a nice homely campervan shell.

Why race something else, when you can race the thing you’ve been sleeping in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s absurd.
And yes, I love it.


That’s pretty creative. Love it!


damn it beat me to it. Guess I’ll have to go the other route.


Pre-order Bonus : The LONGMON€Y [SPECIAL]


:heavy_check_mark: 3000hp engine making it undrivable !
:heavy_check_mark: 24 carat gold car wrap !
:heavy_check_mark: anime girl rear lights !
:heavy_check_mark: 4 wheels !
:soon: Anime Girl sticker

Therapist : Drift Limousine isnt real he cant hurt you
Drift Limousine :



So far only special cars(and whatever mine is) I can’t really blame you, it’s hard making something that looks fast and futuristic compared to real muscle and especially hyper cars.


Not too hard, just overdone. Much more fun to make a camper van with 600hp.


Use that to your advantage, when the majority is memes you can anti meme meme by entering a blatant non meme entry to meta meme the memes.

Or something like that.