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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


i really like the front! reminds me of modern hyundai’s.


I can see a bit of Urus in its front end - except for the fact that it pre-dates the Urus by a couple of years. And that grille/headlight combination reminds me of a cyborg with a helmet visor, which should make it seem “cooler” to younger buyers.


So, hey, it’s been a while since I have entered any competition.
I know entries haven’t opened yet but I wanted to enter a new competition / challenge on the forums and this one seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.
And this car was designed in openbeta but it’s fully vanilla so I think it’ll work fine on stable.

2016 Shuriken Yuzu by Sakai Design Studio


Will the cars be USA spec by default, or will they be Jap/EU spec by default?

Car is still WIP - and very messy.

(Ignore the fact I accidentally deleted my message)


Whatever is apt for you.
and even before submissions have opened we have a field of worthy competitors


wish more people participated in this challenge.


It hasn’t started yet


fair point. although I wonder when the new stable is coming?


If I am correct hasn’t UE 4.24 released? I’m sorry if this seems impatient but I’d like to see this challenge get somewhere.


4.24? Nah, it’s still on openbeta right now.


Oh, sorry then. I guess I just lost track of time. :sweat_smile:


No worries, bud.


Well I just saw this…
If I can get my TC series lore set, maybe I can pull something off. But I’d have to finish the FC series lore first too
Wait did I necro…or is this still on going


Nah, not necro, just waking the thread up in something similar to 4:30 AM. Just not yet.

Also, unless you have a really well established brand on the forum, such a post as this tells nothing for pretty much anybody but you. Loud thinking isn’t really sth you’d like to wake someone in 4:30 AM, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that 4.24/LC V4.0 is on Stable

I’m opening Submissions till the 26th of June, 1200 BST/2100 AEST
This is to accommodate those who want to use mods that may be updated at a later point in time. Or try to wow me with a high amount of effort
Highly would recommend rehashing designs made before this point, as we do have new fixtures and Bodies to play around with, in other words, Send me a DM after this point to confirm your entry or submit

Try to have fun, Shuriken-Cop out.


Shuriken Papaya by Lünnerden Design

Original design was made by Olivier Lorenn who sent in the design to Lünnerden who then made it in to a real car

More Pics


2016 Shuriken Clementine by Atera Design House

Shuriken Blueberry



hm yes description? nah, picture spam

More Images


Renaurghini 206 2006? :thinking: This combo looks surprisingly good.


Yeah uhhh that tends to happen when two different designers are looking at different inspirations two different designers are taking creative liberties :wink: