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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


Just a small note

I’ve decided to take a short break from discord for a while so I’ll explain it here.

Marvin cars, when sent to Australia, are badged as Vector. While the car you’re making a successor for is indeed a Marvin, I accidentally sent Riley the VECTOR badged car for photo shoots oops

So, it doesn’t really matter what you badge the car as. It could be Vector, could be Marvin. It’s really a small detail.

Cheers and have fun making the car!


I think I’m going to try and make my first muscle car here :stuck_out_tongue:


2020 Marvin Contra Super Turbo by Atera Design Studio

         2020 Marvin Contra LT8
Were the fans happy about it? No. But anyways, have these pictures, looking at you, 2020 Contra haters.

wtf you want more of this ugly thing ok sure here you go

Ok, end. Now bye bye and go back to watching your camero flying onto a tree or whatever.


2021 Marvin Contra by LaVelle Studios


Lavelle Studios - Avant Garde Designs

The competition seems quite solid, it’s giving me a hard time trying to keep up my design…


AUSSIE muscle and EURO presence, perfectly balanced in the new contra.


Quite a challenging task actually. Having to inherit design DNA from the old Contra without making it a retro version of the old one, making it look like a muscle car without ripping off any actual muscle cars, giving it looks that says “i can give european sports cars a run for their money” without making it look too much like a sports car, and making it look relevant for 2020 (I suck at designing post 1995 cars).

Here’s what I ended up with for my first CSC ever, with no hopes to win… :smiley:


Marvin New Contra


Bringing NEW design for Marvin Contra sporting muscle car.
Retain the classic look but new modernize for present modern market and return finale human choice design.
Ultimate revival of form "MUSCLE CAR" for new age.


nice tits hoe


Prototype post

The 2020 Vector Contra Super eb Kaizen concept.
Based off the K612 generation Kaizen SC50s AWD.
The main inspiration for this design was the idea of a fist flying through the air.


The Marvin Contra Predator Concept

by Spander Design

We, at Spander Design, believe the future of the Contra lies in its roots. A simple, elegant yet sporty look that conveys what the car is all about: performance.

Directly inspired by the Original Marvin Contra from 1975, with it’s cut hood, side chrome line, and fastback rear.

More pictures


2020 Vector


Cerberus Design House presents:




Farox, in conjunction with Vector-Martin, is proud to present the Contra Nuova Concept. Styled with not-so-subtle cues that hark back to the original Contra, blended with modern American and European styling touches, the Contra Nuova Concept is dressed to impress – and blow you away at a stoplight.


Contra visION Concept


Marvin Contra by AVT Designs



2020 Vector Contra LT8


Marvin Contra LT8 by Gearhouse Studios
It's not a european GT car.

Oh my gah burnout so cool

final moments before flying into a crowd


The Marvin Contra NT 80
The Modern track car… with plates.

I think i got the swoosh up behind the rear window right and the join of the back to the roof.
I used wheels that replicate the old ones. Kept the black bonnet with scoop.
I also kept the circular fog lamps. Most importantly i kept the cross grille.
Kept the headlights and indicators separate.
I also kept the circular fog lamps, and kept the front (and back) square with a hint of modern curve. kept the reverse horizontal white line at the base of the rear lights. ( couldn’t get rid of the grey plastic underside)