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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


this was made at a party sorry

2025 Spander SP Venenatus by Yamaguchi Tokyo Design Studio


Design Ideas

The main idea is to establish a futuristic and technologically advanced vibe while also looks striking and sporty like a Spander SP should. To achieve this,I have tried to integrate the brake lights and turn signals into both the headlights and taillight.To make the car looks more futuristic and aerodynamic,rear view camera is used.There is a small tunnel at the front which exit at the bonnet and a big turbine at the rear.(Ideas stolen from Ferrari 488 Spider and recent Gordon Murray T50) I also made a pretty minimalist engine cover just to spice things up.


Ooops! Forgot to mention submission is finished!

Thanks everyone for participating! I won't be able to do much for some time in terms of reviewing the proposals, but I promise something entertaining!


any news?


I’m sorry I’m starting to get enough time to seriously be working on the results. The winner has been chosen! Now I need to make something nice.


The results

After receiving all the prototypes, the different key people from Spander were summoned. The CEO, a representative of the board of directors, a representative from Spander design, and a representative from the engineers.

CEO: Thanks all of you for coming to this exceptional meeting. Let’s get to the point, we are going to review each proposition we received for the new spander SP.
Design: What if none are good enough for the Spander name?
CEO: I have to say I have yet to see any of the prototypes myself, so this will be… um, hopefully interesting.
Engineer: Well anything else rather Spander design is fine by me.
Shareholder: …
CEO: So, without further ado, um…bring out the first prototype!

Spander SP Venenatus by Yamaguchi Tokyo Design Studio

by @Tsundere-kun

CEO: Starting good I see!
Design: It does look like a sports car, but it’s not a Spander.
CEO: …why?
Design: I’m not going to mention the weird front wheel fitment, but the overall shape doesn’t fit spander design language.
Engineer: But that’s the point!
CEO: Um… what do you think?
Shareholder: Well, it’s not bad, but I get how it lacks a bit of that Spander identity.
Design: It’s not daring enough.
Shareholder: Well, more like apart from the side red line, it doesn’t have enough “spander identity” cues.
CEO: So, this one won’t do?
Design: Yes.
Shareholder: I think.
Engineer: I don’t care.
CEO: …
CEO: Next car then!

Spander SP by Nobushigahara Design

by @Lazar

CEO: This one looks nice, isn’t it? It’s white with a red line on the side and hidden rear wheels!
Shareholder: It feels more Spander than the previous one for sure.
Design: I don’t like it.
CEO: …why?
Design: It looks too much like a race car, with its big front lip thing. The rear design also feels messy.
Design: The line is good, but it’s still not a Spander.
Shareholder: I have the feeling that you’re going to dislike every proposition.
Design: I will.
Engineer: …
CEO: Then, let’s see the next one…

george m997 car:

Spander SP Hybrid by GR’s Design

by @george_m997

Engineer: It kinda looks like one of our prototypes.
CEO: It means it looks like a Spander, isn’t it?
Design: Except it doesn’t really fits the “light sport” image.
Shareholder: Even though it looks Spander?
Design: It feels Spander, but not Spander SP.
Engineer: …
CEO: I’m still keeping it as a potential design proposition.
CEO: Let’s see the next one!

Spander SP Concept by Akai

by @yurimacs

CEO: Wow! I really like this one!
Shareholder: It sure looks excentric enough to be worthy of the Spander badge.
CEO: The front seems inspired by the previous SP as well, and I really like the rear.
Design: It’s no for me.
CEO: Why?
Design: The roofline doesn’t feel aerodynamic, which is one of the Spander most basic design cue.
Design: I also think there are too many red lines scattered all over the car, it lacks purity.
Design: The holes cut on the sides also doesn’t flow much in my opinion.
Engineer: …
CEO: Can we at least consider it a strong proposition?
Shareholder: I agree with that.
CEO: Let’s look at the next one.

Spander SP by LaVelle Studios

by @titleguy1

CEO: Ooooh, here is a quirky one! It’s quite high for a sports car!
CEO: The front lights resemble the ones of the previous SP.
Design: As much as I like LaVelle Studios’ designs, this one isn’t working for me.
CEO: But isn’t Spander all about quirky cars?
Design: Well, yes but actually no.
Design: You see, it’s all about coherence.
Shareholder: I think I agree with this. All-terrain vehicles must bear a lot of stress, it’s not really going well with the sophisticated sport design.
Shareholder: It’s neither an all-terrain nor a sports car, it’s not gonna work.
Design: The side cuts also feels a bit messy.
CEO: I guess it’s not gonna work then, let’s look at the next one…

Spander SP by [REDACTED]

by @ThatCarMadGamer

Design: …
Shareholder: Oh-oh, again a very nice proposition.
CEO: What do you think?
Design: It…
Design: I…
Design: I never thought I would say that, but it not only looks incredible, it also looks like a Spander at heart.
Design: It’s simple, pure, yet striking, like the 86 SP… It’s completely alien, yet so Spander. I’m confused…
Design: I don’t get it, how? I mean, it far from perfect for sure, but I cannot refuse this one.
CEO: Well I don’t really get it but I guess it’s good!
Shareholder: Guess we have our next SP!
Design: All these concepts reaks originality, we might be able to get some inspiration from them.
Engineer: …
Engineer: Can we maybe start to eventually think about the way we would have to go to make that into a production car?
Engineer: I have a few issues with it I would like to address…


1. @ThatCarMadGamer
2. @yurimacs
3. @george_m997

Congratulation to @ThatCarMadGamer for its fantastic design! And thanks all of you for prototypes, I never thought I’d see so many interesting takes on how to make a Spander!



(like land yatchs but not quite)

Frasier Ebernhard is the owner of an American luxury car company he started in his name. Since the beginning, the company has produced a line called the Ambassador which set the company’s standards for “refined luxury”: luxury encased in a slightly more conservatively styled exterior than most other lux brands. For example, the 1953 version had a severe lack of fins.


  • A 63* model year car
  • 2.5-3.0m ish wheelbase
  • 40+ comfort
  • Hard price limit 45K
  • sub 10sec 0-60
  • 4-6 seats
  • 35+ engine smoothness



Don’t mind the spiking



Real Life Inspiration


With a bit less finage

With a bit smaller lights

And if you want to use the 55 saloon body for this i recommend using this to start: Model_268_-Finless_Saloon.car (33.8 KB)

SUBMISSIONS OPEN September 4th, 15:00 (GMT)

The submission period ends on September 11th, 15:00.

Submit with the following naming scheme:

  • Engine name: CSC34 - [forum username]
  • Engine variant: [engine name]
  • Car name: CSC34 - [forum username]
  • Car trim: Ebernhard Ambassador


Ebernhard Ambassador by Propeller


I guess we’re gonna ignore the fact that the '55 body is a 3.3m, and it’s impossible to get over 40 comfort with a solid axle.


Ebernhard Ambassador by Zephorus


we are going to ignore that fact, yes lol :smile:


i believe we are finished now


Despite my (it turns out) very shoddy instructions, that i have to thank Corsica for writing for me, i have had an entry and tbh I actually liked it so @Mikonp7 here you go you’ve won. Well i may add.

I felt even though it was the only option it was a good one with enough comfort, buckets of smoothness, a reasonable price, and styling which did a rather* good job of encapsulating the package. When i was up close i found that it was a very competent build that did the bumpers, grille, and carried on the rear grille work nicely .


land yatchs




Wait what? That’s the shortest competition result post I’ve ever seen on this forum. Actually you didn’t even mention any other entry besides the winning one. It’s no wonder CSC is so niche now given its recent history.


because their car was the only one i received
a file for


Not mine, I didn’t even think of entering :stuck_out_tongue: (not with my inexistent 50s design skills)

But that’s worth mentioning for clarity. And still, it’s worth writing more than two sentences about the entry, especially if it’s the only and by that the winning one.


its good what more is there to say you’ve seen the pictures, the styling is fine. What more


Yeah that’s a whoops on my part, I submitted my AGC entry before I left for the weekend, but forgot about this one. Still, I hope CSC continues as it is a fun design challenge, and in my mind it’s right up alongside CSR in the best and longest running competitions.


I could whip something up but i would try to time manage that with TMC10(Which yall should also check out hehe)