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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


Create something with a looooong deadline


That’s not really allowed by the challenge rules. However, in case Mikon wouldn’t be able to host, CSR’s troubleshooting could be used, since CSC doesn’t have its own and is heavily inspired by CSR.


shhhh, im sure titleguy can figure it out if the event arises


The competition host can specify the duration of the round, up to seven days (and no longer unless they have special permission)


CSC 35 - The Auto Zone

"Dear Reader’s! Once again we are looking for the best Tuner in Europe, the “Eurotuner 2006”. We are looking for the best of the best. The creme de la creme of Tuning. We want your most sparkliest candy paint, your most blinding chrome rims, your loudest exhaust note, your beefiest Bodykits and your loudest HiFi systems. This year the winner not only gets the front cover of our summer cover but also, thanks to our sponsor, a complete ‘Tooligan’ tool set!

How to enter your yearly contest:
Write us! And send us pictures of your ride! We, from the Eurotuner team will then go through all the mails to find the best wheels to photoshoot! And at the end we will judge them in our great special! See our last winners on page 32.

The Brief

Eurotuner, a german tuning magazine for the EU zone, is looking for the best modified car of the year 2006. They will be mostly looking for 2000's euro/american tuning style. So bright paints, wacky vinyls and big wings.

Research will be key here, and please dont send me “xD -30° Camper pipe god Sbeve so funny”-cars


  • Car trim 1985 - 2006
  • Have a picture of the base car in your post. You dont need to send me the base .car only the tuned one.
  • Naming: Model + Family: CSC 35 - Forum Username | Trim + Variant: Whatever you want

Submissions are open and will be open until the 23th of September 12am +1 GMT




Also thanks to @yangx2 for letting me misuse their car again


Does the base car needs to be new for this challenge or can I use something from my lineup?


2003 Cailloux Z16

Closer look


Ofc lol. That goes for EVERY Challenge on the forums


Ooooo,This will be very interesting.


Time to make some rice on this :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Time to break out my Max Power and Fast Car magazine stash just for this…

:b:itron :b:axo here I come!

Before we start, a relevant quote from Quotex.


yes this is the second time I’ve used this car in a challenge don’t even try bringing it up

1997 Bayonne Caelus "XtraTuned"

no spinning car this time the website i was using was being a dickhead


Here’s the car I’ll be “Tuning”. I’ve made it about a month ago when I was getting back at the game. 1995 Shimutshibu Pace. A fully compliant kei car from the same genius behind the Focer. 63 raw, untamed horsepower from a mighty 660cc engine, and all the usefullness the category allows!


tbh I’ve never seen this body to work as a Kei body, but I feel like you managed to make it work quite well.


I was looking at this for some inspiration. I wanna know what the “designers” of that things were smoking!

Also @Reizei, how the heck do you have NFSU2 plates?




1993 - 1999 Zyeodae Atom 1.8 but different


Before becoming whatever the hell that is above me, the Atom was a modest Korean subcompact like the one below.

The “quirks and features” of the pink thing I have created include

  • A black hood (not carbon fiber, just paint)
  • Huge (questionably functional) grills and vents
  • Lowered suspension ready to jump off of any drawbridge you throw at it
  • Headlight eyelashes
  • Florida license plate in back, vanity Japanese plate in front
  • A roof rack…?
  • and fog lights that also may or may not work

CSC_35_-unid-_Zyoedae_Atom_1_8_Custom.car (183.6 KB)

(This is my first entry into any CSC sorry if its a bit wordy or something)


Very thematic playist.


citroen bx 15 re 1988 best tuning

hpotos before

photos afteer


new Korean Xtreme Works magazine hits the shelves of a planet far, far away… somehow.

Space Chav 1: oi m8 get a luk at this kah

Space Chav 2: blimey she’s a stunna

Space Chav 1: what are you on about, the kah or the clunge?

Space Chav 2: …

Excerpt from the mag
“MC Poundland’s custom car, the Xtremoid features nuclear performance from its tuned 290PS turbocharged engine! Surely this is the most XTREME Daesan we’ve ever had on these pages!”
To think that it used to be one of these before certainly means something about Wikkid Custom Shop’s work.

A 2002 Daesan Idol Coupe 1.5 LS, the base model.

more photos of the Xtremoid