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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 38]


No, no need for specific engineering. CSC is just design.


Coming soon from HakumaiDesign

Thoughts (design is not final) One part of the headlight is a vent, functional to put air through the filter with its rather quirky design


Meanwhile at the Hakumai Design studio, Circa 2005. (Yes, it’ll go onto 2006)

The meeting:
Boss: "Today we’re going to design a car for a automotive manufacturer. We have a set criteria. Quirkiness, Good design, and a spacious and comfortable interior. We have a year to design it.
Exterior designer: “I Will get to doing that”
Engine and mechanical designer: “I have an idea”
Boss: “What is it”
Engine and mechanical designer: "Small engine, Turbocharged, and affordable parts.

Some discussion with the staff later
It’s now 2006 (Yes, the CSC Round is set in 2006. But im implying i designed the car earlier then so that it’s realistic and not in a month or 2 etc)
Exterior enginner: Got the design now
Boss: “Let me check through it.”
The boss authorises the design and the mechanical engineer’s design*
The design team bring a portable hard drive over at Bayonne. The results are to come (basically when the actual CSC Results come.)

The new Bayonne Saturne by HakumaiDesign.

Under the bonnet is a 1.4 Litre engine which packs decent power so your commutes are quicker.

Quirky styling,

And a amazing powertrain to go with it, and the 2000s trend of adding indicators to the side mirrors.

All you could need in a tiny hatchback.

The air filter is positioned at where the integrated headlight vent is. So you can get all your cooling

Forgive me please. I Know nothing about CSS


That design work finally paid off.




Where should we send you the .car file? Here on the forum or on Discord?


Design Proposal by Quaglia Studio


On Discourse if possible. If you can’t DM, send it on Discord.


Are fake diesels allowed? Diesels really rose to popularity in the early to mid 2000s in France.


Bayonne Saturne by Cerault

Cerault proposes a design based on their own platform that X3 is on. This way, Bayonne would be able to offset the higher cost of paying an outside designer by lowering the development costs, since the platform, engines, and even interior bits could be simply reused. This also allows Bayonne to license the HydroComf suspension for the high trims if they so choose.

Using the X3’s platform means that the body shape is essentially the same. However, Cerault decided to cover the fact by giving the Saturne a different side windows shape.

The front end attempts to incorporate as many elements and ideas from the Bayonne design reference while still looking 2006

In the rear the parking sensors, third brake light, and height of the boot are all the same as on the X3 due to platform sharing.

Is your 00’s hatchback French if the rear doesn’t have an odd shape?

The proposed interior is shared with Cerault, however the platform doesn’t restrict Bayonne from implementing an interior of their own.

The trim shown is the high end model with a Cerault designed 1.8t developing 150hp while achieving the same fuel economy as 2.0 competition with range of power from 135hp-145hp.


wish I knew this 3 rounds ago tbh


OME Design Studio decided to explore a more refined and elegant approach to the Saturne design.


CSC is just design, engineering won’t be judged at all. Do whatever you want in the engineering, as long as it isn’t really crazy.

2006 Bayonne Saturn by Omanko Design "Studio"
it car !1!1!!!1!!! !! !! !


Woah no way it sedan variant


can you atleast stop posting your car alot of times? we don’t need to see these lmao.


ok, my bad, posted too much in one post

(i wish i knew about font sizing but forgive me)


2006 Bayonne Saturn by Spander Design


2006 Bayonne Saturne by Franco Burro S.r.l.

More Images


2006 Bayonne Saturne by Zeda Studios

this is also my first post on the forums, so i apologize if i did anything incorrectly


2006 Bayonne Saturne by G’s Design

More of the car (sorry wrong exhaust on the pics)


Design Proposal by Tesi Meccanica & Design

TMD's final proposal for the next generation of Bayonne's best-selling Saturne is a somewhat-conventional and understated design that tested positively with focus groups in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific areas, the assumed target markets for the finished product.


Bayonne Saturne by Propeller