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The Earl Motor Company


The Earl Motor Company is the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the (definitely not a NationStates fictional knockoff America) county of Patridam, with a proud history of excellence going back all the way to 1909. Earl has a fine lineup of cars, trucks, and 4X4s for every budget available for domestic and export purchases, so no matter what your taste, Earl has you covered with its four brands: Earl/Earl Trucks, Silverhare, Hirondelle, and Steed.

Earl Car & Truck Division - "Honest cars and trucks, for humble, hardworking people"

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Steed Offroad Vehicles - "Go anywhere, do anything"

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Car Company Directory

Silvehare Premium Automobiles - "More than a pretty face"

The 1970 Silverhare Full Size Lineup
The heart and soul of the Silverhare brand, our standard size automobiles have been favorites since their Silvehare’s inception in 1925. Whatever your budget or need, you can find a full size with innovative features like unitized construction, optional four wheel disc brakes, and radial tires; as well as Silverhare’s celebrated quality, reliability, and class-leading styling.

  • The Cavallaro Sedan - $4,999 - Shown in Hulla Blue Metallic
    The Cavallaro is the most popular premium car in the nation, a sedan which perfectly balances performance, affordability, and luxury. Standard equipment includes a 3-speed SlushaMatic transmission, 357cid 4bbl V8 with 300 gross hp, Nycralite cloth seating with split front bench and armrests, two-speaker AM/FM Radio, refrigerated air, power steering, power windows, and power brakes. Common options include climate control, metallic paint, 4 or 8-way power front seats, front console, MagnaTrax stereo-8 player, SlipStop differential, or 444 cid engine in either 330 or 360 gross hp configurations.

  • The Cavallaro Coupe - $4,799 - Shown in Sassy Grass Green Metallic
    All of the luxury a quality of the sedan but in a stylish personal coupe. Options and features same as sedan.

  • The Cavallaro Convertible - $5,499 - Shown In Cherry Bomb
    Tour around with open-air freedom while still enjoying all the luxury you expect from the vaunted Silverhare name. Standard features and options are the same as the sedan and coupe with the exception of standard front console, power convertible top, and Adriatic grain premium vinyl seats.

  • The Conestoga Estate - $5,299 - Shown In Horse White
    Experience the finest family car from the Earl motor company with the Conestoga wagon, an 8 seat passenger wagon with standard Cavallaro-grade features, and many more, including a roof rack, luxurious wood paneling, power rear window, 8-passenger capacity including folding Adriatic gran vinyl rear-facing seat, and three way Mystic GateDoor.

  • The Chancellor $6,399 - Shown In Gold Finger Metallic
    For discriminating buyers that will settle for nothing less than the finest materials and features a car can offer, but who may not need their name to be attatched to a prestige brand, the Chancellor sedan is perfect. It offers a standard, extremely luxurious loose cushion velour interior with real rosewood accents, 10-way power front bucket seats, front and rear armrests, MagnaTrax stereo-8 player, 444 cid dual 4bbl engine with 360 gross hp, metallic gold paint, tasteful exterior badging, gold plated keys, and unique owner’s name engraving on the dashboard.

  • The Chimera - $5,499
    For those who desire a large car but will settle for nothing less than the ultimate in muscular performance, the Chimera is the biggest, baddest fighting machine out there.The heart of the Chimera is the unique 444cid dual 4bbl V8 with dual performance exhausts producing 400 net hp, routed to special performance radial tires on magnesium rally wheels through a 4 speed “Cruncher” heavy duty manual transmission and SlipStop differential, enabling a 0-60 time of 6.3 seconds. Automatic transmission is available upon request. Other features completing the package are standard Gator grain vinyl sports bucket seats, console, fixed post design for rigidity, handling suspension with stiffened springs, dampers, and roll bar, cold air intake hood scoop, and distinctive sports paint stripes in white or black, which are very distinctive against Chimera unique colors like Orange Juicy, Gang Green, and Statutory Grape.

  • The Corinth Line - Starting from $3,999
    An easy entry into the world of premium engineering, the Corinth Sedan, Coupe, and Wagon may be lower priced, but they are every bit a Silverhare. All have the same capability as the Cavallaro line, and a still healthy list of standard features including all Adriatic grain vinyl seating, split bench front seats, rear arm rests, 303 cid 4bbl V8 engine with 200 gross hp, 3 speed SlushaMatic transmission, AM Radio, heater, full chrome rub strips, remote trunk release, power steering, and power disc/drum brakes. Just like the Conestoga the Corinth Wagon has an available rear facing third row which can be folded down with the second row to carry a full size sheet of plywood, as well as a standard power window and 3-way Mystic GateDoor.


Hirondelle Fine Cars - "By which all others are judged"

The 1985 Hirondelle Virgo IV
A reimagining of the historic Virgo line, which began with the original Virgo of the 1920s and 30s, the monstrous and expensive V16 sports luxury car owned by celebrities and captains of industry, and progressed onwards to the Virgo II personal luxury coupe of the late 60s to mid 70s, and the downsized Virgo III of the early 80s. The Virgo IV, especially in the SLC trim, is leveraging a more taught size not for efficiency like the Virgo III, but as a revivial of the racing car heritage in the original Virgo, making a truly world-class GT.

  • The Sports Luxury Coupe (SLC) - $29,999 - Shown in Hulla Blue Metallic
    A car which we can truly say has no real weaknesses, the SLC is the ultimate in both luxury and performance, but with practicality and efficiency leaving it as more than a capable daily driver as well. The SLC features world-class engineering, with self-adjusting air suspension, four wheel independent suspension, four wheel antilock disc brakes, performance tires on alloy road wheels, four speed automatic transmission, limited slip differential, brushed aluminum interior trim, driver’s air bag, electronic multifunction trip computer, onboard diagnostics system, computerized voice alert, and liquid crystal display gauges. The highlight of this however, is a 5.0 liter high output V8 engine with multipoint fuel injection producing 240 net horsepower but maintaining a government rated 20 mpg combined mileage. The SLC has every possible luxury appointment you can imagine, including 14-way power heated leather seats, MaxTrax 6 speaker cassette player with graphic equalizer, automatic climate control, power sunroof, soft close trunk and doors, keyless entry system, sports console shift, rear armrest, full chrome-and-vinyl rub strips, and, of course, power windows, brakes, and steering.

  • The Bianchi Designer Edition - $27,999 - Photo Coming
    For those who still want the finest in personal luxury, but may prefer sheer comfort over sport, the Bianchi Designer edition of the Virgo IV features paint and interior appointments personally selected by famous fashion designer Giorgina Bianchi, including wire wheels, leather power bucket seats, genuine burled walnut interior trim, and curated color combinations. Standard features include full power accessories, sunroof, automatic climate control, MaxTrax 6 speaker cassette player, and 5.0 liter V8 engine.

*Mileage ratings are to be used for comparison purposes only and may not reflect observations in real world driving.


The latter two were actual Chrysler colors in real life, but all three are just right for the extroverted, ground-pounding Chimera.

Edit: “Gang Green” is somehow more appropriate for the Chimera. But in any case, no matter what color it comes in, this beast would look terrific blasting through the hilly streets of San Francisco.


I was going for fake Chrysler Hi Impact Colors, I forgot Sub Lime was real. I believe Statutory Grape was a MAD magazine parody at the time. :rofl:


Cool cars, looks like a Mercury parody.


Thanks. Hirondelle is definitely very Lincoln-ish with a hint of Cadillac; Silverhare is a combo of Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Dodge; Earl will be mostly Ford and Chevy; and Steed is like a luxury version of Jeep & International.