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The Efficient Future - Make the Best of it Competition


DAT DESIGN… :open_mouth:
Accept this “best looking car in automation” imaginary medal on behalf of me.


omg coming from you that’s a big deal :smiley:

[size=50]I’d like to dedicate this imaginary medal to all the wonderful people of Automation, some of whose mods I have used, many of whom have inspired me, and others whose techniques I stole in the making of this design[/size]


I am not so sure about the front and those half moon headlights, BUT that rear looks freaking amazing :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


somebody need to make an automation hall of fame. and this need to be in it


As in - I’ve had this idea before, and I can run it.


Do I see black rims??? tell me it’s a mod (yet to be released) and not just a photoshop…

It’s really inspiring to see what can be done within automation, awesome job strop.


Sorry, just a photoshop. I selected the areas in GIMP and just used the curve tool to decrease the darker values all the way down. It was a very quick, dirty job.

Thanks for the comments. I was really trying to figure out what kind of design language production cars would adopt in 2020. One interesting trend I noticed are the increasingly prominent “cutaway” look on the front end, which brands such as Kia and Hyundai are aggressively ramping up. It’s as if they took the shape and purposefully sculpted a shape into it, for example:


It has certainly been a feature that Lexus has been hinting at for a while, in particular:

If you look at my company thread, you’ll see that 2016 Salamander concept starts building upon this motif. I thought by 2020 the whole daytime running LED lights would integrate themselves further into the bodywork to the point that they might even directly provide/accompany the ridge. This is part of the ‘sporty’ design vogue I’ve noticed the most coming into play this decade, at least.


Wow, a full design analysis :laughing: I basically modelled mine off the styling of a Tesla (though the front turned out quite Renault imo). I just figured that for an efficient sedan, low drag would be important so I went with a very smooth shape. Clearly a sports/super car would need more than a small and partially covered grill for cooling.


I really like these sorts of competitions. The wide range of vehicles makes it more interesting, even if its harder to directly compare all of the vehicles.


Updated Car Submission status’ on OP.

I am exstatic to see the participation and the great variety of approaches that are coming in! It will make for a very interesting competition and group of writeups.

At this time, my plan is to post one to two reviews/writeups per one to days, starting with the lowest scoring car, working towards the highest. I will also put clickable URL links on the OP to each car’s review. I want to give each car a full review with pictures and analysis. I will reveal each car’s total points and my subjective score based on the priorities of this competition with each write up. Once I have reviewed every car, I will post a table with the full stats and scores.

I am excited! We have about 5 more days before the competition closes and reviews begin. So many times, I’ve wanted to comment on the cars I’ve received, but I’ve refrained!!! Trust me, each and every one of you will receive overly detailed feedback with my overly wordy writing style. :smiley:


Excellent to hear. I look forward to the reviews!


We present the 2020 Revera XR, the entry sports car of the future.

3.7s from 0 to 100 km/h. A top speed of 302km/h and a combined fuel economy of 38MPG. Preorder now for $42400.

The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

And now I clearly see how plain my cars are! These designs are awesome.


you guys are setting the standards high here… i might have to take a different approach


Ok mine was not a beauty to start with but now I feel useless. Top shit. Nice and clean.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: I also added a small animation to my original reply.


pff…show of…


Now that I do like. Top marks for that man!


Cool stuff, guys!

Only 2 days left, and we’re up to 17 competitiors! This is gonna be good!


Interesting :slight_smile: