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The Efficient Future - Make the Best of it Competition



Accepted Submissions[/quote]

Format: Username - Company - Car

15. Asdren - Asdren - Revera XR
16. robt100 - robt100 - Revera XR

Interesting :slight_smile:[/quote]

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.


the cooling has to be at least the required cooling or simply enough for the engine to run?

thought i had the budget to put some comfort in my car this time, but considering the fuel efficiency figures mentioned here…


Robt100 Car Works would like to present ‘the car you never knew you wanted’.

With todays Eco-efficient orientated world, we decided that a new approach was needed. We’ve been so Eco-friendly we have even recycled an old bodyshell from the last decade!
Using the Robt100 mantra - ‘Fun, Compromise and pointlessness’ we have Built a Car for all people into a 2 door sports-eco-friendly-uncomfortable-death-trapmobile.
With enticing statistics like 100bhp per litre, 0-60mph in under 6 seconds, and over 60mpg economy, who wouldn’t want the new EcoPlus? Lapping the airfield test track faster than an Audi R8 (remember those retro cars??) the EcoPlus has speed on its side, and with its pull-rod rear suspension you have the extra kudos of only having boot space for your golf clubs!

Find yours now at a showroom you never knew existed, for just a little but under €95,000.


[size=125]Speed and acceleration is important?

0-100 in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 274 km/h

Need room for more than two people?

8 seats and plenty of cargo space

How about emissions?

Below 40

Need to go offroad while comfortable?

No problem, just look at the car.

Want to stay safe?

1885kg of steel combined with sufficient safety measures will leave you safe and sound with other tincans moving out of the way whether they want to or not
*[size=175]The ABR Rhino Nightshade[/size]

[size=150]Think outside the box! Break the meta! Be unique, buy a ABR Rhino Nightshade today![/size]


[size=150]Shiny happy future-cars holding hands,
Shing happy future-cars holding haaaaaannnnndds!

Jokes aside, you got an SUV to do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds?!


The PR department dropped acid before making that ad, my apologies.

And yes, with 570hp and pushrod suspension, this SUV is something else :wink:


Is it a couch then? :smiley:

But yeah, that is not SUV, it’s a supersonic house on wheels


Did you say pushrod suspension? Forget soft-roading, this makes no pretenses of even trying!

I’d compare it to an ultra hot Cayenne S or the one-off Juke-R.


Pretty much the inspiration for this build one could say:

Will not be competitive, but still hilarity should ensue :smiley:

There were rumours of a crazy SUV considered to be entered into this competition, but limits to number of entries denied this possibility. However, a blurry picture taken in the heat haze of the desert could at least give a glimpse at the future for ABR:


And we’re coming in to the final streach! We are almost at 20 cars!

The first review should be ready to go by the 15th or 16th. I will start at the bottom of the scores and work my way up, so if you aren’t hearing about your car for a week or two, that’s a good thing. :smiley:

Final Submissions are due at 23:59 on 2/15/16 server time.


inb4 last.


hooo shoot
i forgot about this… 30 min to go.

hope i can make something on time


The competition is officially closed!!!

We ended with 20 contenders, and the reviews will commence immediately after this post. We had a lot of great cars with a lot of variety.

It’s an interesting lot, this.


20th of 20

User: Vri404
Company: Denki Hogo-Sha
Car: AMU-O


This car looks sporty. That’s what you’ll think as you walk up to it. Its aggressive compact sports sedan stance lets you know that it’s not supposed to be an eco-car. And that’s respectable & honest, because it’s definitely not.

Despite the Green Party Tax penalties for poor economy and high emissions, Denki Hogo-Sha has built a car with a 113 emission rating and 17.6 MPG. While this would be ok in a 5000lb+ truck with the new tax laws, it will incur huge penalties in taxes for the owner because of the performance. That increases cost of ownership significantly, making it less desirable. In the 1990s, this would have not been an issue, but now in the 2020s, this is a huge issue.

So there are tax penalties… People spending $118690 on a compact sport sedan probably aren’t too concerned with tax penalties. So what about this car might appeal to a buyer? Maybe the extreme engine and the sound it makes? Yeah, this 2.5L V12 with 5 valves per cylinder absolutely screams! 0 to 62KPH happens in 4.4 seconds. But then you hit a wall at 129MPH! The culprit is the extremely and unnecessarily short gears on the seven speed Double Clucher. This kills highway fuel economy and keeps the engine RPMs unnecessarily high. It also requires 3 shifts just to get to 100KPH.

On the flip side, the tuning of the transmission, the peppy V12, and the extreme suspension make for a great track car that can still haul your family through town. The huge sticky tires allow for great grip, and the brakes are just ridiculous!!! Just tap the petal, and 6 pistons of brake pad hit massive Carbon Ceramic brakes on every wheel! They must cost as much as the engine and it’s a V12.

The interior is very nicely done, though adds a lot of weight to what otherwise seems like a track car. This reminds us that the designers intended this to still be a nice compact sedan family car. The Active suspension does it’s best to balance the best of both worlds, too. Plus, this guy is safe!

So if you want to carry your family around in sporty style, while sticking it to the Green Bureaucrats, this is your car! This is truly a balanced sports sedan that brings high performance and everyday usability, comfort, and safety into one package. But is there a demand for this exact combination at $119k and with all the maintenance? Maybe…However, we don’t see this as being an especially popular choice among the current demographics.

The Efficient Future Rank: 20/20 @ 721.7 points
Summary: Very Quick! Good sportiness and comfort at the expense of drivability. A very nice car, but it’s horrible fuel economy, high emissions (highest in the group), high running costs, wonky gear ratios, and lack of any stand out characteristics other than wicked acceleration leave it at the back of the pack in this competition

Carskick’s Overall Subjective Score: 6.5/10
Summary: I really like this car! It is well balanced, and if economy and cost didn’t matter, it would have scored much better. With a few revisions, this car has the potential to be a phenomenal sports sedan. But in a world of economy, it’s just not practical.



[size=50]I’ll Never win anything :smiley:[/size]


19th of 20
User: earincon198
Company: Ignis
Car: Stella R200


Another good looking, well balanced, but low scoring car, the Stella R200 is quite a treat! For just over $32k, you get a very usable 1.7 Liter Turbo 4 with a quick spooling turbo that still puts out a nice consistent stream of Horsepower. But you’ll soon realize the tradeoff. For this tiny, well-tuned little engine just devours fuel! This is in part to engine tune, but also this car is not light. The sturdy AWD hatchback tips the scales at 3470lbs. But due to the engine’s small size and quick spooling turbo, it still achieves 24.6 MPG and burns it’s fuel pretty thoroughly, meaning the green party will give it a pass, but not recommended.

So how does the car drive? Quite well, actually. The geared LSDs at both ends of the car gets the power to the ground extremely effectively, while the suspensions’ stiff Active Dampers and Sway Bars keep the car planted. However, this extremely firm ride makes for some discomfort on bumpy roads, and undrivable on bad roads. On the track, smooth as butter. The sporty interior maintains this theme, as do features such as Launch Control & fully adjustable ESC & TC. You’ll also feel safe whipping around in this car, not just because it’s good at avoiding accidents, but it’s weight, rigidity, and safety features are enough to give you peace of mind. The theme of sportiness continues with the Soft compound low profile tires and Double Clutch Gearbox.

But the engine just felt too small for the weight and sportiness of the car. A little more displacement would give the car better performance on a leaner mix, including more torque and better economy. Or keep the engine small, boost economy, save weight by skipping AWD, and make the suspension more comfy to make it a more practical eco car. But the current combination felt like it was trying to hard to be everything, so it ended up excelling at nothing. Well, save handling, which again, sporty handling seems to be this cars primary focus above all else.

So just like the AMU-O, a well balanced car finishes near the back of the pack. Not because it’s bad at something, but it just doesn’t really stand out in any particular way. And that’s important in today’s market.

The Efficient Future Rank: 19/20 @ 1057.8 points
Summary: Very balanced car, but relatively high fuel consumption & emissions output, lack of comfort, and lack of many stand-out features hold the R200 back. The handling is phenomenal despite the car’s weight.

Carskick’s Overall Subjective Score: 7.0/10
Summary: A Very sporty hatchback for only $32k does capture my heart. But I find the engine and aggressive handling combination a little puzzling.


[quote=“Vri404”]CALLED IT!

[size=50]I’ll Never win anything :smiley:[/size][/quote]

LOL dude you made an overly short-shifted gas guzzler in a tournament with “Efficient” and “Future” in the title, what else were you expecting :laughing: It’s like you wanted to build a rallycross sedan.


snip[size=35] didn’t remember it was stated in the OP
anyway. i think my submission name in the OP is a bit wrong.

LEAFCO is the car name. it’s made by komodo motors

i’m curious on where it would end up? i’m 90% sure that it won’t be anywhere near the top 5, but by how much? :smiley:


Somehow, through blind luck and pure idiocy, the Rhino Nightshade is not last. Baffled is the only way I can describe my feelings atm…


18th of 20
User: Harizvet1
Company: Infinity Motor
Car: RS330


I first saw the RS200 and thought, ‘Lamborgini made and affordable hatchback!’ It’s quite stylish . The aggressive black/yellow theme, the slits on the sides of the bumper, giant front brakes, and the huge spoiler all scream Hot Hatch. I will order mine with a toned down spoiler, though.

This car puts down quite a tempting package! The engine is a 3.2 Liter V6 with two small turbos which fully spool at only 2700 RPM, but carry a full 15.4PSI of boost almost to the top of the engine’s 7900 RPM redline! It’s quite economical if you keep it at reasonable Revolutions, and averages over 25MPG in daily driving. But the engine will burn enough fuel to achieve 330HP at 7100 RPMs. Then you have the modern DC Transmission with electronic AWD. To top it off, relatively low maintenance and engine reliability make this a great track day/daily driver combination. And that also shows in the suspension tuning. The springs are progressive and sturdy, but there is enough give as the shocks seem to adapt to the road quite well. The aggressive camber and bit of body roll from the 3300lb car make it super fun on the track! But eventually, you’ll have a problem…
The airflow to the cooling system in this car is just not good enough. During daily driving, it’s not a problem, as the actually cooling system itself is good. However it gets heat soaked very easily under load conditions which will wear things out quicker. This was likely done this way to maximize fuel economy and top speed, but it just kills longevity.

Another interesting design choice is to make the body panels out of carbon fiber! This flows with the sporty nature of the car, and gives it the prestige that much of our market is interested in. This greatly adds to the value of the package in terms of sportiness and economy, but I’m sure it was not an inexpensive decision. I believe the non-sport version has standard body work and a more basic engine, but this does help this sports car stay relatively economical. Surprisingly, this hatchback is still over 3400 pounds despite the carbon fiber body work.

So why is this car 18th place? Well it’s fast, sure! It’s pretty practical, comfortable, and versatile, but it doesn’t have anything that really stands out to put it ahead of the pack. Plus, the fuel economy and efficiency isn’t fantastic.

Great balance, fast, fun, comfortable, and good looking! I was disappointed to not see this car score higher and a few revisions on the next version could make it quite a catch!

The Efficient Future Rank: 18th/20 @ 1086.5 points
Summary: Excellent speed and good suspension give it good track scores, but it just does average everywhere else, which means it misses out on any major bonus points for excelling in a category. It’s also just ok in the fuel
economy and emissions department.

Carskick’s Overall Subjective Score: 8.5/10
Summary: Me personally, I really like this car. While there are a few issues and tweaks to be addressed, its balance gives the best of many worlds. To top it off, it looks great!