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The Engine Startup and Revving topic


Here’s another video of my 206 :smiley:
Enjoy :wink:


Startup and Idle:

Full Throttle:

Driving Around:

Full Video:


[quote=“VicVictory”]Alright, alright, alright… Wouldn’t want to be outdone by the Peugeot/Renault crowd here. :laughing:

And to show you my POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (or lack thereof):


Huh. Six months to the day after posting this, and I’ve got almost exactly 10,000 more miles on the clock. And I don’t even drive it for work. Just commutes. :open_mouth:


I’d also join the 4 banger corner, but what’s even more depressing is that my Mazda isn’t even running. I can do spin the back wheels on my bike and put V12 Audi sounds over it if you guys want… :frowning:


My 1975 Ford Capri 3.0 V6 Ghia :mrgreen:
Skip to 0:25 to hear the beast burble :smiley:


Resurrecting this thread. This was mainly a 4k test as I had an old 1080p video of this, but thought I might a well stick it in here.


Ignore the flashing TPMS light, tyres are fine, I just have some winter wheels on and the sensors aren’t coded in.


I’ll put one of my car up soon. My radiator was completely junked by a nasty leak. I’m only about 2 hours worth of work away from having it running at normal temp, after 2 weeks of it going nuclear hot while I waited on parts…
More to the point, it’s a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES. It has Mitsubishi’s 6G72 3.0L V6. Mine has single overhead cams and 24 valves (and a mighty 195 horsepower!). It might still be a bit rough, since I’m also saving up for a new o2 sensor, crankshaft position sensor, and camshaft position sensor.


Here it is. Sorry it took so long.


Unsure if correct. (Audio was recorded low to avoid peaking, just turn up your end!)



That’s a funky way to place the exhausts… I wonder why ford chose to put them pointing down.


Exhaust is not factory, but is intended to look factory, factory is 1.5" dual with GIANT baffled mufflers + resonators.

What I have equipped is 2.25" with Magnaflow insulated straight through mufflers. The car is not loud, but has presence, when it was stock, it was near silent.

What supprised me is when I installed the new Catalytic converters, it got louder.


The modular 4.6 is one of the best sounding engines there is in my opinion. But I hate it when you have such a glorious rumble that’s pent up by restrictive exhausts.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Did the P73 come standard with dual exhausts, or was it just the P71?


P73 could be optioned with dual exhaust. P72 and P71 came with dual.
P73/72 Have 2.73:1 final ratios
P71 Have 3.23-3.55:1 final ratios as ordered.


Ok, got to weigh in on this one!
Although its not my vid, it is the engine going in my capri. Sounds pretty good bearing in mind its only revving to around 4.5k :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Revving video of my new Honda Innova bike is coming soon! Watch this space!

EDIT: Here it is! Sorry about the clumsy camerawork, never really planned out how I was going to film it! :stuck_out_tongue: (aaaaand I realised I filmed it in portrait -_-)


Since my brother and dad got the new gas tank in, I was able to catch some footage of my brother’s 87 Camaro revving…



Well, I’ve got this. Excellent car, and an excellent engine sound.

Felicia <3


I want to see more people posting in this thread pls & thx :heart: