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The Exhaust Note - A Car Magazine [Reviews, impressions, car lore]


Are you accepting .cars from 4.24 version a.k.a Open Beta or still from Stable version?


After some testing, Open beta seems to work, while the “stable” version is CTD or just doesn’t load the car designer. So I guess for now, only Beta.


1924 Siddley Landchester 35 H.P. (cars in history)



An all-new Strop’s Corner - this time: On Gearing

By the one and only @strop








I’ve got three cars/articles in the making at the moment. I’ve gone through the material that I had.
I am still a bit looking at the format that I like. I kind of like the magazine format as I am horrible at formatting on the Discord Forums themselves, but if you prefer plain text with the occasional screenshot directly in this thread, please let me know.

The articles are there for your enjoyment and to flesh out your lore in the end.


I don’t mind current formatting, that is making pages. Looks nice.


I personally prefer the magazine look as well instead of the plain forum text and screenshot, as it adds a bit of flair and looks way more professional.


The current formatting is good. We shouldn’t make you use something you don’t wanna use if you don’t wanna.


1954 Neva NAZ V-01 Vygrat (cars in history)



2003 Quezon SR-2