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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!



C’mon guys, y’all will kill me if I have to improve for every position. At that rate, I’d have to go out back, actually build the winning truck, and then ride it around my hometown IRL and show you the review with Go-Pros mounted everywhere. You want that? I’ll be taking donations in increments of 10,000 USD. :laughing:

Glad y’all liked it. Thanks to TheTom for helping me out with the video software. It’s opened doors to future collaboration. Stay tuned for that and the next two reviews when we coordinate our schedules again.

Yeah, well, SURPRISE!

That was my intention. I hope y’all don’t mind the extra time these take. I think it’s worth it.

[quote=“asdren”]You guys did an amazing job.

I was not expecting much, therefore i am super happy i made it the 3rd. Even more happy now that i am 3rd, because the wait for my review would have killed me :smiley:[/quote]

Appreciate all the comments like this thus far. I wasn’t sure this would be the best idea, it really drags out the results stage, but what fun is a challenge with no suspense? I’m going to do my best to work with Tom to get the top two released pretty close together. No point in keeping the winner waiting when all the other positions have been announced.


I have no problem with the extra time taken. Effectively, car-magazine review blurbs for the general public, full-fledged reviews for 4th and 5th, and video reviews for the top 3? No way in heck I’m gonna complain about a little extra time being taken. You’ve set the bar high, and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.


Very cool video review!

I also didn’t see that Hydropheumatic/Offroad combo option when I built my truck. Looks like a winning combo!

Looking forward to final 2 videos.



I was hoping to do the recording with Tom yesterday, but I got sick from working Double OT in the snow, did some wheelin’ and dealin’ with my work colleagues to trade some shifts so I didn’t have to work 3 consecutive nights last week, and wound up working all day Sunday in the several resulting shift swaps.

Anyway, I intend to knock this out ASAP. I don’t enjoy not having the results out any more than any of you. I’m in the midst of an abnormally busy time of year, so I’ll try to get the top two out relatively soon.

I humbly appreciate your patience.


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I apologize for the length of time it has taken to get to the final reviews. I said I wouldn’t be one of those challenge hosts who keeps the participants dangling waiting for results. I got really close and I thought I had planned the timing well. Then life and my second semester of law school happened and I had to drop everything.

You have probably seen me poking around the forums, but you’ll notice I have not participated in any challenges in quite some time. However, I am on break until August, even though I will be working full-time in the interim. Therefore, I will be finishing these reviews (hopefully) today. I apologize that they will not be video reviews. I have not had the time to collaborate with Tom and I don’t want to inconvenience him as I know that he works. In hindsight, I should have saved the video review for our winner. Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20, not forethought.

Regardless, I intend to crank out some thorough written reviews for our top two trucks so that I can finalize this challenge and get to work on my summer idea. So without any further ado, I thank you for your patience and understand those that ran out of theirs months ago.



Thanks for the news!


no problem, I look forward to seeing it done!


Finally the results and the reviews are in. Congratulations to all entrants on a closely contested battle in the Farm Truck Challenge. Your Top-2 trucks are listed below and the reviews, as well as the detailed scoring spreadsheet, are attached below.

First Place

@Lenraj Grinder - 747.72 Points

Second Place

@stensen Cocchio - 747.18 Points

FTC Conclusion.zip (260.7 KB)

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thanks for the great effort and the great reviews.

hopefully i will find the time to spend more time on the styling for the police truck :wink: anyhow,just keep ur priorities right, this is just a game.

congrats to lenraj!


Hi Klinardo,

This is soooo long overdue, but I somehow never got around to start on the new forum. As I remember it, Automation changed forum during this challenge. I have been away for a long time, but recently found my way back again, to see that I won. How great is that?!

I’m kinda blown away by how much effort you put into this challenge. I just looked through the whole thread, and that’s a lot of work you put down.

Now to the review for my truck… I have to say I laughed a lot, reading it. Mainly because I apparently made several involuntary jokes/innuendos. You see, I’m quite colorblind, and was sure that my truck was a shade of white. Well, it seems it wasn’t. The name Grinder, was genuinely with the “work” meaning in mind. However, when combined with the color pink, I see how it all could look like a huge joke, but I can’t take credit for that. (I showed it to my girlfriend, while reading this, and she cried with laughter)

So even though it’s almost two years late this reply, I still felt you deserved one. Thanks for the work you put into it



I genuinely appreciate you thinking to follow up.

For what it’s worth I have also become substantially less active as I became fully involved in law school. I hosted this tournament in my first semester and I’m now in my last. Funny how things come full circle.

It was quite a bit of work, but I was very happy to see so many people enjoy the finished project. I do intend to one day host another competition, as it seems like I am better at hosting rather than being a competitor. That probably won’t be until after I take the Bar Exam in July, but it is on my radar. I have to get acclimated to the newest versions of the game, first.

I’m glad you enjoyed all of the innuendos I created. I guess I read into something that wasn’t quite there, but if y’all enjoyed it, I’m glad.


That makes sense. I can imagine law school demands quite a lot of attention, if you want to succeed.

I’ll definitely participate, if you host another challenge, provided that I’m active on the forum, of course. I run a small startup, so my sparetime changes a lot…

And hey, good look with the Bar Exam!