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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!


I think Automation marks things up a little high for US type vehicles so I wanted there to be a decent size cap. The higher the cost and the higher the maintenance the lower your score. I can always lower the cap $10K.


Clearly you have not purchased a brand new pickup truck in many many years. haha

Those things are expensive now. A basic truck, 2 door, non-crew cab, long bed will set you back !30-40k! Crew cabs are closer to $45k, and then you can add options to push it even higher.


My 2010 F-150 was barely under $40K (sticker, I did better than that) and it has the 5.4L V8, 4WD, extended cab, two tone accent and the Chrome and Tow Package as well as the XLT convenience package for the entirety of its options. It doesn't take much to get the MSRP to head north.


you guys and your cars......

my family car were bought new at almost 1/5th of kli's truck's sticker price


question is car, or big 'ol pickup truck?


That's not really a fair comparison depending on where you're from and what kind of car your family purchased.


I reccomend adding the following.

@ >0% Profit.


well.... a wagon. or an MPV.. well LowMPV (as in low cost)

the new face of datsun

or you could see here.

1.2l 3 cyl. a downgraded nissan march engine

this is getting a bit too OOT now


I like the recommendation, but what type of value should we set? If I leave it open should it affect score moreso than it would through the total cost penalties?


Wait...Datsun still exists??????


Datsun was revived a few years ago to sell small, cheap cars, and is only in a few markets (such as India and Indonesia).


With the new update coming out to Open Beta now there will probably be about a week or so turn around until it goes live as an update. This means that this challenge will go active with the rules as described shortly thereafter. I would like to get some more input on the tires and mod rules specifically in the next week.


yup. it's 2014 exactly.

it's just a shadow of the former datsun anyway. although the philosophy is the same (as a brand to sell cheaper cars than nissan's) it's a different 'cheap'

also 0-star rating from when it was released in 2014 up to mid 2015 when it finally received an airbag as an option


So I just updated the rules based on the suggestions I was getting and how I wanted the balance of the challenge. The rules as they are listed will probably be what is used when the challenge goes live when the new build goes to stable release.

If you have suggestions, please speak now.


The Challenge is open with the new public update. Deadline is January 8, 2016. Remaining details are in the OP.


Just to be sure: Open beta or no beta?


I think the update may already contain the balance changes, at least, as far as the beta testing phase is over, that likely means that the beta is now the public release (though I haven't booted up to check yet).


My game updated when I booted up today so we should be in public release.


Just noticed minimum seats available?

So 2 even if 3 were available, or no less than 2 (requiring a .lua edit)


No. Perhaps I could have been more clear. You just can't modify your file. You can equip the truck with 3 seats if 2 is an option. You just can't equip it with 1 seat via .lua Mods.