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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!


Will the new body be safety penalty free?


I’m not entirely sure. It may still have a small one depending on the year it becomes available.


I’m actually building something for this challenge. As usual, I like my trucks powerful and fast. But apparently it’s not very economical… also my first build came to a market price of 10k so uh, a bit of a ways to go.

I’d like to see thecarlover’s new mod, but they seem to be having problems with their software at the moment.


Presenting the 2011 Bogliq Haulage Texas edition!!!


That’s my 2011 workhorse Doit!
Got some chrome, rims, lots of space and a decent V8. Seems like a truck to me :slight_smile:


Glad to see entries popping up. I have been getting them via PM. I’ve just only had cell service for internet since Friday and I have an 8-hour final tomorrow morning. I will be checking entries again around Tuesday.


I had previously built a truck of sorts, but wrote it off b/c it didn’t hit the offroad scores I wanted for it. This comp has gotten me to go back to tweak and balance it more toward an all rounder than an offroader (hopefully hitting some good numbers for this comp along the way). Anyway I have an entrant ready, but I’m waiting to see the progress of thecarlover’s truck. It seems they are working off their laptop and working on dual-booting Windows 7 on their main machine. Point is that it seems to be coming along, it looks nice, and so I’m holding off submitting for now until it becomes more clear if the body will become available in time and if it does then i’m going to try it out.

Sorry 'bout that, but know you’ll at least have one more entrant and there will probably be more closer to deadline especially if that new body works out.


If things progress as they are now, I should have the body ready sometime tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises. I’m planning on entering as well with that body.


I’ve built 4 test trucks before I opened the challenge to check on some design decisions affecting the scoring. I’m excited to actually build out a truck with the new design. I will accept any revisions from those who have already submitted a truck if you wish to use the new body. I can easily filter by username in my spreadsheet.


Can you update OP with new entries please so we can know if we are in :slight_smile:


Perhaps you missed that post, but the answer to your request was no, I couldn’t. However, I finished and feel really good about that exam and that I never have to do that exam again! I’ll probably get around to updating the OP and adding entries to my spreadsheet tonight when I can summon the courage to look at my computer again.


OP has been updated and thecarlover’s truck mod should be available on the workshop as of today!


yup it’s in there. i just subscribed, haven’t tried it though


This is the brand new Conqueror
So strong, so poweful, SO CONQUEROR


That model looks fantastic. I’ll definitely be checking these today.


[quote=“Sillyworld”]This is the brand new Conqueror
So strong, so poweful, SO CONQUEROR

those pics looks like they’re screenshot from a modded GTA: San Andreas :stuck_out_tongue:


The competition between the entries thus far is fierce with some differing strategies at play. Thecarlover’s model certainly added a much needed alternate design strategy to the competition. All submitted entries at the time of this posting have been reviewed and accepted.


I present the 2011 Solo Brute BM 4x4 SL, perfect for farmers and tradesmen on a budget!


woohoo, the new body is out. It’s time to get building!


The new body is great. I had previously built something else. This suits my company better so the other one will probably be shifted to another company, but wont be in this comp. I’ve just submitted my entry, but since there is a lot of show & tell going on I’d like to participate :slight_smile: