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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!


Hey guys, just checking in. I've travelled back to Boss's original HQ location of Blue Anchor (IRL) for the holidays. I might not play Automation much until after Christmas, so I'm monitoring this off of my phone. I have all of the competition files on my laptop so there will be no delays due to my travels. Please keep tuning and sending in entries. This is shaping up really well thus far!

[size=50]Also, bump![/size]


With a deadline of Jan 8, I should be able to get something in!


After a long day of hard labour (sitting in my chair on my computer is hard work!) I have completed my final challenge of the day, spanning a great variety of vehicles.
[color=#FFBF80][size=150]The ABR Mule[/size][/color]

Like it's namesake, [color=#FFBF80][size=150]The ABR Mule[/size][/color] is a sturdy and reliable powerhouse able to keep working day in and day out. With 379hp and 530nm it is still able to kick you in the gut if needed to though.
The 6 litre V8 is solid iron along with the rest of the 6.16m body, totaling a solid 2,6 tonnes of farmers delight. With enough lights to light up the fields at night, enabling you to work 24/7.
Buy one today and get crackin'!

*Pending competition approval


"let me light up the road WITH MY MURICA"


uhh. did i submitted mine in this already? i can't remember. too many challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


Don't have you on the OP so I doubt it.


Guys whats your km/l economy?

I have gotten something like 8.6km/l


I have a feeling my entry is not going to fare so well.............


Feel free to revise up to the deadline.


Oh no! I am sticking with what I made, I am not in these to win but have fun and see if what I make can sneak up to the top, I am the oddball out there that sometimes pulls that off :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Plus I like the look of mine, it WILL be different than the others, that I am sure of.


So now that we are past Christmas, I had time to hop on my computer and do some reviewing of pending entries. As of this post, all submitted entries have been reviewed and accepted into FTC.

For those of you still tinkering or who haven't started yet, we have 13 entries thus far (not counting my own test and baseline car of course), and the deadline remains set at January 8, 2016. I'm looking forward to writing up my blurbs and reviews.

On January 9, 2016 a secondary stage of this challenge will go live. More on that will follow in the new year.


right. will start making it now


Happy New Year folks. Hope your 2016 is off to a good start. Just a reminder that the FTC closes a week from today!


may we use the truck body mod? I don't remember the name


If it's available on the workshop it's fair game. I have a link to thecarlover's mod thread in the OP.


Just to bump things a bit, here's a pic of what I just submitted:

From the makers of the ultimate heavy duty van, the Strongarm, the Hercules Canyon (Ranger trim pictured, with off-roader suspension and tray pack) is the perfect companion for the hardworking American family. It pulls hard all day long, goes just about anywhere, and with a real engine, a powerful low-spooling eco-turbo and VVTL system it has both grunt and economy. Need to tend the livestock in a flood, over the hill and far away? No problem! In a hurry to take the kids to school? Never lose at the lights with surging torque blasting you off the mark, then settle back on the highway with an all around premium interior and room for five. And to suit your busy life, you hardly have to worry about servicing, with reliable parts and all around rust-protection.

Canyon. Go hard, go long.

Performance Tuner Drift Series [Pre-season tests finished]

strop is in this one. i think we can officially call all the other competitors just have been 'out-stropp-ed'

also.. that truck is quite good looking. what did you use for that chromed grille?

and then there will be mine...... i'm bad with cars that have high/wide front-end


Well... No. He definitely aimed for the big point categories with this entry as did pretty much everyone who entered. No 1 HP:KG super truck here in this round.


huft dissapointing :stuck_out_tongue:


Turbo? eco? VVTL? That ain't no *real *engine