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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!


Wow, competition was very tough and I didn’t realize how many people had actually entered. 15th isn’t bad, I was thinking 11 or 12 based on being out priced. In any case, excellent blurbs and I can’t wait to read the top 6. Also two or crew cab sport variants are coming soon for the next phase. I’m really enjoying this series of events.

Also John Deere dark green is clearly the only appropriate color…unless you like International Harvester red…or Case orange (if you remember), but I made the engine orange.


well then. 17th. not that i have any high hopes, but that was a bit lower than i thought.
living conditions IRL really does affect my judgements in-game. here, even pickup truck are fitted with 1.3-1.5l engine. bigger trucks use 3.5l at most.
i was SUPER hesitant to go big and make less fuel efficient. i guess that, plus the hesitation to choose better interior because reliability issues, is what killed my scores.

btw, it actually ended up exactly the way i thought it would, i would have a very close competition with someone, it’s not strop this time though. (congrats for mr.HighOctaneLove :slight_smile: )


Wait… My truck is not on the list of 24th-6th place. That means I’m in the top 5?! Holy crap, I never thought I’d make that happen. I usually never build “serious” trucks. Occasionally 2000hp AWD dragstrip monsters, yes, but nothing for the masses. I’m surprised I did so well to be honest, but I did think carefully about what engine to put into it, what sort of capacity, how many cylinders, turno or NA, what head type etc. and of course also what gearbox, tyres and suspension setup I should use. It seems to have worked out just fine :smiley:


I can deal with 10th! =D

It was ugly, wasn’t it? Good all around, but ugly.

Thanks for the level of detail you put into each applicant’s entry! Glad to see it, even for last place.


[size=150]With a HUGE thanks to asdren, pictures will be added to the blurbs and available for further reviews.[/size]

Yup, you’re in the Top-5. Congrats. You should see your review in a couple of days.

[quote=“carskick”]I can deal with 10th! =D

It was ugly, wasn’t it? Good all around, but ugly.

Thanks for the level of detail you put into each applicant’s entry! Glad to see it, even for last place.[/quote]

Like I said. Fire the designer.


I almost forgot to add: GG wouldn’t have designed this truck, GG didn’t even exist until the end of that year, and they only really did cars. For all my other entries I have other companies that don’t have their own thread. In this case, it’s Hercules, the heavy and cargo vehicle maker. They tend to do ‘get the job done’ vehicles with maybe a dash, but not lashings, of class, and they do it relatively well (though I’m still waiting on my review from DoctorNarfy’s Man With A Van challenge to find out just how well).

FYI: The other threadless ‘companies’ I use for tournaments that don’t involve steeply priced ultra hypercar slayers (i.e. just about all of them) include:
Armada Motors- Lotus-like English out-of-a-shed company founded in the 50s with a focus on motorsport, always running into financial trouble until they decided to be smart and join a market that would become mainstream instead of trying to make cult cars out of their race models.
Matteo Miglia- Independent breakaway design outfit that tried to rekindle the spirit of the original Italian sports cars after auto industry powerhouse Officine Meccaniche was swallowed in a 5-way merger in 1975.
Phaedra- American muscle car manufacturer that wanted to top them all on a budget. Unclear what happened to them after the 70s.

…and so far that’s about it.


I have replaced the one GG mention.


Thanks. Note: Hercules didn’t really know what they were getting into, they’re not used to farm trucks. They’re more used to making vans for cargo. But as you so rightly said, the whole farm truck sector is a damn sweet slice of pie.


20th! That means my engineers only get 20 whip lashes each. (This is a surefire way of improving work effectiveness, I’m sure.)


The reviews are really well written and my truck did actually better than i thought^^


Click HERE for blurbs. (Includes 24th-6th Places.)

Now with pictures! With thanks, again, to asdren.


Indeed! A pleasant read.


BlasterPewPew what a truck :smiley:

Love the pictures, they really add up with blurbs!

(Although my name is misspelt and my trucks name is Doit)


Already caught that and let asdren know. I didn’t want to leave you without a picture, though. Hopefully asdren can find some time to fix it soon.


Ups, i suspected i would make some little mistake at least :slight_smile:, will fix it asap :wink:


THANKS!! I didnt want to follow the pack with a “truck” truck so I went a slightly (HA!) different route and made that. A big reason the car was so expensive was due to quality sliders and Adv Safety to get the safety above the limit, I REALLY REALLY dont like how safety is tied to year of body introduction and not year of model manufacture, if GM/Ford were to bring back a “copy” of a 60s or 70s car it would NOT suffer a penalty in safety because it would be manufactured with modern materials and knowledge. This is where I am going to run into trouble on Pt.2 I need to bring my costs down but keep safety up…going to be difficult.


That there was a brave choice Blasters. I salute you!

Thanks asdren for putting all the pics up. That probably took a little while.


And I am HONESTLY shocked at how well it did!! I am not the greatest at building a car, my strong point is building the engine but I seem to have hit something correct here :smiley:

Also a big thanks to Asdren for the help with pics!

EDIT: How much are Strop salutes worth? Can I exchange them for some Dev Meth? :smiley:
EDIT2: I think when people read my blurb before the pic they probably assumed I used the early truck, SURPRISE!!! :smiley:


The correction has been made.



The correction has been made.[/quote]

Thank you and Asdren for the effort, means a lot!