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The Fleet Manager Magazine (FMM)


Personally even if it was my car, I would definitely hand it to the Silver-York, I don’t like bias and I can admit when I’m wrong :joy: but the bias in this review is definitely strong


So, now I am having the time to give a statement this discussion deserves. As I am having trouble with multi-quoting, I have to do it different but I think it should be “readable”.

Did I request the S-Y to do a ripoff for my company?

No, my car was older and done waaay before. What I did was adding a few fixtures as it looked very bland next to the Silver-York. It was said that the Sovereign was missing fixtures on my pictures, and after a little research I can confirm this. This has not been done on purpose, a re-importing showed that I was missing mods.

Do I really accuse that the S-Y is a copy of the Regent model?

No, this was purely fictional. I did not see it coming that it sounds like a wrong accusation. I apologized via PM to the Professor as this is really something messed up by me. I do take note of that and avoid it for the future.

Am I biased and glorifying my own cars?

I thought not. The Faal won against my car, and so did the F.S.A. The RAM Saint was a little panned by me, yes. But this car did have bad gearing and strange engineering choices. Market stats confirmed that. Nevertheless I pointed out the good design of it.
In case of the S-Y I still think I wasn’t unfair, but when more than three persons independently tell me I am, then there must be something true about it. I will definitely be aware of this and do after every review a proofreading myself considering this aspect.

Do I only do these reviews to present my cars?

Asked this way: No. But surely I do include them quite often to give them attention, yes, I am guilty in this case. But its mostly about checking how good my cars are. And yes, I could do these checks without writing reviews every time about it.

When continuing, will I still include my own cars?

Yes and no. There will be definitely more single reviews than comparisons for the future. If I think it would be a good idea to see what I did with the same or a similar body, I will ask the person who’s car I review and let him or her proofread before publishing anything here. In no way I want over-the-top fictional interpretation that offends anyone or implies things that are an unwanted slight.

So, this was my point of view on that. Again my apologies to ProfessorP3pp3r that my good intention has been implemented in a very bad way.

Please let me know if the changes are reasonnable and give the car tests a better feel and make them what they should be.