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The Grand Guide to Realistic American Cars


Used mostly by Ford trucks, the twin I beam is a novelty in my eyes and I would think it makes greater sense to incorporate rear De Dion and swing axles before that…


Ok… why TF did I not add it to the useful threads list, I have no idea. But I fix my error now.


I know it is an older topic, but are there any plans to add some more decades of US car design (50s, 70s, etc.)?


I know this topic is old, but I still use it a lot, and I have related information. When trying to copy a real car, often you’ll have the tire size of the bias ply it came stock. Here’s a chart to convert to metric I use. Usually, the first value is the right one, but the second has a tire height, if your tire can’t be as wide as the first column is informing, increase the height.