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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


it will light both oversized rears past 65mph, with the quarter mile nearly double that so not quite.


My actual problem was rather what to do with the export file. Do I just message @Mr.Computah and attach it? (Never did a challenge before, so please bear with me for these very basic questions)


Send the round host a personal message with your export file attached and you should be good. Good luck on your first challenge!


Name: Martin C. “Hard Nuts” Toughtower and Wesley “Slide” McCrackwick

Age: 67 and 29

Background: Retired Lawyer M.C. Toughtower has a bone to pick with “General” Malcolm Carr, an automotive industry magnate with ties to the organized crime scene who has been tried several times, yet never convicted due to legal technicalities. Seven years ago, semi professional race driver Wesley “Slide” McCrackwick was convicted for stealing the latest Carr prototype sports car, the Dingo Z. Although this couldn’t be proven in court, McCrackwick managed to convince Toughtower that the prototype has actually been designed by Wesleys older brother, whom Carr had then murdered over his design. Toughtower has managed to use those pesky legal technicalities to his advantage for a change to withhold the patents from Carr and confiscate the prototype. With McCrackwick released for good conduct, Toughtower now devises a renegade revenge plan with the wronged race driver as his right arm and and the Dingo Z as the weapon of justice.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: Toughtower has reason to believe that Carr has Agents running in this infamous new street race all the way over in Europe. McCrackwick is there with his Dingo, incognito to everyone but his enemies, who know that they cannot expose him without exposing themselves. He’s going to make them nervous, wait for them to make a mistake, then pin them down.

The Car: Carr Automotive Dingo Z Prototype

Unveiled by Carr Automotive in 1988 as a street legal track day car and a base for privateer racers, the Dingo Z is equipped with an unexciting 3.8l V6 used by Carr in a variety of models. Normally putting out anywhere between 123 and 167 hp depending on application, it has been tweaked to make 201 hp for this vehicle, rendering it reasonably quick, though a terribly long shot from fulfilling the screaming promise of performance the exterior makes.

McCrackwick was given the confiscated shell - the only one ever produced - to play with and fitted it with his to-be-avenged big brother’s latest creation: A 420 ci V8 lifted straight out of the famous Ploughmouth Demi Musky and fitted with a 32V dohc head to give the Dingo Z the teeth it was meant to have all along.


Here’s 'nuther one


The Characters

Name: Johnny and Elliot Soule
Age: 35 and 31

Background: Born to a travelling jazz band, Johnny and Elliot were orphaned and somehow ended up working for the mafia. Expert get away drivers, Johhny and Elliot soon quickly made a name for themselves in the underworld as some of the best in the business. However things have gone sour. Managing to get on the wrong side of the Albanian mafia, they managed to rack up a considerable debt of 4.5 million dollars to the mafia. Now they’ve got to find a way to quickly repay that debt before…well…you get the point.

The Car

Their get away car of choice is the 1985 OAM Chevalier Police Interceptor. They figured that they would spend most of their time evading cops, so why not use one? Bought in preparation for a bank robbery in the Idaho for only $1,500 at an auction, the Chevalier Police Interceptor became the car of choice for the brothers. Apart from that, not much is known about the car other than the stock Police Interceptor came with a naturally aspirated Large Block 440 ACA V8

The best way to summarise this team is with this song…


What if you are submitting a stock trim for the race, unmodified?


Then just send me the stock trim, indicating that you don’t want to modify the car for the race.


Here’s hoping for a couple more TV series/movie spinoffs. This is going to be good :slight_smile:

Oh, and talking about team theme songs - I completely forgot how good the Hardcastle and McCormick one actually is:


The Team:

Name: Blake Worden, Luigi Fillipelli

Age: Blake: 34, Luigi: 27 (In 1995)

The Car: Customized 1995 Petoskey Montauk

Background: Worden and Fillipelli have been tasked by the Foundation for Law And Government to infiltrate an illegal Trans-Europe race in order to sniff out arms smugglers using the race for cover. They have been issued a talking, computerized state of the art sports car which not only offers superb speed, but is bulletproof, completely fuel efficient, and can even drive itself…

…Or not.

The Real Background: Blake Worden is a mechanic working for the Tatum Heights Motor Pool, He initially offered to take along Officer Marc Levinstein. Levinstein while intrigued reminded Worden that what he was proposing is illegal and therefore could take no part in it. He did, however, direct him to a seized 1995 Montauk for sale. The previous owner having just been convicted for murder and thus would no longer have a use for the car… or any other possessions for that matter. Since Marc couldn’t make it, he then offered his friend Luigi Fillipelli, a young mechanic at the local Cresge dealership. Luigi was intrigued, especially for a chance to visit the Old Country which he left six years ago to come to America. With five million dollars on the line, both men were keen on the idea and the team was born.

(What the car would have looked like if the first post was accurate)


Team Marx

Names: Karl and Lenin

Age: Karl: (classified) Lenin: (Classified)

The car: heavily Modified 2nd gen Communitasia

The Car itself started life as a basic Communitasia 2 door, which was found on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it. It was purchased and taken home. from there, the old engine was swapped out with a Galt crate motor, their recently released GVTS Quadcam V8, which amazingly fit under the hood of the communitasia. from there, they added in a 6 speed transmission from a totaled sports car, and the gearing was retuned to the optimal ratios. a wing was also added on along with a downforce undertray to help keep control. The suspension was also massively retuned, with many performance parts that have been made by third parties over the years. Thee final result was a car that can achieve 160 miles per hour, while also being able to pull over a G in the corners. the only thing really left to be desired though, is fuel economy.

my goal really is to just not come in last k?


Just started to experiment by building 2 other possible entries, here’s something to go with the latest & greatest:


The Lone Wolf

(If you just want the car stuff, scroll down a little ways)

Name: James Carhard

Age: 26

Car: Modified 1968 AEA Barracuda GT

Born in the middle of the United States, James grew up perpetually bored. And his boredom lead to mischief and petty theft. This got him in trouble often, and he learned street smarts quite quickly. By 12, he had more street smarts than most 30 something adults, and it was around this time his family moved to a quiet farming community, 20 minutes away from the large cities. His Father had to move away from the cities due to the divorce with his wife, and due to James’ own troubled ways.

This amplified James’ boredom, and mischievous ways, until he met the local teen daredevils. Motor bikes and dirt track racing satisfied James’ boredom for a few years.

One day in 1985, James’ Father was driving the family sedan, running some errands on the outside skirts of town with James. James recognized that part of town, asking why they needed to be there. He never got an answer, as a stray bullet from a Drive-By shooting went through the driver window, striking his father in the jugular. His father slumped down, James covered in the splatter. His Father left his inheritance, or what was left of it, to James, and that included Grandpa Mack’s 2 classic cars. One of those cars was a beat-up 1968 Barracuda GT.

From there James had to move in with an uncle, an uncle with contacts. His uncle saw the potential to use James as a driver for, well… deliveries.

Once James turned 18, he left, chasing an ever growing adrenaline rush… And a slowly growing bitter anger toward the people responsible for his father’s death.

In March of 1988, James found the gang responsible for the stray bullet that killed his father. He basically stalked the 2 remaining gang members who were left from the drive-by shooting. And he did it using the Barracuda GT in it’s tired, unrestored state. In the end, he used the Barracuda to run the 2 gang members off the road, killing them while heavily damaging the car.

His Uncle caught wind of James’ exploits, and persuaded him to come back and work for him. James had very little say in the matter. His uncle asked about James’ vehicles, and upon hearing about the damage done to the Barracuda, his uncle proposed restoring the Other Car James had inherited way back when.


James’ wild streak has grown. His Adrenaline Exploits have made him infamous among the general public. But that’s part of his cover for his, er… delivery business among other things. And the “underground scene” is heating up rapidly, too rapidly even for James. So he starts banking on his “reckless driving” as the papers are putting it. More illegal street racing, more wild cop chases, and more merchandise heists. To keep up the appearances, he starts working on the Barracuda again, rebuilding it for “safety” reasons to keep up with the current influx of what would be known later as tuners.

The Great Automation Run

Wanting to expand his reputation, James heard about the GAR, and decided that’s exactly what he’s been craving. And with it taking place in Europe, it was a perfect opportunity.

The Car: 1968 AEA Barracuda GT

Starting with a well abused Barracuda inherited from his Father, James stripped it down for a full restoration.

Rebuilt front-end with slightly better springs and shocks, Stiffer sway bars
Bigger, vented brakes on all 4 corners with modern, sticky, wide rubber.
A rare set of Magnesium rims he won in some illegal drag race.
James stripped the rear seats from the interior to make room for “packages” and 2 spare tires for this race.
He got a cassette player too.

The engine is a fully rebuilt AEA big block 455ci V8 with a healthy cam and twin 4bbl carbs.
For the GAR, James decided to increase the timing slightly, and tuned the carbs a little leaner so he could get at least a little fuel economy (don’t mind the engine still makes 1hp per cubic inch)
Also has full length exhaust headers running into a 2.5" dual exhaust system with glasspacks.

And all James changed about the body work was some slightly larger fender flares to fit the meaty tires.

Now James is ready to race, itching for the adrenaline rush ahead.


I picture Snake as James the whole time I read the lone wolf.

Even his car is a red muscle car :stuck_out_tongue:


Simpel-Karr Breezer - SK Breezer Tuned-2

Name: Sumgit W’thoutaklu
Age: Hard to tell, all those foreigners look alike to me, maybe 25?
Background: Sumgit liked making stupid proposals to his boss’s bosses, that’s why he worked in the test lab. He also liked tweaking grandma’s R31 skyline… she thought he tuned like an old lady. I’m still trying to work out how she got the car to Gibraltar. Anyways, she got sick of his shit and pulled the engine out when he was at work, replacing it with a VQ30DET.

Simpel-Karr had finished design work on their next car but not yet decided what engine would be fitted. Sumgit W’thoutaklu from the test lab suggested a 2nd hand RB30 his grandmother was trying to get rid of, something about 300hp being piss-weak. Management said he could stick it… he thought that meant yes.
After the event, he was promptly fired, but the body was returned to R&D, where it would later be used in what would be known as the Automation Engineers Championship.


Would safety also factor into these? I like to get my safety numbers just right

You’re way off the pace with that sort of consumption, mate.


Safety factors for the quality points as well.


Ah… pity. But ok, I’ll work around it. Cheers.


Name: Theodore “Teddy” Greenberg

Age: 32

Car: Modified Scarab Comet GT


Teddy, a white collar engineer, good natured and calm and somewhat goofy guy with a boring programming gig by day.
Come nighttime, tho, he fools around the in streets, trying out his prototyped gear in his newly aquired Comet. Living for inventions and adrenaline in equal measure, he combines his drive to make things better by invention or reprogramming, and the need for a good adrenaline rush by working on and racing his cars.

The GAR is the perfect place for him to put both his gear and driving to the test against both the other teams and the cops.


The modifications are small on the outside, rolled fenders to fit wider rims, replaced the popup with proper headlights and added a better rear wing. The interior is stripped bare to save weight, and the engine has recieved a proper racetune.