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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


Hmm, the N54 entered production in 2006, so we have a little time warp here :wink: Old BMW 3.0 by 1995 could be an M30 :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah i forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me.


The car - FTi Roadcat

The Roadcat was designed so that FOA could enter the muscle car arena. A couple of prototypes were produced before it was consigned to “The Barn” because “First Order Automotive do NOT make muscle cars!”.

Chief Engineer Bob, EN-0001, requested a prototype to enter motorsports. It was granted, as long as it was never branded as FOA. FTi (Force Tuned intergration) came into being. CEO of FOA gave Bob a small production line to make cars, to sell, that would help finance the venture. Bob’s original prototype became a V12 monster, boasting an impressive 208mph top speed, that was to take on the Japanese in Tokyo, but the race was scrapped before he got there.

The Roadcat went into production in 1995 and used a Turbo i6 2.5L engine. It sold enough to keep the venture in the black (although FOA to pay all of the machinery and maintenance costs!!!).

Bob has decided to enter this European Jaunt with his own personal Roadcat. A 3.8L, Turbocharged, i6 which can propel the car to 181mph and 0-60 in 3.7s. With a fuel economy of 27mpg (proper (imperial!)) it’s relatively civilised.

In “real” money, without FOA’s assistance, this car would be $16,800 without markup.

The drivers – EN-0001 (Bob, Chief Engineer at FOA and Founder of the FTi division) & FN-0001 (Dave , a former test pilot)

images(Bob is on the right)

The reason for running - Bob wants to go for a drive through Europe……and a $5m bonus wouldn’t go amiss for future development.


Crap can someone please check the safety of my car, the import function of automation for me isn’t working and i need to know the safety of my car to know if it is allowed in the race, and i do not have enough time.arthur - Katana Slingshot 200.zip (54.4 KB)


Well… if he modeled the n54 and then renamed it m30, then it’s a 4 valve DOHC M30, which never existed. Closer to M30 with an S38 head (off an m5) which is possible, but utterly useless, considering a 3.5 liter (For ease of turbocharging) and a 3.6/3.8 liter m5 unit exists…


Hi, can you please check the safety of my car above so that i can know if its eligible for the race because i think it’s too low, and i currently can’t as automation crashes on start, and if the safety is too low can you please do what’s necessary to make it 35 and then share the file with me?
Many thanks, peter.


Don’t spam.


Are you a fellow Canadian BobLoblaw??


@Pboy123 From what i can see, your cars safety is too low, as is driveability and a lot of other things… and it’s also too expensive. The GAR trim can’t cost more than $17000 and your GAR trim cost in excess of 30k.


So, it’s a calvinator without the futuristic safety standards?


Pretty much… the engine itself would take an eon to build. :roll_eyes:

And some roleplay:

While picking up his friend, mechanic and co-driver Friedrich “Freddy” Koch, Teddy and Freddy took some time to realize the more of the cars potential. Driving on the Autobahn and taking some laps on the Green Hell opened up some more things to consider in the tuning department and a couple of days later they were back on track, heading down to Málaga.


I took a look at your car, you’re way off base with it, and you quality spammed your engine.

I won’t do your work for you, but I will tell you that your car is nowhere near close to being acceptable in its current form.


CSR recycling time! :smiley:

Names: Damien Vaillancourt, Paolo Battista
Age: 27 and 30

Background: Damien is a French semi-amateur race and rally driver - he just loves driving fast… which doesn’t make him a truly great driver, although he’s not bad too - if he were he wouldn’t earn on his driving skills. Fun fact - he has a 2 years old son Andre, who 22 years later will race for Zavir team in ATCC :wink: Paolo is an Italian stuntman and another slightly crazy petrolhead. They met few years ago at some rally in Italy, when Paolo helped push Damien’s car out of the bushes.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: For fun! Those two not so reasonable speed freaks couldn’t miss such event. A chance to win 5 millions is nice too, although they know that they will need a lot of focus and luck for this, especially since they’re driving…

…Damien’s daily, a brand new tuned Orion Visios XCT. A rear engined V8 minivan. Yes, it was made lighter (they managed to take out front passenger’s seat… and the audio system is out, as Damien plans to install something really high-end after the race) and more powerful (using parts from more sporty cars of the company with that engine) and also got better tyres… But that’s still a big minivan nonetheless :wink:

A big minivan that gets to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and stops accelerating at well over 250 km/h.

Sorry if someone expected fancier lore, but I’m here just for the wildcard :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s solid fuel efficiency you got out of that turbo V8 there


No, but I do live simultaneously North, South, and West of Canada.


the name of our car for the Great Automation Run is derived from its lead designer, “France” Cannonero. after a lot of testing and fine tuning, Cannonero decided to join the GAR with this pre production car. it is the perfect opportunity to promote stensen automotives newest super car. the goal of this endeavour is clear and simple: create as much attention and hype for this car as possible and dodging the police as getting caught might lead the authorities to question some of our business practices…

the 48 year old Italian chose experienced Edgar Kapatisominov (51) as his co-driver. Edgar is stensen’s most successful driver of the 70s and 80s, starting his career with with an unfortunate 5th place in the legendary 1965 Dalnit-Bralka Rally. throughout the years, Edgar was home and left his mark to many cities accross Europe, from Lisbon to Thessaloniki, from Stockholm to Catania. as usual, he is responisble for unconventional solutions and maintaining a good supply of vodka. if they win the trophy, the price money shall be spent on a good cause, namely Edgar’s retirement villa on Formentera.

little has been communicated on this project so far. all that is known is that the Cannonero features a classical Italian design language, a completely new V8 engine producing more power than any other production engine stensen automotive ever offered, and that it tops 300 km/h.

when delivering their car for the pre-race inspection, Edgar and France notice the long queue of entrants and begin to wonder how on earth all these cars are supposed to make it all the way to Athens safely. hopefully, the police won’t shut down highways to stop this race…

having seen some of the entries but also the names on the list of entrants, they head off to Sevilla to meet up with some beloved friends to discuss their chances of actually winning this rally.


Name: Mr. Burnout
Age: 56
Background: Factory Test Racer
Why are they taking part in the GAR?:

Mr. Burnout has been chosen by his boss to join the illegal streetrace to test their latest creation: a 336 hp sports car with the economy of an econoshitbox. For this purpose the car is unbranded during the event to prevent spyshots. the car is equipped with a strange active front wing that keeps it in balance at high speeds.

Mr. Burnout’s cover story is that he built it himself in his garage, he claims to be using the “Pogue” (200mpg) carburator on an old turbocharged mercedes inline 6 to give him the great economy. The reason for him to join is because he is a motoring enthousiast that wants to test his homemade car.

The factory will ofcourse exploit the event for marketing purposes when the car wins. Mr. Burnout has been instructed by the factory to spy as much as possible from other contestants cars.


The Lone Wolf

James Carhard, 26. Modified '68 AEA Barracuda GT

Having arrived a week before the race, James has been trying to get a feel for what Europe is like, and the competition he’s up against. Getting the car thorough customs was a pain, but it made it in one piece.

James has been seen around, (pretty hard to miss a red muscle car in Europe), but he doesn’t care about keeping a low profile, actually he’s already had a short run-in with the local police.

He’s been keeping his eye out for cars coming into town, and a few have raised his eyebrows. Probably capable of well over 200mph, if they have a long enough stretch to hold it, and probably more fuel efficient than his 27 year old engine could even muster. Good thing he got his transmission specialist friend to beef up a late model 5-speed, but that won’t be enough.

When you start looking like the underdog in a fight you have to win, sometimes you have to get dirty to gain the upper hand.


Names: Teuvo “The king of the roads” Ojanen & Jorma Kolehmainen

Ages: 28 & 27

Car: A tuned '90 Birch Kiito

Background: Jorma and Teuvo are old childhood friends. Teuvo lives his life through his heart, not his brain. When he got his driving licence in the late 80’s, he quickly got his nickname. Of course, this was a mocking name. His driving skills were worse that sub-par. Worst of all, he pretended to be a rally driver in his old Ford Anglia, which led him to many crashes and run-ins with the law. After a near-death collision with a truck, he understood that he needed to change his ways. He became a very careful driver and drove slowly. However, after getting more experience behind the wheel he became more confident and decided to lift his speeds in small increments. Nowadays he’s a great driver and knows how to drive fast in all conditions. He bought the 1990 hardtop Birch Kiito as a reward for himself for not getting killed. He entered GAR because he wants to test himself before trying to go pro. This is his final test.

Jorma is a nimble-fingered and quick-witted mechanic. He got used to fixing Teuvo’s car after his fender benders and
usually got it fixed in less than 2 days. He ran his own car repair shop a couple of years back, but after it went bankrupt and he couldn’t get a job, he got depressed and tried to soothe his depression with alcohol. This actually made him more depressed and started a vicious cycle. He turned to Teuvo after a year of this cycle, who helped Jorma to get him back up to his feet. He still has a lot of debts to pay, so he needs the money from GAR. And who knows? It might be fun too…

The car:

1990 Birch Kiito

After Teuvo had bought this car, the first thing that came into his mind was: “This thing needs more power.” So after two years of ownership, Teuvo decided to use an another engine unit that Jorma had gotten from somewhere. Jorma told him that this was the exact same engine unit that was used in Birch Firestarter in '78 AGTC - the very car that they used to cheer on when watching the race from TV. It’s a 3.2L NA V6, producing 340-ish horsepower at the crank. They completely rebuilt and modernized the engine, detuning it for road use at the same time. It still produces about the same amount of power, but it’s more reliable and economical. Somehow they even got it to fit in the car’s cramped engine space. The car’s interior is also stripped of any excess, it has much wider tires and a wide body kit.

With Jorma’s great mechanical skills and Teuvo’s driving skills, they’re determined to win.

This isn’t all about the money or fame for them. For them, it’s also a road trip that they have wanted to make for a long time… And a test of their friendship.


I’m actually wondering if fuel efficiency will be an issue at all. Will the cars entered actually get their stated mileage? I mean realistically, blasting down b-roads and highways with the throttle pedal bolted to the firewall we should all need way more fuel than the spec sheet says, but the spec sheet is pretty much all @Mr.Computah has to go on, I guess. If the specced fuel consumption counts and my math is right, then a 21.2l/100km car would have to outpace a 10.6l/km car by a mere 8 kph for a 200 kph average…