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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


No way they’re getting their sticker MPG. But it could vary based on how the engines are tuned. Like that Top Gear episode where they tracked a BMW M3 and a Toyota Prius, and found the M3 got better MPG during hard driving, so engines that are set up to be more efficient at high speeds could reap a bit of a reward here (or at least I hope, since my engine’s peak efficiency is somewhere between 4 and 6 grand).


Actually they’ve found out that Prius’ hard driving pace is not M3 hard driving pace, which allows it to not go into the “devour all fuel” mode, into which it slips once the pedal is actually pressed hard.

Also peak between 4 and 6? HAH! 7 and 8 over here


I remember that one, the Prius was going as hard as it could, all the BMW had to do was keep up, it wasn’t even being pushed that hard. These will be pushed hard no matter how fast or slow they are.


Yeah, now (As the deadline is about to pass) would be a GREAT time to announce that the cars actually chug twice the stated number when pushed hard. :smiley: Would throw so many wrenches into the works


Fair point. But is everyone going to be going at full speed automatically, or is there a choice in how fast we go (which could affect reliability as well as fuel economy…). If you have the fastest car, you don’t need to go full throttle and burn all your fuel in 150 kilometers, you can slow down a bit, put less stress on your powertrain, and still at least remain at the head of the pack. The same thing from that episode could still apply.

@squidhead I know, mine only revs to 8500 like a pleb. Vegeta would be dissapointed…


Yeah, but working all those calculations would be a real pain


Having ran a few semi-automated competitions (Excel), I’d say in my experience I HIGHLY doubt that’s do-able without the BRC software. At least not at a very realistic level. Unless you introduce an unrealistic thing like “If you state you drive slower to save fuel, your lap times will double, but the consumption will half” kind of rule, but it’s not a very good one IMO


Curses, foiled again! Good thing mine is at least fairly reliable and gets halfway decent MPG.


Highway Hooligan

Marcus cruised around for a while, looking for the other racers and their unusual cars. His was… far from stealthy, with the howling straight-piped exhaust and the neon green paint. Thankfully, he’d remembered to turn off his bright green neon underglow and the green-tinted fog lights, as they made his little compact stand out just that little bit more.

The Dynamite XR-3 was doing well, though, and the high fuel efficiency was a blessing in these scouting runs. The double “fuck-you” pipes sticking out the back, however, were attracting attention, along with the obnoxiously loud exhaust. After setting off every car alarm near a local business, Mark decided to call it quits on the whole scouting mess because it’d only be a matter of time before the police were called, and it’d be really hard to explain how an American car with American plates was over here in Spain and making quite the racket.

He parked up for a while and admired the car yet again. “Hard to believe a sedan’s under 1200 kilos. No wonder Mikey was so sure he’d kick my ass in that street race under the tracks. Extra 2 grand of revs, lightweight fiberglass body, and rear wheel drive. But he couldn’t shift for shit.”

He’d keep the car hidden in various different spots until the races were to start. Then he’d unleash the beast.


After his humiliating defeat at BRC '66, the driver of the infamous car #50 at the BRC 1966, better known as the “Rado Communt”, became rather bitter. He drove home and lived the next 10 years of his life far away from racing culture, though he was rather happy after the car was destroyed in the BRC 1976 QuER. Two decades later and he hears of an illegal race taking place in Europe. Since he had also drifted away from Rado after they made a deal with the communists to build the Communt in the first place, he felt like getting something he felt was truly American.

The story of this 1980 Americar Grand 490

Americar is an…American car company existing from the 50s onwards and known for it’s very oversized V8s, the largest of which would displace 10.9 liters. At one point they decided to create a new market in the early 1970s with their second generation of the Americar Grand, their luxury coupe. The unique thing about it was that it was rear engined, and they wanted to prove that big RR cars could be safe and easy to drive. But as you can see, this isn’t a 1971 model. It’s actually a 1980 model. This one in particular has the optional 490 ci V8 and the optional 4-speed automatic transmission (standard on this car was a 3-speed automatic.) It had been owned by the aunt of the driver, and she sold it to him for “under 8k”, as she kept it in moderate condition. The 490 engine stock only made about 230 hp, but this isn’t stock. It has an aftermarket 4-barrel performance carburetor, a catalyst and muffler delete, an aftermarket 5-speed manual, rear seat removal, sports tires, and a very heavy roll cage. It’s now pushing about 350 hp at the crank, and guzzles fuel quite a bit. He’s racing this car to prove that RR V8 landyachts do in fact, work for racing.


Name: 志村 ケンジ (Shimura Kenji)
Age: 25 (during the events of GAR)
Background: Raised in a somewhat poor family in Suzuka City, Kenji was always keen on doing his job and earning rewards from it. When he was a teenager, he had discovered his driving skills when doing a one-time delivery in his chef’s City Turbo back in the 1980s and decided to start racing, which would, along with his transaction abilities make him rich in the future.
Why is he taking a try in GAR?: Basicly missed his ship to Japan and took another month of vacation from work. Also, who the hell wouldn’t try an Europe-through run from Spain to Greece?

Kenji will use a Maesima NRZ-986 with drivetrain straight out of Audi Quattro and custom-made aluminium inline 6 with turbocharger found on scrapyard. He bought the car on a police auction and in local area of Malaga it was known as “The Executioner”, thanks to his previous driver’s aggressive driving style that led to many deaths during illegal races.


Team Bonham-Borch

Name: Arthur McKenzie

Age: 37

Background: Arthur is the manager of Bonham’s motorsport division. Given the long standing ties with the Borch racing team, they decided to take a brand-new Bonham Chaucer Brooklands and make it wilder. A lot wilder.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: Just for the heck of it. They had the 950 hp wagon lying around anyway, why not use it for a semi-legal blast across Europe. Worst case scenario his sentence would make quite a few headlines for Bonham.


Team Villeneuve - CM Kanata Outlaw

Name: Mario Villeneuve
Age: 43
Background: Single father mechanic from Montreal. Borrowed money from the Mafia to keep his garage open but was unable to pay them back. This led to the garage being burned down and an attempted kidnapping of his son, Justin. Following a year on the move, he flew to France to help out at a cousin’s garage and illegal chop shop to make enough to pay back the Mafia and return to Montreal.

Name: Justin Villeneuve
Age: 18
Background: Was almost killed by the Mafia when driving home from school at 17. The only reason he’s alive is that the Mafia car slid on some black ice, hit a snowbank, and flew down into the river. Stayed low with his dad for a year until coming to France with him to try and make enough to return. He’s got a girlfriend in Montreal waiting for his return as motivation to help in the shady business of the chop shop. As a car enthusiast, he’s always willing to learn something new.

Through his cousin’s chop shop, Mario was able to get a 1990 CM Kanata PX with a blown motor back on the road and mod it enough to compete in the illegal street race. The result is the Kanata Outlaw, with a 520 hp turbocharged V8 giving it supercar performance. If they don’t win the race, the Villeneuves will have to spend at least another year as illegals in France to make enough money to pay back the loan (with interest).


This thing looks a bit like that Raymond Loewy-designed Studebaker (I forget its name…)




Yep, that’s the one I meant.


When you hear this, it’s the 1995 Letto Bandito Driven by Eduard Borisowitsch AKA Strelok, Age Unknown, Decided to Run the GAR for Fun 3 Years before he entered the Zone.

13.6L/100km=17.3 US MPG or 20.8 Imperial MPG, with the 53L Tank, it got a fuel range of 242.15 Miles/389.71 Kilometers, & Can get around Green Hell in 8:26.04


George Robinson, 21, is on a mission.
He has a car.
That is all

Who’s George? What’s the mission?

Back in 1936 the Feuerzeug Artillerie-Gruppe was awarded it’s first contract to make light artillery for the Nazi blitzkriegs. Erwin Rommel, the ‘Desert Fox’ was the man who got them this contract. He personally knew the leadership of the new Feuerzeug Artillerie-Gruppe and used his power to get them the contract that would eventually create Fahrzeug AG. In 1944 he was accused of conspiring against Hitler and was offered with suicide or facing the Reich. He was able to fake his own suicide and flee back to the continent he now knew best, Africa. After changing his last name and developing a fake South African citizenship he led a quiet life and died in 1965. While in South Africa he met Bill Robinson and in the later years of his life they became close friends. Bill eventually learned of his past and promised to finish his final mission for him. Bill had a son, George. He eventually told George of Rommel’s final mission and where Rommel said to find the family of the first former Fahrzeug employees he once knew. In 1995 George heard of an illegal race across Europe that was taking place from a friend. He talked with his father and they decided this was his chance. Contacting the family of the former Fahrzeug administration he was able to contact a Fahrzeug engineer in South Africa which took a 1973 Fahrzeug Sport and refit it with modern race suspension, aerodynamic lips and wings, and a custom 2.4L twin turbo V6.The car when it was complete looked like a normal ricers Fahrzeug but it was much more. With the car in place he packed his bags, grabbed Rommel’s old P38 that he had to given to Bill, and set off for Spain. He doesn’t care about the fame or the 5 million, he is using this as a distraction to contact in person, the families of those who had worked with Rommel to almost kill Hitler. With their combined knowledge he could find something worth much more than the prize of 5 million, something so valuable the Nazis had hidden it during the war, something Rommel’s army had found in North Africa. The Ark of the Convent.

George Robinson is on a mission, don’t get in his way


Fahrzeug Artillerie-Gruppe


FAG… Was that intended? :smile:


No but I found it funny so it’s always been that way