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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


Do minus quality count for the total quality points?


They do.


Does comfort affect the drivers performance at all?


Not at all.


So if I was to have -5 points on interior that would add + points to add in other areas?


No. You’d have 5 less points to use. They refer to quality points in general.


A number between 0 and what? 100 would be nice :slight_smile:

Same as up^. Also you could loose some repair money :wink:

What happens when you run out of money and there in some damage? Ok you are out if there is heavy damage but what abut if there is just minor damage?

I hope you guys did some test runs or calculations so that extra minutes we get do not overshadow our performance too much. Or will this make it more realistic…hmm…


Hmm… 1995, I know the car body I’ll probably use, and I know I can fit some truly ridiculous engines in it… The question is, is it worth it to have quite that much engine in a little car? Might be worth it just as a send-off to the Kee-engine I3/I4 club. So yeah, count me in.


If you run out of money and your car is still damaged, or you take damage after, you may still be able to drive, however you will drive slower. If your car takes some heavy damage however, that means that you will not be able to continue and you will be out.

As for the police, I talked to @Mr.Computah about it and there will be a fine of $75 if you get caught.


Can we use No Mass Production stuff? Because if so, I may have something evil.


You can, but they could bump the production units and engineering time up.


I’ve stumbled upon a problem, the body I’m trying to use won’t allow me to shape a part I want (fenders) even though I can grab them yet I think this could be easily fixed by editing the files, would this be allowed somehow so I could fit proper tyres? Right now it only fits bike tier I believe and it really ruins this car


Nope. LUA editing is strictly off limit when it comes to challenges. Hence why Barth bodies and other bodies that have weird morphs are banned in pretty much all competitions


Went through the damn portfolio. God damn it, not Tsukuba again :frowning:


What sort of police cars are we up against?

Will they differ from county to country?

Is the ultimate prize to be paid in US dollars or in Euros?


The Euro wasn’t around until 2002, and this challenge takes place in 1995. The price will be given in US Dollars; the police cars will differ from country to country indeed, and every country will use a local brand’s car.


So, will you reveal what we are up against in each country?

I know that, in real life, Italy will most likely be Alfa 155’s (4 and 6 cyl) and Germany will have BMW’s (inc. the M3!!!). I’m pretty sure France will use Peugeot 405, 306 or even 507’s but It’d be nice to be able to plan our builds with what opposition we will face in mind…

Just ballpark stats will be fine and don’t feel pressured to reveal any surprises either!


I will post the cars here before the deadline; but rather than focusing on avoiding the police vehicles, in my opinion the best would be trying to achieve a good balance between power and fuel economy; suspension tune to make it faster and drivability; and so on.


Anyone else going Naturally Aspirated?