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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


It would be fine to include that in op. That and what will be the interval of random numbers (as stated in my previous post) so we can know what numbers are good and what super risky.

Anyway I’m already enjoying the future RNG massacre of this challenge :grin:


Any limits on engineering time and production units?.. if so could we trade those for $$$… I’m going to have hell getting this beast under $17,000


There’s no limit on PU or ET.


No limit on car size, practicality, or rim size or anything weird like that?


Nothing. Go crazy with your design.


Preview of what I have so far, Think Super Smart:


What would be a good track to test these cars on? Green Hell? GH is very much like a curvy backroad in Europe I believe.


Was wondering that also, I think GH would be a good test track. for Reference my Super Smart As-Is gets around there in about 9:24.18


Is there any restriction on cooling airflow? Even though it affects the reliability value.


There’s not. If you want to undercool the engine, you can, but the reliability will be considerably reduced.


Name: Kuro Nakahara.

Age: 31 (In 1995).

Background: A former IMSA racer, that drove for Maine Motors in the 80s and early 90s, in the GTO category. After leaving IMSA in the 1992 season, he was offered a position in the JGTC for the 1996 season. Many years later, in 2017, he would start working and reviewing cars for Motor Nation, with Kenji Shimura.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: Before joining the JGTC, he wanted to put his skills to the test on a extremely long, unsanctioned endurance race. His skills, as well as his focus, and patience, will be pushed to the limit. Will he be able to complete the race…or will he fail?

His car: Contendiente Conquista '85.

After a C30A swap, suspension rework and stripping of the interior, this AWD coupé is ready to go. See you on the road!


Oh I lovvve exposed intercoolers :heart_eyes:


Try gaining a bit time before you finish your car… like a minute with stats you have now :slight_smile:


OK guys, sorry for asking a stupid question, but: How exactly do I actually submit a car?


hit the export button




Just played around with Suspension Tuning, got it down to a 9:17.87 so far, might have to look elsewhere for more time.

would us having 2 Car Teams/Entries be possible? I just looked through my past cars & my ABL 78/79 Entry can get around GH in 8:34.47 with fuel economy of 24.86L/100km, The Super Smart with current GH time of 9:17.87 get’s 10.83L/100km. Considering it’s basically a Endurance Race should I go Faster but stop more or go Slower but stop less?
With the Race being 5600km, that’s like 269 Laps of Green Hell. with the 9:17.87 of the SS x269= 1 Day:17 Hours:41:7.03 while the ABL 78/79 Entry with a lap time of 8:34.47 would take it 1 Day:14 Hours:26:32.43, that’s a difference of 3 hours:14 minutes:34.6 seconds. with the 53L Tank, the SS can go about 489.381348107km on a tank so would need 11 fuel stops to go the 5600km with 3-8 minutes to refuel, that’s 33 minutes to 1 hour 28 minutes of refueling based on RNG, the ABL 78/79 entry with 24.86L/100km can go 213.19388576km on a tank so would need to stop 26 Times to refuel for 1 Hour 18 Minutes to 3 Hours 28 minutes for fuel stops depending on RNG. so even though the SS is Slower, if it’s lucky to get all 3 minute fuel stops & the ABL 78/79 is unlucky & get all 8 minute fuel stops then the SS would beat the faster car by 13:25.4, assuming nothing else the RNG Controls happens.


Nope, one team per person only


Now I’m debating whether I want to use a muscle car or a pickup truck.


I’ve gone for lightweight sport-compact sedan.