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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


Well, I solved the problem myself, the truck in question costs too much. Fuel economy would’ve been catastrophic anyway.


What about if some members of the forum creates a patrol car for each country, depending on some restrictions/regulations? maybe that could be also in an independent challange…


It’s being done at the moment!


Name: Francisco Quadrado

Age: 45 (in 1995).

Background: A simple guy with simple hobbits hobbies. Francisco has been a Meliora’s enthusiast from quite the time, even being his fist car a '74 Perenne. Now he has a family and spents every other sunday tuning his cars with his sons.

Why are they taking part in the GAR: It seems like an cool opportunity for testing all the things done to his car (plus 5 million dollars).

His Car: 1974 Meliora Perenne. His old trusty car. All the interior is gone and it has a harder suspension with new brakes (vented disc all-around) and a new close-gear transmision.

The engine is pretty much was tweaked to gain more power.
The main difference however is it has the internals from the '75 Perenne turbo, passing from 2.4L to 2.8L; as well as new custom headers and a beatiful straight pipe.


Name: “Nighthawk” and “Techno”

Age: [Classified] and [Classified]

Background: A pair of freelance racing techs by day. Underground monster builders by night. They go by Nighthawk and Techno, They’ve been making crazy racing machines for many years, and have gathered a reputation in the European Street Scene.

Why are they taking part in the GAR? NH and Techno are wanting to test their newest creation. Loosely modeled off of the Borhs race cars from the IMSA Series back in the 70’s and 80’s.

The Car: based off of a 1976 model, this is Shadow Visions. Made with a Twin Turbo Junkyard V8, and some rather crazy modifications, this is very much possibly related to an IMSA Borhs.

Not much is the same. It’s slated to have a top speed of almost 300km/h, but this remains untested.

Good Luck


Name: Marcus “Mark” Acorne

Age (in 1995): 24

Background: A fairly notorious Chicago street racer, Marcus has tuned many cars to their upper limits, run from the cops countless times, and knows the feeling of driving triple-digit speeds through a school zone… sideways. Loves rear-wheel-drive cars, and knows displacement can be bested with a healthy application of boost.

Why is he participating?: This is a street-racer’s dream. $5,000,000 on the table, fast cars, cops, seeing the sights at 130+ miles per hour, the ultimate bragging rights. He’s expecting tough competition, and this is also a great place to shakedown-run his brand new car, won in an illegal street race. Gotta love racing for pink slips.

The Car: Dynamite XR-3

The factory Dynamite XR-3 is nothing spectacular. The only notable feature is the 4.1 liter I3 hiding
under the hood, which made 157 horsepower stock, with a 4,000 RPM redline.

Mark’s XR-3 isn’t stock. Pistons, conrods, crank, new header, straight pipe, bright-green paint, neon-green underglow, a limited-slip rear diff, suspension rework, stripped interior, and a few other things have made this already surprisingly light car a bit lighter and a good bit faster.

Go West Deathtrap Tour [FINISHED]

…“guy with simple hobbits”.
Does francisco collect dim-witted halflings? :rofl:


Name: Walter Thompson

Age: 28 (in 1995)

Background: An engineer for WMD and lifelong car enthusiast who believes that every car has at least some hidden performance potential, no matter how much it costs.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: He wants to test the modifications he made to his car out on the road to see if they can withstand the grueling 5,600 kilometers of a trans-European road trip. Besides, he also wants to fulfill his fantasy of feeling like Michael Schumacher or Damon Hill every once in a while.

The Car: A 1995 WMD Guardsman 3.0.

Guardsman R yellow

Originally a two-door, four-seat coupe, its rear seats have been removed and the front seats replaced with lightweight fixed-back items, while a larger, fully adjustable rear wing has been installed and 18-inch forged wheels fitted in place of the 17-inch cast alloy rims. In addition, the engine was given a set of straight-through mufflers and the suspension lowered and stiffened slightly with fixed-rate springs. Finally, Thompson has replaced the stock viscous coupling with a mechanical LSD, and installed additional cooling vents up front for more cooling capacity - the rest of the car, on the other hand, remains unchanged. In short, the Guardsman has received a modest yet noticeable makeover to make it more track-ready, while still retaining a modicum of daily usability for road use.


I’m trying it anyways… Its gonna be insane got it down to $17,000 with a DOHC 48 valve v12 10.5liter monstrosity of an engine. No chance of winning but gonna be fun as heck.


The important question is, can it do a burnout for the whole quarter mile down the drag strip?


Would you believe it?


it will light both oversized rears past 65mph, with the quarter mile nearly double that so not quite.


My actual problem was rather what to do with the export file. Do I just message @Mr.Computah and attach it? (Never did a challenge before, so please bear with me for these very basic questions)


Send the round host a personal message with your export file attached and you should be good. Good luck on your first challenge!


Name: Martin C. “Hard Nuts” Toughtower and Wesley “Slide” McCrackwick

Age: 67 and 29

Background: Retired Lawyer M.C. Toughtower has a bone to pick with “General” Malcolm Carr, an automotive industry magnate with ties to the organized crime scene who has been tried several times, yet never convicted due to legal technicalities. Seven years ago, semi professional race driver Wesley “Slide” McCrackwick was convicted for stealing the latest Carr prototype sports car, the Dingo Z. Although this couldn’t be proven in court, McCrackwick managed to convince Toughtower that the prototype has actually been designed by Wesleys older brother, whom Carr had then murdered over his design. Toughtower has managed to use those pesky legal technicalities to his advantage for a change to withhold the patents from Carr and confiscate the prototype. With McCrackwick released for good conduct, Toughtower now devises a renegade revenge plan with the wronged race driver as his right arm and and the Dingo Z as the weapon of justice.

Why are they taking part in the GAR?: Toughtower has reason to believe that Carr has Agents running in this infamous new street race all the way over in Europe. McCrackwick is there with his Dingo, incognito to everyone but his enemies, who know that they cannot expose him without exposing themselves. He’s going to make them nervous, wait for them to make a mistake, then pin them down.

The Car: Carr Automotive Dingo Z Prototype

Unveiled by Carr Automotive in 1988 as a street legal track day car and a base for privateer racers, the Dingo Z is equipped with an unexciting 3.8l V6 used by Carr in a variety of models. Normally putting out anywhere between 123 and 167 hp depending on application, it has been tweaked to make 201 hp for this vehicle, rendering it reasonably quick, though a terribly long shot from fulfilling the screaming promise of performance the exterior makes.

McCrackwick was given the confiscated shell - the only one ever produced - to play with and fitted it with his to-be-avenged big brother’s latest creation: A 420 ci V8 lifted straight out of the famous Ploughmouth Demi Musky and fitted with a 32V dohc head to give the Dingo Z the teeth it was meant to have all along.


Here’s 'nuther one


The Characters

Name: Johnny and Elliot Soule
Age: 35 and 31

Background: Born to a travelling jazz band, Johnny and Elliot were orphaned and somehow ended up working for the mafia. Expert get away drivers, Johhny and Elliot soon quickly made a name for themselves in the underworld as some of the best in the business. However things have gone sour. Managing to get on the wrong side of the Albanian mafia, they managed to rack up a considerable debt of 4.5 million dollars to the mafia. Now they’ve got to find a way to quickly repay that debt before…well…you get the point.

The Car

Their get away car of choice is the 1985 OAM Chevalier Police Interceptor. They figured that they would spend most of their time evading cops, so why not use one? Bought in preparation for a bank robbery in the Idaho for only $1,500 at an auction, the Chevalier Police Interceptor became the car of choice for the brothers. Apart from that, not much is known about the car other than the stock Police Interceptor came with a naturally aspirated Large Block 440 ACA V8

The best way to summarise this team is with this song…


What if you are submitting a stock trim for the race, unmodified?


Then just send me the stock trim, indicating that you don’t want to modify the car for the race.


Here’s hoping for a couple more TV series/movie spinoffs. This is going to be good :slight_smile:

Oh, and talking about team theme songs - I completely forgot how good the Hardcastle and McCormick one actually is: