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The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!


You’ll be using about 9 tanks of fuel compared to TheElt’s car using around 23. Quite the disparity! But probably quite the difference in top speed as well. I can say mine is somewhere between those two.

Lots of different ways to approach this, it will be interesting


You silly people, you have to get that 990km range


Me neither! But it’s a worrying possibility based on every other roleplay I’ve entered!!! :rofl:


I loved the first movie! That quote
“My name is Angus. And me life is neverending torture of kilts, haggis and bagpipes. When I am behind the wheel, I am the warrior on the irritation road, but when I slow down, that’s when they catch up, the voices. That is when I drink, but here behind the wheel, I put my face paint on and let them know - THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR MUSCLE CARS!!!.” I remember tearing up when a bar fight started in that movie


You mean there is something with worse fuel economy than mine!?!?!? approx 250km per tank, 185mph top speed, with an Aero of 1.325m^2

If your on the side of the road you might want to make sure your doors are closed :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m in the 100-ish km range, i think




Holy hell! What’d you do, just strap the gas can to pour straight down the air intake? Is the exhaust rich enough to ignite the unburned vapors? Does the car have a front end like the broad side of a battleship?


Is your vehicle a tank?


23l/100km. it’s a 1.5 ton roadster from 1959 with a 706bhp V12. it’s all for fun.


Ah, so it’s a road-going land-battleship. Got it.


just… this…


Drivers: Richard Danvers and Lucy Dawes

Age(s): 27 and 26

Reason for running: Richard’s grandfather passed away a year ago, leaving him a 1959 JHW Peregrine 300S that his grandfather had owned from new.

Unfoutunately, when he got the car, it had been sitting since 1980. the engine was seized up, paint was falling off and the interior was beyond gone. So, Richard decided, rather than restore it to it’s former glory, he’d unload the engine, gearbox, and all other salvageable parts to a classic car specialist (who could actually make use of them), and set about creating something rather unique.

Richard rebuilt the body from the ground up, installed entirely new running gear, a brand new interior, and a 7.0L V12 engine that he had built specifically for the car. And, to honor his grandfather’s memory, he painted it the original shade of Maroon.

the resultant car was dubbed the JHW Peregrine 700X ‘Blood Eagle’ in reference to it’s brutal motor, and it’s deep shade of red.

for this run, Richard roped in his good friend Lucy Dawes to help him share driving duties, and to help out with any mechanical melodramas that happened along the way.


“A turbocharged V8 behind you.
A 6 speed manual at your side.
Semi-active suspension all around.
Turn it on and sprint to 100km/h in under 5 seconds.”

That was the original car… And now it does 0-100 sprint in less than 4 seconds - beware.

That’s for a little guessing until I post the car tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: The stock variant was already posted on the forum in some other competition, and above is a quote from it’s teaser posted there.


My car and the story will be revealed hopefully tomorrow. I have to fly interstate and make a guest appearance on my brother’s music stream thing today.

The story is now literally the entire exposition of a novel at close to 10000 words. Don’t worry, I’ll hide it behind several cuts so you don’t get a giant wall of text :joy:


Unless it involves Siberian biker bears, and the lost treasure of Obamas’ crab civilization, I won’t be impressed. That’s a lot of words, you got a lot of things to cover.


To answer the fuel economy question, all you have to do is this:


Showing up a little early to get acclimated to the time zone and a little pre-race R&R Otis checks into a hotel listed near the start line. Not having brought swim trunks, and not being allowed in the hot tub with his cloths on Otis sets off for the nearest hardware store for a barbecue grill, garden hose, copper tubing, a tarp, a water pump, extension cord and a mess of charcoal. Then to the grocery store for some steaks and fixins. When he gets back to the hotel he drops the tail gate so he can kick out most of the spent shot gun shells, though he picks up the shell casings from the rifles and pistols… those can be reloaded. Once satisfied that its clean enough he lays out the tarp in the bed of the truck and begins filling it with water, sets up the barbeque grill next to the bed of the truck so he can reach it from inside the bed. He coils the copper pipe in the bottom with plenty sticking out to keep from melting the garden hose fills with a bit of
the charcoal and lights it with a bit of a fireball. About the time the grill is lit the bed is full, so Otis cuts the hose up to fit it to the copper piping and the pump to circulate water through the makeshift water heater from the bed. After taking off everything but his boxers and hat Otis climbs in to soak and begins cooking 2 steaks. Jake of corse watches from inside the cab until Otis climbs in then climbs in, or out through the back sliding window to soak himself and watch the meat get cooked.


i might be able to finish something for this in time. just one quick question as this is stated differently later on in the thread:

You need to submit a stock trim and the modified trim.

do we actually need to submit 2 trims or not? thank you!


Driver: Gordon Snelling
Age: 22 (In 1995)
Reason for running: Needs to pay off college debt.
The car: His first car was an ordinary econobox, but he drove it into a pool after getting blackout drunk at a friend’s party breaking his arm and cracking a rib in the process. He told his insurance company that the car lost control over a bridge, and they believed him, paying his car off and giving him an extra $3000 for healthcare. With this he bought a used but badly beat up Katana Slingshot, the top of the line model with the 2.0 liter 375 HP 4-pot
Katana Slingshot 200
But he wanted more, so he went to the local junkyard and found what he wanted: An old BMW 3.0 I6, and one MASSIVE turbocharger, and got to work. In a couple of months he emerged from his garage, in this glorious beast.katana GAR
After dyno testing it, he found out that the old M30 engine was now pushing out 700HP at the crank, propelling the car to 180MPH and doing 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Oh,and it does 7.3 mpg.
Cheers, peter.