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The Great Cyber-Race 2025


Hello people This is my first Challenge that I wanted to put out. Now Generally speaking there would be alot more Rules than This regarding races but i wanted the first race to Have some rules But not to many where it would restrict the Outcome this challenge. after all is to have Fun and go all out.

with that in mind were going for a Cyber Punk challenge!!! Below are the requirements that are needed to compete.

Examples of Cayberpunk cars:


Engine ET: cannot exceed : 200
Engine Pu cannot Exceed : 210
Trim ET:210
Trim PU 210
Minimum HP Required: 400+
Min TQ 500+ (Optional rule)
5 seats Max
Cannot use active Suspension dampeners.
100 RON fuel
High flow cats
Naming Scheme is as Follows [TGCR-Username]
Wings and or diffuses Are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED since These cars are going to be High to insanely High levels Of ft-lbs/HP
Ascetically these cars need to looks like that they are from the future!!!

The main reason as to why i added a minimum Hp limit as these cars are going to be racing on Custom Track maps In BeamNG. Now i do realize that most people do have beamNG so I would also like to as Help for people whoever has BeamNG to test the Tracks as there will be 5 of them as well as to drive the cars that are submitted here. Please PM me if you wish to be a Map tester. and or driver for the cars themselves.

DEADLINE: until i have the 5 Maps crate there will be no deadline there will also be extensions should there be many people not able to submit on time.

The Main map where this race will be held is the Light Map

once you posted your picture of your cars please also link your .car files in the description.




Well here is my entry
Cyba - Gunter.car (35.6 KB)




tfw you thought enderjed might finally display a small fraction of originality or design competence


It looks quite original from here.


Naming scheme?


I don’t think there is one


ok… I think i’ll still do something so the judge at least knows who it is from lol
maybe [GCR-2025 - username] ?

otherwise their sandbox will be chocker-block full of random entries


It wont be my entry, but this competition seems VERY intriguing.I’ll design something like this probably


Team Aura enters the battle

Well here’s my entry to this.

From the crackhead Icelandic engineers comes the Stormur 81.

Specifications are classified, but we can assure you, insanity is the best descriptor.


Okay, So im sorry, i ruined my car. But itll look great in beam (i hope)

Around 750hp from a 5.5L V12 revving to 9k RPM
1490kgs with Carbon panels and Aluminium Monocoque
6 gear dual clutch

The car is sure to mince all other opponents.
Zephorus NIon
(comes with fake reactor exhausts)


Does this also refer to hydropneumatic and air springs, as well as adaptive and semi-active dampers, plus (semi-)active swaybars?


I’m just referring to Adaptive and Semi-active dampers.


The design is ready at least, now on to tuning it :slight_smile:

Scarab Cirrus MX-R


Not in country for another 2 1/2 weeks but highly tempted to enter something completely unreasonably powered for shits and giggles. 500lb/ft? Yeah no gonna shoot for four figures over here.


Somewhere on the Matrix

(Yes i am reusing this shush)

“Gooooood Morning, Good Afternoon and good evening everybody! I am so grateful that everyone came once again here together to listen to the newest Deer And Hunt News! Of course i also welcome all the online viewers on their datalinks. My name is J4S0N and i will be guiding you through the presentation.”

-The crowd claps-

“Thank you, Thank you. First off we are proud to annouce that our new plant in Sector 19a is up and running. You should be able to soon reorder the Tines. Also the reports that we destroyed hunderts of social buildings to build this factory is propaganda by our weak competitors. Every resident of those buildings is now working in the new plant and can even live there with their family! Furthermore we are aware that in the last rebellion attack a large section of our Datacenter was damaged. But we can assure everybody that no user data was stolen and you should expect full bandwidth in the coming weeks.
But now for the main event. Deer and Hunt loves this land. The long Speedways, the great canyon roads and the neon cities. And to be the Alpha in everyone of them, we proudly present:”

“The all new SuperCoupe.”

“HewwoooooOOOOooo Everybody”

“And of course it comes with our AI BUD-33”

“Thank you J4S0N i am very glad to be here again with you again”

“And it wont be the last time hehe! But more on that to a later time. Why dont you tell use about you Buddy!”

“Of course. I am ‘Buddy’! You probally already know me from the Tines! But now i am even faster and more intelligent thanks to all the miles you took me on! Every mile was a pleasure! I am the newest generation of the SuperCoupe running the all new Triplecharged 7L V8 engine. What Triplecharged means? The means i run two Centrifugal Superchargers to boost my two Main Turbos and then run that air into my Supercharger! Thanks to that i can generate 1000hp and 1200NM! Thanks to my all new ‘AllTrack’ all wheel drive system i will be even stable at speeds over 300km/h. And if you want you can even take 3 other with you! And if you dont feel like driving that is no problem! Thanks to all the data i got i can drive you anywhere you want by myself! And yes. I am also capable of projecting everything you want on my windows on the inside. And if not there is always my moonroof! And yes i am also able to send reports to your datalink. You can even give me commands over it now! Want me to pick up the kids while you go shopping? No problem! And thanks to my sensors i can even open my doors only for them!”

“Okay thats enough for now Buddy!”

-Buddy revs his engine-

“Ha ha ha. Look how eager he is. But sadly this is all the time we have for today. So tell me Buddy, where can we find you?”

“Oh i am here all evening! Otherwise i will be available on the Deer And Hunt store for 75.000 credits.”

“And if not there: See you all on the road”

“And with that this is the end of this years keynote. If you have questions Buddy will be answering these. Thank you all and i hope you will join us next time”

-The audience claps and the feed slowly fades to black-


is there multiple “personality presets” available for Buddy?
If so, i’s like to order one based on Leopold “Butters” Stotch.
(especially the voice. i imagine Buddy having a similar voice lol)


In a further update probally


due to a few recent updates some of the cars cannot be imported to those who are wanting to submit thier cars into this challenge please send the .car save files to me privately.