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The "guess-what-car" game


Hint: It’s italian built on another italian cars platform.


It’s been 2 weeks now, surely another picture would be useful.




Siata Spring


…so I was right that I’ve not only seen this car somewhere (in the internet), but also read about it. Fcuk, if only I could remember names of things :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep well done!


Alright, let’s see how long this will tale



Camry XV30 (international version)




I think it is Camry Xv30, but specifically Camry TS-01.


Yes it is TS-01 concept. That didn’t take long.


@BannedByAndroid You can get it, I wouldn’t guess it’s a Camry, but knowing that finding the TS-01 was about a minute or two of searching.


XV30 was close but there are differences. They’re minor but there are some differences.


There are, but you didn’t specify that you want the variant of the car too, and BBA has done most of the work anyway.


Fair enough, my bad.



Xpeng P7


That’s quick, I’m expecting someone to mention Model S or something else first.

It’s actually an Xpeng P7. Welll done.


I didn’t know this existed
Also when I looked it up, oh boy, I hate the front lol


I knew about the Xpeng because I watched a fullycharged review of it few days ago.