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The "guess-what-car" game


das a caravan


It is not. Make sure to make the picture expand. The forum cropped it weird.


i see now, Jeep DJ-5 or Grummann LLRV?


That would be the first one. Really thought that would be harder.


dunt underestimate a british persons grasp of USPS vehicles


I don’t understand why those two things are even remotely related, but okay. Your turn.




It’s not a TVR, is it?




Looks similar to the Porsche 914 but it’s not that either. Hmm


Some sort of obscure Fiat?




Could you give us a clue?




Outside of the TVR Trident and the 914, there’s nothing I can think of, dammit


Something based upon an Opel GT?


It appears to be a variation of the Lombardi Grand Prix, most likely an OTAS 820.


@conan is correct. OTAS Grand prix


Hint 1: It really is a box.


Hint 2: You can have Inline 4 or Inline 6, Petrol or Diesel, and if you ask nicely you could get some BOOSCHT.