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The "guess-what-car" game


That was quite hard, this one is probably quite easy (i might be showing a lot)


Huh, never head of this thing UNO thing… midengined and Saab powered… interesting :sweat_smile:


Hint: Izz Yuropeean


Hint #2:

Only a few were made and one is currently on sale in europe


in know it’s wrong, but Isotta Fraschini T12.


Your instinct was right, you were wrong


Turns out it was harder than i thought, and I want the thread to be active again, so big hint: it’s swiss




not sbarro


then it’s probably not swiss like you think it is. having exhausted all possible swiss makers and even coachbuilders, nothing was even close.


Okay, it was built by an italian company for a swiss company, only 3-5 were built, a blue one is on sale right now, here’s another shot, the car is objectively ridiculous and is noted to be the first of it’s kind

my mistake by saying it’s swiss cause that’s only half true


The tyre looks like it’s made for gravel, or something.


again, i think you’re mistaken about the origins of the car. extensive searching on italian vehicles has turned up nothing.


Well, you’re on to something there :wink:

John, I double, triple, quadruple checked, it’s a swiss “company/brand” and italian built, in case youre looking for its wikipedia page, it doesn’t have one.


I think this is heading towards the “too obscure for even Automation nerds” territory, which is an achievement.


If it really is that obscure it’s kind of funny cause I heard about this car for the first time (i think it was on TV?) when I was I think 10 and I definitely wasnt a car nerd all the way back then


is the company one not known for cars?


Unfortunately I’ll have to assume and say the company that requested/designed it is not known for cars, since the company can’t be found anywhere (it has such a generic name formed of basic words that you cant google it) However I can say the company that built it is very known for cars and boats and has built concept cars before and still does and you can find this car under the builders name as well.


is it Pininfarina, then?


No, less known and isn’t as much of a designer like pinin as much as just a builder