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The "guess-what-car" game


I know I’ve seen those rear lights somewhere. Searched through google to look at all the Rinspeed concepts thinking I was onto something but apparently not, especially since it’s not actually a swiss car manufacturer after all.

You probably objectively think it’s not that obscure precisely because you happened to see it on TV as a kid and the car is weird enough to leave a strong memory.


Honestly I almost feel bad cause I feel like im being unfair by presenting such an obscure car, so here’s the front which im sure is more recognizable


Vignale? Bertone? Ghia? Frua? Touring? Zagato?

because i still think you’ve got your facts messed up somewhere.


That is not at all more recognizable, looks like an Audi A3 grille with some TVR’s headlights :sweat_smile:

I’ve been googling around the internet for two nights already because this is bugging me.


i have to agree with @accent on this.

you’ve either picked a fake car, or you’ve got your wires crossed


Put us out of our misery, what is it supposed to be???


Whoever goes first after this post gets the turn, it was the OPAC/Status&Class Contender XG

Or in other words the original automotive coupesuv-mistake before the X6, one of them is currently on sale on mobile.de

If I got some facts wrong, I apologize (it’s not that serious luckily) but I assure you [spoiler]I did not have sexual relations with that woman[/spoiler] I did my best to triple check


That’s… weird. Gotta make that in UE4 Automation.


I thought it was a car but it isn’t, it’s an sin against humanity.


well, you weren’t incorrect in where it was from (aside that it was also part German), but you said it was built by a well known car/boat designer. it wasn’t.

Opac group is a prototyping/fabricating company, NOT a designer at all. that’s where you had your wires crossed.

the Swiss company, Status & Class were the designers, Opac were the builders, and it was Mercedes G class based.

even if you had given us either of the company names, you’d have still not been able to find it easily.

so this is why i find it hard to believe you really did try you’re hardest to triple check.


Well, if I’m allowed to go, then I shall.


I literally didn’t say at any point that OPAC had a hand in designing it, I stressed to the best of my ability that they built it for the swiss, plus anyways I think you’re taking a silly forum game too seriously.


fair 'nuff

don’t mean to be dickish at all, just disappointing in myself, and frustrated at the car’s inability to be found unless you put in the name of it.

apologies about my behavior.


Making it hard to guess is the point of this game. The clue Noporian gave might not have been very good, but you can’t really blame him if you aren’t good enough to find it from 3 quite clear and very fair pictures. It’s NOT Noporian’s fault. I’m not saying that you can’t ask for better clues for an even fairer game. But if you straight accusing the round master for deliberately giving misleading clues, that’s not very nice.

Well maybe it was too hard. But you could definitely put it way nicer than that. Please.

Shake hands and move along. :slight_smile:


It’s fine with me

Anyways im probably gonna have to not take a guess at that cause it could easily be a coupe or a pickup


Hmm… looks remarkably similar to the Mercedes C112… but the mirrors are in a normal location…


Not a Mercedes.

First hint: It’s a British sports car.


Jaguar XJR-15?




aside from Lister Storm or AC Ace or Marcos Mantis, i’m out of ideas m9.