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The "guess-what-car" game



New hint: The car in question is mid-engined, turbocharged, and 4WD.


Panther Solo?


with that, a Panther Solo 2, specifically. the Solo 1 was RWD and NA


Well, it will probably be easy. But who cares :stuck_out_tongue: here goes nothin


Nissan Sentra Nismo.

that was EZ lol




Sorry for the late reply. Panther Solo it is :stuck_out_tongue:


this one shouldn’t be too bad, hopefully


Someone please revive this thread



Have fun.



i mean, i would’ve liked it if someone had at least tried to guess my car.


Is it a Dusenburg?


no, it wasn’t


GAZ M20?


i thought that, or FSO Warzawa, but bonnet is the wrong shape


No, not Russian nor Polish.

Also, sorry for kinda hijacking your post there @JohnWaldock. I figured that if no one had any ideas, and @Noporian requested a revival… I could post a car.

I can give your’s a guess though… was it some sort of Packard?


it’s fine, it’d been a month. i’m just a annoyed that noone took interest in mine when i posted it.

and it’s not a Packard. wrong side of the pond :wink:


You gave no clue. Nothing. None. You’re supposed to give out a clue per day if there’s no interest.


your not wrong, but i was just lamenting that the thread died as soon as i posted.


The point of needing to provide clues daily is to keep the thread active even if there’s no guesser. I’ve had rounds where I need to provide 3 clues (That being 3 days) before anyone started to guess.

It’s already there to keep the thread active and fun. No need to lament. :slight_smile: